Nokia shows off exclusive Burton app in cool promotional video

Nokia has uploaded a video onto YouTube that shows off its exclusive Burton app, which is available for Lumia Windows Phones. The app was announced back at Mobile World Congress last week and sports some interesting features. The mobile phone and snowboard manufacturers have worked together on the app to implement features like Nokia Music connectivity, as well as a powerful lens through Nokia's sequencer API. 

As one would expect, the app is tailored for those who enjoy powering down mountains, while rocking out to some ABBA. But it's also useful for those of us who don't enjoy such activities (then again, who doesn't like ABBA?). For example: the sequencer feature enables users to record short videos (much like Cinemagraph), subsequently allowing the clip to be cut down and edited frame-by-frame.

You can download Burton from the Nokia Collection of apps on the Windows Phone Store. We also took a quick look at the Nokia X Burton insulator case for Windows Phones, which is also well worth checking out.

Source: YouTube; thanks, Hilmar, for the tip!

QR: Burton

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • This is sweet. Nokia keep it up.
  • Where is the Nokia Glam Me app??
  • I like that friend finder.
  • awesome, a lense that let you see your friend physically on the camer. If this is done properly it can be totally awesome. This is what future smartphone should be
  • Nokia must really live dead mau5 lol
  • That sequencer lens is frickin' sweet!
  • For all this fun you need your phone battery to last longer. What's the point when you use all these cool functions and you phone dies in a couple of hours? I am not trolling here I love my Lumia 920 but I am really sorry to say that the battery performance is pathetic. What good is a smart phone when almost all its smart features were turned off just to keep the phone alive...
  • Have to agree with this. Ever since portico, my battery sucks. Especially if playing games or anything intensive.
  • Yeah, battery tech is always the limiting factor. Sucks.
  • Really awesome app. The music playlist has some really great picks
  • Nice app and I don't snowboard
  • Any idea when the place tag app & glam me app will be released ?
  • Must be the first "third party" app to have an animating live tile. My problem with the app is that you can add a favorite ski location and get a nice tile with temp and snowfall but when you pin that to the home screen you just get a plain tile with an icon.
  • Exciting video.....
    App appears to be the same
  • Great vdo n music!! :)