Nokia publishes support page for Europe to know the status of their Amber update

Nokia is slowly rolling out its Amber firmware bundled with Microsoft's GDR2 update, but it's no fun having to keep checking your phone every few hours, seeing whether or not you've got a notification to update. Nokia has decided to whip up a solution and has released a page for consumers residing in Europe to receive a hint as to when their Lumia Windows Phones will be bumped to the latest version.

Much like the US version, it's super easy to check with "coming soon," "waiting for approval," and "available" stating where the process is held at. The company has said that consumers should have the Amber + GDR2 update by the end of September, but we know full well how exciting it can be to know you're on the verge of receiving improvements and additional features for your mobile device.

Nokia Amber Page

It's not an exact date provider, but at least you'll know how close you are. Head on over to Nokia's website to check out when you're getting the Amber / GDR2 update combo.

Source: Nokia

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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