Nokia sends a Valentine's to AT&T

We like it when companies have a sense of humor, so it's with great interest to see Nokia getting into the whole Valentine's Day thing with this little treat.

Paul Thurrott posted pics of a Valentine's Day "gift" from Nokia to AT&T and it features the Lumia 900:

"I just want to let you know how much I appreciated you. I know we've been on and off for awhile now, but I promise you I'm not going anywhere. I've been into you for a long time now and I'm so happy we're rekindling what we had. You're like nobody else--special in every way--and when we're together, magic happens. So to show you how much I care, I have something just for you. It's going to drive you wild. But until then, enjoy this little treat and get excited for what's to come. Let's make some memories. Love, Nokia."

Okay, that's almost a little creepy. Still hilarious too though.

Source: Paul Thurrott (Twitter 1, 2)

Daniel Rubino

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  • My next new phone! Will still put my Samsung focus to work though. Its got a sexy 22 gig of storage.
  • Aww thats cute.
  • Clearly, corporations are people haha.
  • So what happens when Nokia starts cheating on AT&T with Sprint and Verizon
    *Cue Maury Music*
  • Sadly for those of us on Verizon (and Sprint), it looks like a long honeymoon between Nokia and AT&T.
  • Maybe this is hinting at a Feb 14th release of the 900?  Wouldn't that be awesome.  Doubt it, but  I can dream right? ;)  
  • Not likely. AT&T releases phones on Sundays.
  • Yeah fingers crossed for Feb 18th since that would go along with their normal 1st and 3rd Sunday release schedule but Im not holding my breath for anyhting earlier than March 18th.
  • I wish they would get it out sooner than the middle of March.
  • Me too, I've been having a hard time not pulling the trigger on the lumia 800
  • Chocolate covered Oreos. Mmmmm We got them at my store
  • AT&T will ruin the relationship by ignoring it. No update love (or at least waaaay to late to matter).
  • I can upgrade march 12! Can't wait for 900. I am getting black and coming 10 minutes early to att.
  • Instead of chocolate how bout a box of white 900's to my local AT&T store here in Seattle thx
  • Lol. Same here. But not just Seattle.
  • Aaaaaahhhh please be releasing tomorrow.
  • Nokia - I really like their approach and creativity!  Really happy that they are partners with Microsoft and Windows Phone :)
  • Yes, I agree. Nokia, and don't bash me for saying this, reminds me of Apple in a way. That's a good thing! For Nokia not taking the easy road to the cash cow Android shows a lot of character. WP and Nokia will do just fine.
  • Not buying a new phone until its easier to transfer things, spent way too much time when I got a memory card in my Focus making it 'mine' again.
  • I used the restore app feature on Windows Live...worked really to reinstall apps. I didn't even need to go to the marketplace. Give that a try next time if you haven't already.
  • Made me laugh. Nokia is going to knock this out of the park. I am excited for their Apollo efforts. And as they turn WP into a household name, Samsung, HTC, LG and all the other handset makers will benefit. Consumers will start to look for WP as they look for Android now, and all Windows Phones will sell better.
  • That WAS a little creepy, like Daniel said.
  • These oreos were amazing. Nokia has a great sense of humor and is promoting a positive view of them and Windows Phone. Good job Nokia
  • Haha, man because of that I'm now a bit afraid of phones. I'm probably gonna get nightmares because of that:P!
  • Their was a third Thurrott post as well