Nokia shuts down access to servers, no more public peeking at firmware versions

Reports are in that the popular Windows Phone enthusiast software Navifirm can no longer access Nokia servers to display stored firmware. The Finnish handset maker previously revealed in January that access would be restricted by the end of that month. Three months later and we're now at the point where error boxes plague the user experience, reporting unauthorised faults.

It's a real bummer as consumers can use the channel to flash damaged hardware (to save both time and money sending the device back to Nokia to get fixed) as well as speeding up the update process. Now Nokia Windows Phone owners will have to rely on the OTA (over the air) system. We only just covered news that the Lumia 920 1314 firmware update was available on Navifirm. Looks like the red lights are now showing, folks.

We've been able to confirm that access has indeed been limited. Boo. A discussion has started on our forum, should you require more details or would like a place to vent some steam.

Thanks to Memitim and Kesav for the tips!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Noooooooooooooooooo.. Why do you want to become evil Nokia?
  • Well it's not just Nokia firmwares (S40, Symbian and Maemo/MeeGo) anymore, it's now Microsoft's firmware out there with their jump to WP.
    Only thing i'm surprised it didn't happen long time ago. 
  • I understand, but I have a 620 on the U.S and if it bricks, Nokia will not replace it and not having access to the rom I can't reflash it. So that makes me mad.. (Hate U.S for not having a Nokia store)
  • So uh why didn't you just save the downloaded roms so you could flash them whenever you wanted? DUH!
  • I know but I had to restore my laptop yesterday!! And I was going to do that Today!! Hope that when i get home it will be still available..
  • Your brilliant plan won't work so well with future ROMs now will it, genius?
  • My concern is when my carrier stops supporting the 920, then how will I get updates?
  • I don't  know....i'm looking now on navifirm and can access all roms :
  • clear your cache and then come back and say that
  • Sorry but I never used Navifirm and i regularly flash my 920.... I use NCS... its bit harder to get around but works fine... Its working for me now.... I uninstalled it just to check and all is good...
  • what NCS are you taking about? if you are saying Nokia Care Suit, it is also block, cos you will not be able to get any new firmware n you will only have the firmware you downloaded before
  • skun is right, NCS is just fine, downloaded a random copy of firmware, fine.
  • Can you like do me the biggest favor and download the Brazilian version of the lumia 820 without carrier branding?
  • I definetly can..but now i'm at you'll need to wait untill evening, i myself downloaded the latest ROM for my region.
  • Lol.. What's up with that drawing of what appears to be some type of Jabba The Hut crying about not being able to access the server.. Lol! That shitz hilarious!!!
  • It's a rage comics face called "Sad Forever Alone"
  • This is great.Now everyone can wait for the offical updates OTA and stop worrying about different version numbers and what they mean.
    If you download 1308, it's 1308. Fullstop.
  • No is not great. What if my phone bricks and I cant reflash it? This is not a smart move by Nokia..
  • still working with cache old two days... dont use reset cache! if you need, i can send you my cache folder and you can download firmware for your Nokia to have for "in case of emergency"
    Look in forum topic "NaviFirm+ Finally Locked-out from Nokia Caresuite servers"  post number 16.
  • dxdy sent you a message. Thanks!
  • This is not a official tool, it has never been.
  • AT&T replaced my bricked 920. Had a new one that day. And it was my understanding that Nokia would have sent a new one if I wanted to go through them. 
  • I would say you got lucky Nokia made me go through At&t. I waited a week for my replacement 920
  • Did you go to one of their repair centers?
  • What? So we wont know any new upcoming firmware anymore? Bugger!
  • Nooooo! I check navifirm as much I check wpcentral :(, and I already have a different version of my firmware, how will I get the original back now!
  • Good thing I got my Lumia 920 CV GB 1308 firmware last night! Phew!
  • What a moronic decision. 
  • This won't affect me.
  • What if i promised you that I will only use it to flash a bricked phone? Will you make it accessible again :D
  • oh f#ck why :/ now we just can't refurbish/recover or even get the firmware without OTA. Nokia decides to equal all the rest except brands which pay more :P
  • I was wondering when they would finally do this. It was just a matter of time.. Sucks though! :'(
  • Disappointing!
  • Not all are already blocked, 1308 still can download, im now downloading the 1314.1 for RM820, and RM821 1308. Nokia please dont do this, this the only way we can thinker for
  • Its surprising to m that Nokia, who are very customer oriented and open, have both done this (Boo - you're acting like Apple!) and not explained why they have done it.
    There could be legitimate reasons, some of which might surprise the User Community, that if explained would make this action less disheartening. C'mn Nokia - explain yourself please
  • Well actually apple doesn't block downloads to its firmwares
  • Stupidity in its perfection. Well done, Nokia ...
  • what they should do now is either release the firmware globally at the same time, OR at least announce the date/time when it should be available in a specific region!
  • What they fail to realize is that the public will still get firmware files, they will just wheel and deal in dubious sources, meaning people will get their phones into more problems and cause a larger support overhead.
  • Eventually they were going to have to put things on lockdown to better protect IP (both theirs, MS, partners etc.) It's not their OS anymore even though they do a good job of making it better. Get over it. Still light years beyond Apple in the way it's managed and not a Freetard Free-for-all like Android.
  • Freetard? Is this what we have devolved to in our discussions? I'm getting a TracFone.
  • Yep - that bites. End user should still be able to flash last released and signed firmware. APPLE ALLOWS THIS. Android, no idea, but fairly certain they do. Unfortunately, WP8 has pretty much ruined Nokia, and I will be heading back to iOS soon. At least I was able to use the firmware update software on my first 920 that bricked. On my 3rd, and now afraid to even do an OTA update. Well done Nokia. Your a great piece of hardware, but the OS has destroyed your value.
  • We'll miss you.
    Of course I'm joking, but you have to admit is kinda funny to read some comments, like: I have 437 Nokias, even my dog have one, but now that you changed the color of your logo I curse you and your family, will burn every device in a satanic ritual and buy a mug saying I love Steve Jobs, that'll teach you!
  • I agree with you man. I have saved my 920 thrice, everytime it bricked after an update. This sucks, but I guess I have to go one more year with WP for the contract. Will see what's hot then and buy.
  • The phone change time is NOW arrived!
  • Yes I had reset my 920. And it won't go past settings gear icons.. I fixed my phone just by flashing with firmware from navifirm.. WELL WELL.. WHATEVER YOU DO DONT EVER EVER RESET YOUR LUMIA 920
  • Or download Nokia Care Suite if its that important you do it yourself.
  • !!! If You use Nokia Software updater for retail, that STILL works, that has access to the same packages! Have just checked on my Lumia 920 and it offers the 1314 package for installing, I know that it will download the package as the Navifirm program into a folder.
  • Well maybe I'm missing something here but plugging phone into Nokia Care Suite still gives the option to download current firmware and should in theory tell when a new version is available so we are only losing the ability to have a browse. Can't say I'm that surprised however, lets be honest, the users that are prepared to flash their own phones are not your everyday user. For me I can take it or leave it, I just wish they, Nokia/Microsoft etc would adopt the Apple method of update and roll it out to everyone at the same time.
  • That's easy to do when you have ONE phone model with 3 variants. Apple wouldn't be capable of doing this if they weren't so closed and controlled. Tradeoffs people....
  • Fully agree, but i see no reason (enlighten me if there is one) why all 920 or 820 or 5/6/7 etc cant all receive their individual updates at the same time. I'm not saying that every Nokia should be updated at the same time, but Apple seem capable of rolling out a couple of different firmware's at the same time to cater for the 3g/4 no siri or 3d maps and the 4s/5 with siri and 3d maps for example.
    Anyway I left iPhone for a reason, it was stale, I just think the update method is better.
  • And this is why consumers are stupid.
    Does anyone EVER think about things from a company's point of view?
    All of you people complaining about bricked Lumia's: How the hell will Microsoft/Nokia EVER fix the problems that are causing this  if they can never find out how it happened? When you experience a problem that bricks your phone, they need to collect data in order to understand how the problem happened in order to fix it.
    Every time you flash your phone, you get rid of all the data they need to understand why it happened. Now, you will be forced to go to a store where they can collect the data and fix your problems.
    Consumers will never understand the logic behind this but screw it, someone has to try to explain it.
    Consumers would rather have a phone that bricks every month that they can fix themselves, instead of having to go to a store and NEVER having it brick again.
    Argue all you want, but this is only ONE of the reasons why changes like this are made.
  • A big reason why consumers never understand this stuff: News sites don't care about educating their viewers.
    This is where WP Central is just like everyone else. Writers and Editors on this site need to start explaining this stuff. But then again, they can't explain this to the viewers if they don't understand it for themselves.
    This is not intended to be disrespectful at all, but this is why media only makes things worse. WP Central needs to be the ones making a difference and start educating consumers.
  • Educated humans are the biggest enemy of the consumer society. Buy it - use it- discard it. Thats the ultimate trinity of consumer society. If somebody is clever enough to know how to fix it without discarding and buying a new one, becomes the enemy in the eye of vendors. Wpcentral, and in general all the media cooperates in this cynical game, where only the bio-slaves (you my dear consumer) can be the only looser. All the articles here on wpcentral are minute-news, you will not gain real knowledge by reading useless gossips and "content" here. Similar to the McDonalds burger: after eating your burger, you feel your stomach is full with some "volume" content that in fact has hardly any valuable nutritions, its just your bowels telling you that this food was great and appropriate amount. After some short time, as quickly  as your stomach was filled, you will feel it again empty, so you start over and over eating worthless junk food. Or you switch to some healthy food, IF you have option, and IF you are aware that previously you ate industrial waste.
  • So you're saying we are forced to be a part of Nokia's QA team?  I didn't sign up for that.  Look, you can think up reasons why Nokia did this, but the bottom line is that now some of us no longer had an option that we once did. Most people don't like it when a company takes something away from them.
    I have something else you can look at from the company's perspective. Nokia as a company is circling the drain and could use some extra cash. You should pay double the price for the next phone to help them out.
  • You're a clown.
    Look at the image in the article. The software everyone has been using is modded/hacked. Nokia never intended for everyone to get used to using modified software.
    Stop crying about stupid stuff. Do your research and learn something instead of complaining like an idiot. Navifirm != Nokia Care Suite. With Nokia Care Suite you can still download the latest firmware. You just can't choose the firmware you'd like.
    Cry more. While you're doing that I'll be doing something useful and learning stuff. Then I can come back and rip you apart with even more knowledge.
  • Take a pill, bro.  I'm not crying.  I'm just responding to your ridiculous claim that we are supposed to see it from Nokia's side.  Fuck that, man.  You can be a fanboy all you want, but don't deride others that aren't. Your logic was also flawed.  To think that Nokia will create perfect brickless phones now due to them shutting down Navifirm and forcing a small subset of tinkerers to send their phones in for replacement is borderline retarded.  The reality is that they know of most of the flaws when the phone ships.  They just didn't have the time to fix them before launch.  That's just a reality of software dev.  Shutting down Navifirm access will do absolutely nothing to change that. 
    And if they ship a firmware (1308) that totally hoses network connectivity the only ones to blame are their own freaking QA, dude.  Not the "stupid consumers that never see it from Nokia's point of view."
    I don't even have a Nokia phone!  Your comment was so lame I had to respond.
  • Did people act like this, impatient, dissatisfied back in the flip phone days? Oh is what it is to me...doesn't make me like WP any less. I will stay with WP. They don't want people messing around on their server and in their business...thats their prerogative. They own that don't.
  • We own the right to get timely updates. Don't we? People r pissed off with them because they r bias towards the carrier's. Not anything else.
  • And my prerogative is to open my wallet to another company.......
  • This will make you leave WP?
  • Actually I remember flashing a lot of razors back in the day like when Verizon was so locked down you couldn't even plug a razor into your computer and het your pics on it ,load songs on it.they wanted everything to go thru there servers
  • Just release the bloody update when there ready and stop stalling to give AT&T the world exclusive = problem solved. Now give me the update so I get some storage back!
  • So I haven't used Navifirm in a while.  Are we sure you just don't get your updates from the Nokia Care Suite?  Maybe Nokia did this so that everyone doesn't have to go through convoluted methods to fix things.
  • Lol. Wishful thinking!!!
  • So, can OTA come faster then?
  • Don't think so. Guess they have done it because people were getting pissed of with their bias towards carrier supported phones.
  • That's very unlike Nokia, Microsoft must have put pressure on them to do so. Such things are only done by Microsoft and Apple. Anyways when such things are done people always find a work-around it. Happy hacking i should say.
  • I sure people like Jaxbot from Windows Phone Hacker will find a way around this anyways. I'll leave that up to those gifted in such things...and not worry about it.
  • I have the 1308 firmware for L920 UAE edition downloaded and will upload to a private server for those who may need it in the future to salvage their bricked phones. Will post the download link on wpcentral soon. Cheers.
  • I fully support your view.
  • Similar "complaints" happened when MS blocked hacked 360s from Live. I'm all for consumer input, but not fan of anarchy.
  • Nokia Software Updater for Retail blocked too?
  • Get their attention!
  • Good job I flashed my phone recently then :-D
  • This is idiotic, and sucks. I avoided sending my SECOND ATT 920 back for repair after the last ATT update stuck on turning gears forever. ONLY the NCS allowed me to force a firmware reflash to get the device back and running.
    I don't understand why this is so hard to just keep it available. Apple allows much easier reflashing of firmware in even the first version of the iPhone - sometimes you just need to do it, and while you shouldn't have to, it is a better option than exchanging non-defective hardware.
  • Dunno what the big deal is, if it breaks its under warranty, get it replaced, why bother flashing with latest firmware all the time? Its not like u get massive features u simply have to have?! Just wait for OTA updates, i like the fact I don't have to tinker around flashing my phone, did that for a while on android and glad I don't have to bother on WP8, my phone works great and hopefully always will :-)
  • sorry , 2 day s ago my Lumia 620 just bricked after i used Shrink Storage ( i bougt my phone 18days ago ) bcos my storage almost drain. I cannot  move or look in whats in my storage ( few folder and i want to know waht in other folder that take largest space in the phone storage ) .... after i used Shrink then my phone when off and bvricked.)
    I already do what forum told me, push down volume + power and push down + power + caM button. Its hard , succes one times but im not insert my sim card , so i take off batery and insert sim card and its start bricked again. until now i just try to push push push the button,
    i already donlod navifirm and nokia suite care , and i dont how to use it. pufff ... Need help really need help.