Nokia Netherlands introduces Lumia 800 white [Video]

It's a Lumia 800 white announcement day today it seems, and now Nokia Netherlands has decided to join in with a video introduction of the handset. This is a perfect addition to the Lumia family of Windows Phones from the Finnish manufacturer, we've got a number of black handsets so it's good to see some opposite options being made available (and we know Apple fans go crazy for white versions of the iProducts).

As mentioned in the announcement, the white Lumia 800 will be heading to the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Finland, Poland and Switzerland first, with other countries to follow.

Source: YouTube, thanks Peter for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Very nice!
    Given that Nokia didn't include earbuds with the 710 for T-Mobile (it seems that they didn't include the interchangeable back cover either - the video demo over at AAWP has a extra case included in the box), I think if Nokia included a pair of Nokia Purity earbuds for the Lumia 900 would be Boss!
  • Nice phone and I'm digging the headphones!
  • Nokia really needs to make the 800 and 900 in a bold RED, similar to the WP accent red. I would really like some masculine colors, and I love red. I have a red casemate case for my Focus, and if me and 49 others threw our phones on a table mine would stand out. The white is very nice though.
  • White phone AND white tiles would be great!
  • It really would!
  • But would never work because of the tile png's all having white backgrounds.. darnit.
  • Should be a minor problem for a OEM to fix ;)
  • Quite a major problem actually, a lot of third party devs (myself included) use white foregrounds for tiles and that's something we'd need to put a release out to somehow adjust if white tiles were allowed
  • Saying that, I'd happily change it to some alpha-layered PNG if it meant white tiles could exist :)
  • Try wiztiles and import a picture you've taken of a pure white background.
  • Yep, I want one, actually would trade in the cyan for this beauty... Or maybe I should start a collection of every lumia colour...