Nokia Lumia 925 has its price dropped in Russia, now listed for 21,990 rubles

The Lumia 925 has had its priced dropped slightly in Russia. The premium Windows Phone launched last month and pre-ordering set one back by 24,990 rubles ($750). Today you'll be able to pick one up for 21,990 rubles ($660) with the choice of white, grey and black. If you've been holding off for that perfect opportunity, now's your chance to act.

Lumia 925 Price Drop

Why the price cut? Who knows, though it could well be due to the Lumia 1020. Be sure to check out our Lumia 925 review for more details, hands-on and our impressions of the device to help you judge whether or not it's worth the investment. Orders are going out today, but if you're looking for that something extra, the Lumia 1020 is available for pre-order in the country.

Source:, via: WP7Forum; thanks, Дмитрий, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
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  • Lol. I love my L925. Gorgeous phone. Screen is simply delicious ;*
  • For 21,000 pieces of rubble that's a steal
  • LMFAO that's so prejudice
  • hahahahaha I see what you did there.  AWESOME
  • Me tool i love my L925 is a beauty.
    Cumps from portugal
  • Nokia need to get their launch prices right. Launching at high prices will kill the device at birth.
    They are doing the same mistake that they did with Lumia 800/920/820. I thought they learned with 520/620/720 but they are back to their ridiculous pricing strategy.
    925 and 625 disassters in India. especially 625 is supposed to be a best seller with its large screen. They launched it at higher than 720 and 820 prices.
  • I wouldn't pay a ruble over 21, 890
  • How does that convert into sheckles?
  • I wish the 925 would come to Verizon already. We all know its inevitable
  • They should sell it for 21,925
  • Good phone, bad pricing strategy. How can you compete with the flagship offering from Samsung? Currently Ativ S is selling for £199 in UK. Yes, and does have bigger screen and is lighter.
  • Still where everage people gets in month only 200$ . The price mmmm
  • My opinion i bought my L925 for 549 euros free sim,the price a little higher but phink this for example iphone 4s is too old and is more expensive and iphone 5 too and for me ofer less and sell millions, well iphone is too overprice for handset inself but people buy with and respect but for me whit free sim iphone 5 500 euros is very just price no 699 16gb i see other day i4s 64gb for 899 euros in store mediamarket!!!!! And 3gs 300 euros lol i phink 400 euros to L925 is the right price.Cumps from portugal
  • Russia has the coolest name for money. RUBLES!
  • Ruble on old Slavonic means Part. Part of gold or silver bar for example.
  • What was the major NOkia announcement in Russia on the 28th btw??
  • Release of a high-end feature phone, I believe (i.e., not a WP8 smartphone).
  • From my experience Expansys is the best online place for price and availability, and I've bought several phones from them so far. For example, has the 925 LTE version for $433 unlocked. Ativ S is $284, and their worldwide shipping is $36
    Check all their WP prices:
  • Still too expensive. Each time we buy groceries we spend about 1500-3000rubles. 15000 is a fine price, but not 21000
  • the original molotov cocktail