Nokia Music does not replace Zune music

Just a short FYI for some of you who are wondering: Nokia's services, while super awesome, do not in any way alter or replace Microsoft's. That is Zune co-exists just fine with Nokia Music. Likewise, Nokia Drive/Maps does not replace Bing at all either. Both are just loaded up like any other apps on the device.

So fret not, you won't be losing any Microsoft services with a Nokia Windows Phone, you'll just be gaining Nokia's awesome stuff.

Look for our Nokia Music video tour in a little bit...UK internet is hardly broadband today

Daniel Rubino

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  • lol sounds like every techblog is having trouble with the web there
  • Well that's good to know. It was the one thing I had been hesitant about since that leak the other day. My guess now is Nokia's services will substitute for Zune/Bing/etc. in markets where Microsoft hasn't launched them yet and down the road (ie. Tango) we might see some level of convergence between the two sides.
  • I've been holding my breath waiting for signs of 'partners' like Nokia starting to turn WP7 into a bloated heap of cr@pware, just like Acer and HP have done with desktop Windows. Buying a PC from one of those OEMs means an hour of cleanup.So far, not too bad.
  • Agreed. That was my biggest concern with this whole "special Nokia font" rumor, and the Ovi Maps. I like Bing Maps and Zune a lot, and while I may occasionally want to use a different product, I shouldn't be forced to choose between them when I buy a piece of hardware and have to live with that choice for the next two years. That's the whole point of a platform supporting apps from different vendors, even if those vendors happen to be partners. So I am also pleased with the implementation of these Nokia and Ovi services thus far, as well.
  • Yea, and why the Shazam app front and center? That was instantly deleted when I upgraded to WP7.5 with the built in music finder.