We'll throw this one out there for what it's worth. A promo ad has surfaced from T-Mobile Germany featuring a new Windows Phone, the Nokia Sea Ray.

The text of the ad reads,

The new Nokia Searay.Drive safely to your destination with Nokia – including 3D. Representation and voice navigation. Windows Mobile 7.5 (Mango) operating system. Brilliant 3.7" AMOLED curved display

A few things stand out that has us scratching our heads. First the Sea Ray name. Wouldn't T-Mobile choose a name other than the prototype name? Also, the black theme.... not saying it's impossible but I don't remember a black color theme in the settings.  If T-Mobile was going to take artistic license with the ad, wouldn't they choose hot-pink?

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So, what do you guys think? Real or Memorex? And if this turns out to be legit, could we see T-Mobile U.S. get this as well?

Source: thenokiablog via: mynokiablog  Thanks goes out to JustVisiting for the tip!