Lumia 25

The Lumia 925 has had its priced dropped slightly in Russia. The premium Windows Phone launched last month and pre-ordering set one back by 24,990 rubles ($750). Today you'll be able to pick one up for 21,990 rubles ($660) with the choice of white, grey and black. If you've been holding off for that perfect opportunity, now's your chance to act.

Lumia 925 Price Drop

Why the price cut? Who knows, though it could well be due to the Lumia 1020. Be sure to check out our Lumia 925 review for more details, hands-on and our impressions of the device to help you judge whether or not it's worth the investment. Orders are going out today, but if you're looking for that something extra, the Lumia 1020 is available for pre-order in the country.

Source:, via: WP7Forum; thanks, Дмитрий, for the tip!