Nokia Sea Ray on T-Mobile Germany?

We'll throw this one out there for what it's worth. A promo ad has surfaced from T-Mobile Germany featuring a new Windows Phone, the Nokia Sea Ray.

The text of the ad reads,

The new Nokia Searay.Drive safely to your destination with Nokia – including 3D. Representation and voice navigation. Windows Mobile 7.5 (Mango) operating system. Brilliant 3.7" AMOLED curved display

A few things stand out that has us scratching our heads. First the Sea Ray name. Wouldn't T-Mobile choose a name other than the prototype name? Also, the black theme.... not saying it's impossible but I don't remember a black color theme in the settings.  If T-Mobile was going to take artistic license with the ad, wouldn't they choose hot-pink?

So, what do you guys think? Real or Memorex? And if this turns out to be legit, could we see T-Mobile U.S. get this as well?

Source: thenokiablog via: mynokiablog  Thanks goes out to JustVisiting for the tip!

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • I'm 99% sure it is either fake or photoshopped - black colour would be the worst possible choice for accent colour as it will literally won't be an accent at all! It will merge with black background or with the black text - depending on the dark/light setting for the theme.
  • Who knows. The Fujitsu Toshiba IS12T shipped with gray theme.
  • Grey is not black - it will still be visible on the black background.
  • black isn't grey either so no you don't make any sense. If there will be a black color, then it's only for white baackground duh....
  • Currently accent colours don't change when you switch from black to white background.So black accent will be visible on white background (although it will look just like the rest of the text - black, so it will be useless), but not on black background.
  • yes your statement is valid but this is Nokia we are talking about!
  • Definitely looks photoshopped to me. Not because it uses the black accent color, but I don't remember on Windows Phone home screen that it can fully display the fourth row of tiles - there should always be some clipping. The spacing between the tiles also look wider than they should be. The right arrow key also looks slightly different.
  • The tiles can be nudged up to the top of the screen so that all four rows are visible and then some. The white background isn't very battery-friendly on an AMOLED but the start screen sure looks pretty in that picture. :^)
  • Looks good in the pic. I used an all black color with my Focus, and it looked amazing.
  • I don't think it's impossible. In fact, I would assume it as 100% true if doesn't have the "Searay" name printed on it.I think the accent color is black to match the device's color, maybe they want to use the pink theme on the pink device as the blue with blue and so on.
  • At the very least the phone in the ad is not running Mango. They changed the SMS/MMS to Messages in Mango. Also the "." after 3D is wrong. Should either be nothing or a -.Either just a prototype ad or fake.Also, your translation is a bit off. They call it Nokia Drive, if it's real probably the new name for the OVI maps.
  • That is such a gorgeous looking phone.I can only pray to the smartphone gods that Nokia comes out with some good CDMA models.
  • Just tried out the black on black theme in the "Phone 8" app. It looks pretty cool if you put a white border. Probably really good for battery life on an AMOLED display too.
  • I doubt they'd use a pink theme for the ad, fair enough its part of the tmobile identity but from a marketing point of view what guys gonna wanna buy a phone with a hot pink interface? (obviously it can be changed but im referring to the ad here). Hard to call really as to whether its legit or not, after all its an easily created image.
  • the start search and back button are a little bit high i hope the real one will be centered a little more.
  • I just want to point out that the this isn't the first time we have seen Nokia rumors using a black accent color on the light background theme. Check out the image below that was posted here on WPCentral not so long ago in reference to the NOkia 3D drive technology.
  • I currently own a Htc Mozart ( from T-mobile Germany ) and after upgrading to Mango i have a Dark Gray T-Mobile color accent.
  • Btw its not "hot pink", ask any guy who works at a mobile place, its actually called "MAN-genta"
  • I think this is a fake 'cause T-Mobile Germany dont's exist in this way anymore. Since April 2010 it's all calles Telekom in Germany.But it's might be possible, that Telekom will bring it first.Greetings from Germany ;)
  • Yes I was about to state that, BTW any news from Telekom on them updating the omnia 7 yet?
  • I love that accent color, and damn it microsoft, give us some better choices. I'm tired of people thinking "girly" when they see how bright and colorful my phone is. I need something manly!
  • 3.7" screen no thank you