Nokia at Mobile World Congress with a new high end Windows Phone

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Though Nokia likes to deny that there's a Lumia 910, the rumored Euro version of the AT&T Lumia 900 with a 12MP camera, they evidently do have something to show off in a few weeks in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress.

Nokia will have a press conference on Monday, February 27 8:30-9:30am to announce a new device and as Forbes reports, it looks to have something unique to offer:

"While the partner did not specify whether the upcoming device was a Windows Phone handset, it did say it was a phone that would run an unusual software feature normally found only on high-end smartphones."

Well, that sounds interesting. Augmented Reality, possibly i.e. City Lens? That's certainly a contender, we think. NFC also comes to mind but that's more than software and is not expected until Apollo.

Either way, we'll be there that morning to cover it as usual. So mark the date and time down as we'll have the scoop. (And perhaps we'll also see that white Lumia 900 too.)

Source: Forbes; Thanks for everyone who sent this in

Daniel Rubino

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  • First!
  • Oh please god no, not here too...
  • I second that!
  • I see what you did there! :D
  • Can almost guarantee that it will be a sybiam phone announcement. "Software feature normally found on high-end smartphones" Indicates to me that it's a mid-range Sybian phone with something like a dual core chip or higher res screen or something like LTE maybe. I'm 99% certain it wont be a Windows Phone, purely because what be the point of Nokia releasing anything else? They have a low end, a mid range and a high end Windows Phone, the 710, 800 and 900. If i'm wrong i'll look a fool but i don't think i will be.
  • I don't understand Nokia.  I thought the purpose of the deal with MS was that they'd only make WPs from now on.  What's up with the Asha phones (maybe since they are pre-Tango and there isn't a extremely low pricepoint yet)?  I would imagine that Nokia might have some really, really cheap Windows Phones to show at MWC, since Tango is just around the corner.
  • You do realize that the hardware requirements for Asha devices is way lower than even Tango will allow, right? You'll never get Windows Phone on hardware as cheap or low end as the phones that run Symbian and Series 40.
  • No, the deal was that they would make phones for MS. There's no "only" in there. They both are patent giants and both needed publicity. MS for WP7, and Nokia for their USA phones (all of them, including Symbian phones). They just put some of their bigger projects on hold. Why yesterday (the 7th) they released the next major update for their Symbian^3 (now Nokia Belle) phones.
  • I was thinking the same really. As much as we tend to forget their low end devices, they really do move a ton of those units. While I doubt it'll be that interesting to most of us here, I'm really curious to know what it is.
  • Give up on "high end" Symbian there is no such thing anymore. Didn't you get the memo that Symbian is done. Move on to windows phone, you'll feel better.
  • YOu are partly right, Unofrtunately even this dead platform sells 3x more devices in ONE QUARTER than all WP manufaccturers in a year.
    Nokia still needs Symbian, it's the OS that moves the devices, WP doesn't unfortunately. 
    Just a side note, S40 isn't Symbian. You can find S40 from the below 100 euros devices. 
  • How am I supposed to throw money at the 900 if something better is coming weeks later.
  • The 900 looks like a great phone, and I'll be getting it as fast as I can get my hands on it. I do have to wonder, though, about the wisdom of announcing phones that are several months out, and then announcing a better phone before the first hits the market. That's certainly something Apple does smarter. Of course, maybe there won't be a 910 in Barcelona.
  • Probably Symbian's swansong... an N8 successor with a monster camera on Belle.
  • Yep, but the device will be using the next iteration of the Symbian OS  - Nokia 'Carla'.  Belle was just released yesterday, and reports are that they are working on the next update already.
  • This is why Microsoft should just have built their own phone and have been done with it. At least with the iPhone, you knew you were set for a year and the rat bastard providers at least recognize that and allow you to upgrade each year on the day of the next model release. What do we get with this market structure? Mini PC's... They are put of date 72 minutes after you walk out the door with them. Just completely acquire Nokia. Build your own phones. 1 high end, 1 mid, and 1 low. Then update them in a years time and push for the carriers to allow for upgrades each year with renewed contracts. The way it is now, people like me get screwed by POS like the Dell Venue Pro and are scared @#%#@?! about their next WP7 purchase because there is a chance you will get another POS and odds are good it will be outdated in minutes and your stuck with it for two years.
  • Are you sure you didn't buy Android?
  • Hahah i wanted to say exactly the same haha ur Windows phone has a 2 year lifespan, yes there will be newer and better habdsets but the one u bought has a 2 year update plan so it wont be outdated
  •   Umm. . . What are you talking about?
    Fist of all, your assumption is that it's WP related, Nokia has their own OS too. Nokia isn't a poor old fogie on the ropes, they are huge everywhere else in the world but the US.
    Also, this isn't Android. MS isn't releasing phones that are already out of date. Not to mention, Nokia is getting amazing publicity right now in the US and around the world, is there something wrong with pimping your own stuff at an event?
    One last thing, Nokia has 3 WP7 phones out (710, 800, 900) which are all arguably Gen 1.5 phones while the other manufacturers are already on Gen 2 devices. If there is a new device it's Nokia playing catch up. Who knows, it might even be something for their unlocked line or something amazingly affordable. I didn't see anything that said Nokia was breaking barriers, ". . . It did say it was a phone that would run an unusual software feature normally found only on high-end smartphones." If anything, this could mean that it's an affordable phone with hardware reminiscent of high-end devices.
  • I'm glad they haven't followed your advice. Three models per year isn't enough. None of the iPhones have keyboards and is why I don't have an iPhone. Choice is good.
  • You want a keyboard? You can have my POS Dell Venue Pro. The horrible mechanical seals they used for the sliding feature of the keyboards, lets in a BOAT LOAD of dust under the screen. I would give my physical keyboard up in a heart beat, if my phone didn't look like it had the worst case of dandruff everytime I looked at the screen. =/
  • Maybe you should just clean your dusty pockets? My DVP is always fresh and ready to impress. Great gen1 device for windows phone. Looking forward to upgrading to something Nokia in the near future.
  • I like my DVP much better than I like my HD7, and I've never had issues with dust getting under the screen glass. You either got a defective phone, or you don't take good care of it.
  • Take great care of it. If you google it or check XDA, there is quite a few of us with the issue. I love WP7, just wouldn't touch a Dell again. Crossing fingers for a high end Nokia on TMobile.
  • Did your phone get worse because a better phone was announced? Would you really have preferred that they announce in January that the U.S. can now get the three-month old Lumia 800 with a 3.7" screen and no LTE, and no front-facing camera?
  • Well forbes says this:
    "While the partner did not specify whether the upcoming device was a Windows Phone handset, it did say it was a phone that would run an unusual software feature normally found only on high-end smartphones."
    I don't get why other users said mentioned Symbian. That's a low-end software. PLUS, that's not a "software FEATURE".
    So.. It's definetely a Windows Phone but what is this "Software FEATURE" ?
    My following guesses.
    - More megapixel photos
    - Synergy ala webOS
    - Augmented Reality
    - Multi-Core feature
  • Idk wha t it is, but i'm sure it's gonna be so awesoe it's going to run Crysis like a dream. . . .
  • @winbot...It will be a Symbian device - the successor to the N8.   Nokia just released the Nokia Belle update, and there are at least 2 more major updates slated for the Symbian platform...remember, Nokia is supporting Symbian until 2016, and thus they will be releasing a few more Symbian devices including up to 8 this year alone.  Nokia provides phones to all areas of the world, includiing areas where WP simply isn't feasible to do at this time.
    And the unique software feature is the Swipe UI - which is seen on the Harmattan-Meego (N9) device.
    It will NOT be a Windows Phone at MWC, if for nothing else but the obvious reasons- they are still rolling out the Lumia 800 and are about to release the Lumia 900 which we've already seen; no need to 'reveal' the same looking phone just because it will be released in Europe.
    Nokia. MWC. Symbian device.
  • Symbian is not low-end, besides, they said "a feature normally found only on high-end smartphones"... Which could mean they're bringing something like sat nav or such to their cheaper lineup (s40)
  • Dam I think I know what it is:
  • I have no idea what it is. But I am eager to find out!
    I'm going to say. . . . Laser gun.
    (For anyone who's seen the Nokia Belle update ad)