Nokia "Sea Ray" endorses Qualcomm processor

We're not going to recapitulate the whole torrid history of Nokia and Qualcomm, we'll just say that the two have buried the hatchet and moved on.

As a sign of perhaps good faith, we noticed (and wondered) what the "Q" logo was during the Sea Ray's boot sequence (0:46). MonSmartphone was sharp enough to make the connection that it's Qualcomm's "Q" meaning that indeed, Nokia and specifically the "Sea Ray" will be sporting some of Q's silicon under the hood. While not ground breaking, we'll file this under: interesting.

[Side note: Had you told us five years ago about a Nokia device running a Microsoft OS and using a Qualcomm processor...well, we would have said some funny things about you. Times are a changin'!]

Daniel Rubino

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  • I think the "7" and "QI" parts of the boot sequence won't make it to the final device and will be replaced by Nokia logo. They just don't make sense in the retail device.Perhaps they are used in prototypes to distinguish between N9 and Sea Ray ;-) or may be they have several variants of Sea Ray with and without Qualcomm stuff.
  • Amazing that the major leaks just keep coming on this device. It looks fantastic, very good quality build. The 3 buttons are clearly not photoshopped this time and the device is up and running. It's like Christmas in July.
  • Looks great. But could not help but ff camera?
  • There was a big cut out in the case where a ff camerea would be.Might be for proximity/light sensors, but I think it was a bit big for that.. ??
  • Nokia have announced that they haver several phones coming... Think they mentioned that there would be three different phones in the pipeline...
  • That has yet to be confirmed either way. The casing that the phone is in is obviously not the phone's shell. And according to the N9 service manual, the cutout for the front facing camera is on the the top window frame, which we can't see clearly due to poor video quality.
  • Lookee there. Actual capacative HARDWARE buttons, not on-screen emulated ones. Who would have thought a prototype device shown off early would change before the product went final. /snark
  • That's the power of Microsoft. I don't care if Qualcom make fun of you on high-school and stole your girlfriend. You are gonna use their shipset and goshdarn it, you are gonna like it.
  • Wonder will this device come with Nokia's pentaband radio
  • qualcommns chips are mediocre can we have chip diversity? I'd like to use samsungs exynos not some aged dual core ****
  • There will be chip diversity going forward, ST Ericsson will get on board I believe, competition amongst chip manufacturers is needed in the eco system.