Striking back: Nokia regains lead in Russia, passes Samsung on the way

Russia (Image credit: Windows Central)

There’s nothing but positive results for Nokia and Windows Phone lately. Today, we’re continuing the momentum with news from Russia where Nokia has surpassed Samsung for market share. The story was first published in Vedomosti, Russia’s premier business paper

The data itself comes from Russia’s largest mobile retailer, Euroset, who have more than 5,000 stores across the vast country. Their latest report puts Nokia at 29% of the mobile market in Russia this summer, up from 27% in the spring. Samsung meanwhile has dropped to 27% from a previous 30% just a few months ago. That bump gives Nokia back the edge since Samsung beat them earlier this year (the two often go back and forth in terms of market share in the country).

Source: Euroset, Summer 2013

The reason why Nokia is doing so well? Budget phones and Nokia’s large portfolio. Indeed, Nokia’s average price for a smartphone has dropped to 2769 rubles this July compared to 3292 rubles the same time last year. While a lot of the motion is being driven by the Lumia line, which has seen its prices drop lately, the Asha brand is also strong in Russia too, helping keep Nokia more than relevant in the market.

Russia presently sells the Lumia 620, 625, 720, 920, 925 and is set to launch the Lumia 1020 in October.

Windows Phone Central recently reported that the big news story going forward for smartphones was the price war. Nokia is well positioned for that fight and the results in Russia seem to prove that point. Even Apple is finally getting in on the competition with their lower-cost iPhone 5C, though that device’s price pales compared to an $80 Lumia 521.

Recently, Russia’s largest mobile operator MTS gave praise to Nokia and Windows Phone. MTS stopped selling the iPhone late last year due to the high subsidy costs and instead are looking to champion Windows Phone as an alternative.

Between IDC’s 77% increase for Windows Phone shipments this year and Kantar Worldpanel’s sales growth, Windows Phone is starting to dig its feet in for long term and steady progress in the market.

Source: Vedomosti

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