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Nokia publishes video revealing the magic behind the Lumia 1020 lens

Nokia has released a video showing off what happens inside the Lumia 1020 when you hit the shutter button to snap a photo. You may be thinking, "I've seen this before, Richy!" and you'd be correct in assuming as much. This is the same promo footage used last month when the Lumia 1020 was unveiled to the world. It's about time the video is available as a short clip.

The video is impressive, illustrating how the light hits internal components and the end result being transferred across circuitry to the PureMotion HD+ display. We've taken the Lumia 1020 for a spin, as well as reviewing the latest flagship Windows Phone, and can confirm that there's indeed black magic at work here. Either that or Nokia has simply nailed it when it comes to smartphone photography.

A sample of the Lumia 1020's performance at night

If you're interested in reading up more about the camera inside the Lumia 1020 and its capabilities, our George Ponder took an in-depth look and summed it up perfectly: "Simply put, it's one hell of a camera." The optional camera grip, 41MP shooter and Zeiss lens makes this a superb solution for those who take hundreds of shots with their mobile device.

Source: YouTube; big thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Goosebumps!!! I wish I was taught Optics this way in school ;)
  • Holy hell yeah!
  • This should be turned into a feature length movie.
  • Awsesome, includes some tweeks from the 808, which I owned but after my third moved to Lumia 920. The 808's camera was totally amazing and I've been waiting for this since handing mine back. Hoping the settings are as easy to work as the 808 as there's been word the 1020 is all a bit confusing. 
  • What are you talking about? Nokia Pro Cam's slide wheels are a really easy to use interface, and the great tutorial can take anyone from amateur to an enthusiast within minutes.
  • Initial reviews from users and tech sites report lag with that app taking up to five seconds to open, if you're telling me otherwise then great!. The 808 didn't have an app to manage it the settings were baked into the camera there to adjust as soon as you opend the camera.
  • Patent official, "So I understand correctly that you are filing a patent for "magic"? Mmm...k...I'll have to look into this."
  • Beginning of this video was the same as the video they showed at the announcement.
  • You read the article, right?
  • Read? that's so 2012... 
  • Yup! and it says in the article:
    "You may be thinking, "I've seen this before, Richy!" and you'd be correct in assuming as much. This is the same promo footage used last month when the Lumia 1020 was unveiled to the world. It's about time the video is available as a short clip." "  :)
  • Extreme goosebumps... Simply amazing :)
  • A sudden blood rush to my genital area and excretion in 10 seconds? So that's what you call goosebumps... ;)
  • Wow great Vid...
    still think they need to put the 1020 on all carriers, push it out to T-Mo, Sprint, and Big Red.
  • With the numbers they've been posting the last few quarters for US sales they would be wasting their time. Much better to get the 1020 out in more European markets as that is where the bulk of their sales are.
  • Yeah, it would be a huge waste of time offering the device to the nation's largest carrier.
  • Sadly, Nokia isn't in the best position right now. The only way AT&T would offer it as a flagship device, and devote ads, store displays, and train sales reps to so heavily push the device, is if AT&T got it as an exclusive.
  • That is one hell of a promotional video. Great work.
  • You can't download it in FHD :( so sad only 720p ... 
  • That is an epic video, feels like a teaser trailer for a sci-fi movie.
  • Exactly what came to my mind. And it made me wanna see that movie...
  • Don't blame us if people come stampeding to AT&T stores because of this video. Hahaha..
  • Dang. That's pretty impressive.
  • Cool video!
  • I love that the time on the phone is 10:20.
  • The time on all of their phones corresponds to the model number.
  • Great catch! I hadn't noticed that.
  • Nice, this reveals that 1020 has a Pentile Matrix screen.
    Nokia, you finally not cheating!
  • Yet my 1020's screen still manages to look fabulous, enough to make my coworkers (who all own iPhones), "oooohhhh," and "aaaaahhhhhh."
  • Wish I could go to an AT&T store open the YouTube app on all Galaxy S4s and iPhone 5s and keep this video on loop... :P  ;)
  • There's an idea...
  • That was such a cool video, why the hell isn't Nokia using /THIS/ for their advertisements?!
  • FINALLY! I swear, Nokia gets it with these awesome videos. First there was the one for the Lumia 920, and when I saw this during Elop's opening remarks, I kept watching Nokia's video channels to see when they would publish it. I'm glad they realized we love stuff like this. Whoever is behind this at Nokia needs to be involved in more of Nokia's marketing; the audience loves to be amazed when technology is presented in a very "Hollywood-esque" fashion.
  • This is a nice video... But not an advertising.
  • iloved it! ha ha.....this should be coming to a theater near you. I hope.
  • THIS, THIS is what should be playing across all movie theatres around the world. It has that cinematic vibe, c'mon Nokia pay up to get some big screen time before any big movie and sit back and let everyone talk about your 41mp phone hehe
  • Amen! I would call it the "Game of Optics"  if it were to air on TV... what about during Game of Thrones! ;)
  • The best slot really would be to put this just before the movie begins :P
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  • "Black Magic at work" haha