Nokia Navifirm Restricted

Reports are in that the popular Windows Phone enthusiast software Navifirm can no longer access Nokia servers to display stored firmware. The Finnish handset maker previously revealed in January that access would be restricted by the end of that month. Three months later and we're now at the point where error boxes plague the user experience, reporting unauthorised faults.

It's a real bummer as consumers can use the channel to flash damaged hardware (to save both time and money sending the device back to Nokia to get fixed) as well as speeding up the update process. Now Nokia Windows Phone owners will have to rely on the OTA (over the air) system. We only just covered news that the Lumia 920 1314 firmware update was available on Navifirm. Looks like the red lights are now showing, folks.

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We've been able to confirm that access has indeed been limited. Boo. A discussion has started on our forum, should you require more details or would like a place to vent some steam.

Thanks to Memitim and Kesav for the tips!