Nokia does it again: Sega’s Super Monkey Ball 2 now free for Lumia users

We’re not sure how Nokia does it (well, we guess money) but they’ve once again managed to give Lumia users something for nothing again. Sega’s Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition, or just SMB2:SE for you shorthand types, is now live in the Nokia Collection and is completely free.

Now the big difference here is this is a non-Xbox Live branded version. That’s good news and bad news as it means you can’t grab those precious Achievements if that’s your thing. Luckily for us, it’s not (though our games guru Paul is surely in another camp). The good news, as we’ve outlined before in our ongoing Xbox games critique is this game can potentially be updated now more frequently.

SMB2:SE is a significant bump in quality over the original Super Monkey Ball though some may find the controls a bit challenging and the graphics a bit dated. The Xbox version does garner 4 out of 5 stars, which is actually pretty decent though.

The game’s conceit is simple: roll a monkey around in a clear ball through mazes while picking up bananas. Makes total sense to us. You even get to choose your chimp for that custom feel. As a nice throwback to arcade games of past, SMB2:SE does work well on mobile as a good time waster with fun and challenging levels. Plus it’s kind of adorable and so darn chipper it’s hard not to like it.

You can pick up SMB2:SE for free here in the Nokia Collection. For those with non-Lumias, you can pick up the SMB2:SE for $2.99 with a free trial (and Xbox status) here in the Store. Thanks, Er. Akshat for the tip!

QR: SMB2 Nokia

QR: SMB2 Pay

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Soo happy I choose the L920! .. Thank you Nokia!
  • Marketplace Selector FTW
  • Soon, Nokia's Collection will be bigger than WP's general app store.
  • LMAO...but sadly, it's true
  • I'll check later as right now I don't see a free version.
  • I'm not seeing it, either..
  • Did you use our link or QR code? They take you right to it.
  • Tried both ways.  It says it's unavailable.
  • Not seeing anything in Nokia collection but QR code worked for me:-). I have a 710.
  • just aim your phone at the computer screen and follow the qr code
  • Tried that and it said to DL from phone. Link on phone says error acquiring titles.
  • Even though it says error retrieving titles, click them anyways, it'll still Link it to the marketplace. It says that, cause there are alot of non Lumia phones.
  • "There was an error completing your request. Try again later.  Error code: 805a0194"
    The other link takes me to the paid app.
    I'll try again later.
  • +1
  • +1
  • Yep, same thing happening to me (lumia 920).  Link to website says try from phone, trying from phone gives the unavailable error.
  • I had search Nokia Corporation and all apps by Nokia came up, then I found it within this and downloaded. I dont know if it will work for everyone. I am using the HTC Arrive and changed the Marketplace to Nokia. Downloaded just fine.
  • wp should sell their app ecosystem to nokia for better use
  • Lol it honeslty does feel like that. :D
    Kind of sad that i have replaced Nokia Music as my main music player in WP, when the main reasons why i bought WP was my old Zune HD.
    MS really needs to get on it. 
  • Nokia rocks!
  • Im' not understanding. So im being punished for purchasing an HTC 8x instead of a Lumia? i got nothing against Lumias, but to devide whatever user base windows phone actually has is pretty stupid in my opinion. Nokia should be focusing on expanding the Windows Phone O.S as a whole not its Lumia brand exclusively. 
  • Can you not buy it. I think it is only free for Lumia users. Also if not, you can buy it in two months. And yes you are being punished for not buying a Lumia. Nokia makes deals to bring apps to windows phone. HTC doesn't. That is just life.
  • Makes deals like what? please inform me. All i keep hearing from nokia are about there "exclusive" apps and services. if they are in fact the driving force for app growth in the windows phone ecosystem, please enlighten me and maybe my next windows phone might very well be a lumia. I just chose HTC because my last four phones were HTC and they never let me down. I dont have anything against nokia or there lumia line, and i definately dont have anything against buying games or apps, etc. I just find it wierd.
  • Are you mad? :D And yes Nokia does have over 24 of its own apps globally, plus it exclusive apps. 
    I can't see a reason to be mad here. You can buy the game if you want, for Lumia users Nokia simply bought the game. Can't see anything wrong with that. 
  • Basically Nokia is paying SEGA for every download out there. Stop whining and ask HTC to do the same. Isn't Nokia's fault.
  • Also got 3 htc's in row now, but this time I am a happy owner of a yellow Nokia Lumia 920.
    Liked my htc-phones, but was sick and tired being let down by htc on support. Nokia is in their own division when talking about service and support. No other manufacturer is even close. I've bought my last htc...
  • Its nothing different than you buy a game from Gamestop or blockbuster and their exclusivity code with those game. Nobody is being punish. Nokia is finding ways to promote their product whether its license deals or company deciding who to sponsor with. If HTC can't get things moving on their end who's fault is that?
  • Nokia has an interest in selling Nokia phones not HTC, Samsung or whatever.  Those are competitors.  If you want what Nokia has to offer than get a Lumia phone.  That is the main reason I chose an 822 over the 8x....I wanted Nokia apps and support.
  • +1
  • You cant blame Nokia for wanting to have a reason for people to buy their handsets can you? It is Microsoft's responsibility to build the platform. The other manufacturers who have released phones on WP8 have put no effort at all into it. So yes you are being punished for not buying a Lumia, but not by Nokia, by HTC. They could have exclusives and release apps for WP8 but they choose not to. Looking at how HTC have behaved it looks likely the 8X and 8S were just experiments and that they have now abandoned the platform. The 8X design has been ported to Android and I don't see them releasing any more Windows Phone devices. Having said all that, now Nokia Drive has been released for all phones there isn't an exclusive app I'm bothered about as yet and this game certainly isn't a big deal. Good to see Nokia putting some investment into their devices and I think they will likely take the majority of HTC and Samsung WP users when their resigns come about.
  • You are not being punished for going with HTC 8X. The game is in the store for you to buy. Nokia just worked out a deal with the game developer to offer it for free for users that bought thier phones.
  • Don't say anything bad about Nokia... You'll only get hundreds of replies saying the same thing. What some don't realise is that this is good and BAD for the platform. Applications that may have come to all don't. Tell me an application that's been exclusive that has come to Windows Phone itself. Supposed time limited exclusives are still not available on the "actual" platform because of Nokia. Stop kidding yourselves, this is good for Nokia customers, bad for Windows Phone. Lets say next generation Microsoft releases a phone. Nokia still has them exclusives. The Microsoft phone is better than the new Lumia... But wait, you'll not have that Mirrors Edge and other games... Still think its good for the platform? This coming from someone whom is seriously considering Nokia for my next phone... And yes, I'd be saying the same if HTC, or Samsung did the same.
  • But any Windows Phone user can buy this as an Xbox Live title, so I'm not sure what the complaint is. Sure, Lumia users get a stripped down version for free, but that seems like a legit offering.
  • Yeah I get that, I'm just replying to the person about these exclusives. Which doesn't include this game, and is not actually on topic with the article above.
  • From the description in the marketplace it seems to be an expanded version with additional content :)
  • It's expanded compared to the first game, but content identical to the Xbox WP version.
  • Maybe you should take this up with the platform owner. Its not nokias job to fund WP apps for all devices, its Microsoft's and since they don't seem to be doing it Nokia is taking the initiative and doing it for their devices. And what are HTC and Samsung doing? Sweet FA, that's what. The complaints should be aimed at the lazy parties, not the one striving to bring value to their customers.
  • Can you guarantee without a shadow of doubt that all the exclusive applications would not ever come to Windows Phone?
    If Nokia didn't try to get these exclusives, do you really believe none of these applications would come to the platform?
    If Nokia gets a deal, what does that mean for the platform owner? Can Microsoft step on Nokia's toes and say no, without it being an issue of tension between the two?
    Everybody thinks of it one-sided. Its great for Nokia owners and it may be great for me soon. But it does not help the platform as much as some think.
    I want a choice in devices, not to be "forced" to buy one brand, or you don't get the full app experience.
    Edit: And it's a complaint about the situation, not Nokia.
    Also, imagine if all the OEM's started doing it... The app situation would be terrible. You'll need Nokia for that app, Samsung for this, and HTC for that... Really do you want that? Edit 2: This will be my last post on the matter. I just have different opinions to others.
  • Who knows what would come to WP but the fact is this is what Microsoft should be doing to make sure apps come to all WP users. Nokia is doing what HTC did with beats and what Samsung just did with Wacom on android, get deals that would make their devices more attractive. Its on Microsoft to bring the most popular apps to the platform in a timely fashion and its apparent they are not doing that which leaves Nokia free to engage the developer and negotiate a deal for exclusivity.
  • This. I think the real problem is Microsoft. Actually I have no problem with free apps. Its the exclusives that are the worst. Microsoft should promote more platform harmony. The average consumer won't make distinctions between different WP manufacturers.
  • Kash...Yes, you are being punished - by HTC, not Nokia.
    Nokia is using it's money to appease, and reward, the users that chose a Nokia device for their mobile needs. 
    Nokia is NOT responsible for expanding the WPOS as a whole - that is Microsoft's responsibility.
    Besides, Nokia has already gifted you with the free use of their navigation app.
  • You're not being punished by anyone. Lumia users are being rewarded. Its not a zero sum game. Target rewards its credit card customers with 5% off. Would you say they are punishing all non-Target credit card customers? No, that's just silly.
  • No, your are not being punished. Ni=okia subsidized the development of the game to offer to their customers. You are not one of tehir customers. You can, however, buy the game if you like. Why should their efforts benefit you if you are not purchasing their product? It would be like playstation users complaining about xbox titles.
  • Maybe you are being punished for choosing an OEM that doesn't want to support app development on WP8.  Why would it make sense for Nokia to invest in $$$ for app developing their own apps and getting popular titles on the platform to have other OEM sackride them adn get them with no effort. 
    The point is to give people incentive to go Nokia.  NOkia is competing against HTC/samsung as well not just apple/android devices. 
    So if you are gonig to be upset, be upset at HTC because I haven't seen any development for apps on HTC's end. 
  • Your disappointment is misdirected. HTC should step up their game. And HTC users have some apps and games I don't.
  • If two publicly traded companies compete for customers, why would they spend their financial resources to help their competitor's customers? You made a choice for one of the companies when you purchased your phone. If that company does not provide the same service to its customers as Nokia does, you should take that up with said company.
  • So if you bought ice-cream for your son at the park, you're punishing all the other kids?  I'm not understanding your logic, Nokia is going out of their way to support their devices.  I would agree with you if they were making it exclusive by not letting other devices get it, much like it's done with the consoles but that's not the case here, they simply payed a set fee in order to make it free to their users.  HTC could do the same but they don't, or do you expect Nokia to also pay for HTC users? lol
  • It's really HTC, Samsung, other OEMs, job to get developers to bring apps to the WP platform, but instead, they just sit on the side. Nokia on the other hand, is going full force, getting these developers to bring the apps to the platform and for the money they're spending on doing this, they have exclusive rights to the app for a certain time period. If I was you and other OEM users, get on HTC & Samsung, about why they're not doing more to bring apps to the platform.
  • Oh how I love the whining and complaining about Nokia and their exclusive offerings. Stop bitching, if you chose to go with HTC, Samsung or whatever. It's their lack of dedication and commitment to Windows Phone that you should complain about.
  • Watch your mouth please no need for need for talking like you werent raised with respect. I voiced an opinion about something and right away theres a baby wit a keyboard that has no manners. chill out.
  • If my comment would've been meant especially for you, I had replied to you. ;) I was speaking in general. And sorry, there wasn't any bad mouthing at all.
  • Chips on your shoulder must be salt and vinegar because its obviously got a sour flavor.
  • Which is exactly why I chose to go 'all in' with Nokia and not those others. The lack of support HTC offered us in even getting the Keyboard Fix update out to the Titan was a HUGE issue for me. I lost all faith in their future support at that time. Nokia is doing what other vendors have an opportunity to try and accomplish, however they are not taking the inititive. People chose a device based on their prefrence, that comes with perks and consequences on all sides. Reading people being 'Upset' that it's 'not the same on their HTC/Samsung device' is just a consequence of the choice they made.
  • Moved from my Titan to a Lumia 920 and will be sticking with Nokia for the reasons you said.
  • Nokia collection sucks on 822. Most apps never show up.
  • Nokia version is non xbox. odd.
  • That' s mentioned in the article.
  • Funny, just looked the game up in the marketplace and downloaded (FREE) it.
  • Worked fine for me. Just follow the QR code.
  • They are pushed to Nokia Collection by delay.
    I have probably not even used WP store in months as i just always use the build in QR reader function.
  • Yeah, noticed the same thing.  Oh well, I like achievement points, but free is free!
  • Is this for Windows Phone 8 only? I'm getting error retrieving title on my Lumia 900.
  • The first QR code doesn't work for me. It takes me into the marketplace then throws an error that there's something wrong with this item.
    I have a Lumia 900 (7.8), AT&T, USA).
  • Try it now! I have a Lumia 900 with 7.8 and it works now.
  • I have a Lumia 900, 7.5 / ATT, and I get the same error on the 1st QR code.
  • And if I try the "Download App" from the WPC app, I get "which app?" Error retrieving title.
  • i think the wp team should cope up with nokia rather than nokia slowing down
  • I feel like Windows Phone would be doing better if Nokia was running the show. It seems like they care about the platform more than Microsoft.
  • +1
  • Thanks a lot buddy. Thats exactly what i thought.
  • Take that thought to the next level and remember how Nokia gor where they ate right now.
  • This is why I chose Nokia
  • Hmmm, not working for me.  Don't see it in store, QR codes don't work, and the WPcentral app gives me "Error retrieving title" when I try.  Maybe not available in canada yet.
  • If you click the "error retrieving title" it should still work...if not, give it some time.
  • Tried that.  Get error code.  :( 
  • Same here.  In Canada as well.
  • In the WPC app, I get two "error retrieving app" - presumably one for each QR code. If I tap on the first "error retrieving app" I get the marketplace error. If I tap on the 2nd "error" link, it does bring up the $2.99 version. Nokia 900 7.5/ATT.
  • 1st QR code now working.   199MB download in progress!
  • Same here. I guess we wait. Worth it, for a free, quality game.
  • If you search for SMB2-SE it will come up if you search for super monkey it is about five entries down if that helps anyone
  • Searched for "super monkey", 5 entries down is "Fart Bubbles".   LOL
    Can't find on my phone, QR brings up error.
  • Thanks for the info. Downloading now. 
  • I imagine windows phone would be in a much better state if MS had acquired Nokia, kept the brand, and sold the phones as Lumia, not Windows or Microsoft. They would be better off not only in brand presence, but app presence. Nokia Lumia, and I guess you could add a "powered by Microsoft" to feed Balmer's ego...
  • nokia isnt be sold to ms or to anybody
  • me too, soooooo happy that I chose Lumia 920 :D
    Nokia Lumia 920 + Windows Phone 8 = Awesome!!!
  • I mean great, I appreciate that Nokia is working hard to get us more titles and especially freebies. But forgive me if my overwhelming reaction is "Whoop de $%#@ing do. Another weak, outdated, 3 year old game finally comes to WP... While iOS gets the latest and greatest on Day 1. Wheee!!!"
  • This game has been available on Windows Phone for a long time now. Nokia just started giving it away free (without Xbox Live features) this week.
  • As for Nokia pushing it's Lumia line exclusively... OF COURSE they do that!  The whole challenge of a mobile phone company adopting a standardized ecosystem like Android or WP is that you have to really put in an EFFORT to differentiate your product from the other manufacturers.  
    So it's not that Nokia is punishing you for buying an HTC, in reality it's HTC punishing you due to their lack of effort in making their customers happy. 
  • Everything seems to be working fine now.
  • Darn it, WiFi download only. Gotta wait til I get home.
  • 199MB!? And I thought Doom And Destiny was a big game. DLing fine on my 710.
  • dude how great is doom and destiny. anyone who doesnt have it, go get it right nowwzzz
  • Initial try to load the app failed with an appstore error. After couple of tries I was able to see the app and install it via WiFi since the app is around 145 MB.
  • If Windows Phone fails, it won't be because of Nokia.
  • ^This!
  • I get error code: 805a0194
    Can't download
    EDIT: working now 2/1/2013 03:01EST
  • I have installed it successfully on Nokia Lumia 800 with 7.8. The first QR Code works. But the sad thing is it is without XBOX integration. Anyways i love Nokia. Thanks for your support Nokia
  • I see a little dust in your ffc :/ ... but yeah game looks awesome. Will definitely give it a try. 
  • This is the advantage of having my 920..
  • Not working on my 900
  • I wanna Back games from N9 - Galaxy on Fire 2, Asphalt 6, One, Worms, NFS Shift, Bejeweled 2,3, Snake, Samurai 2
  • @sulslim...Nokia didn't create those games; have you contacted the developers of those games to see if they are going to port them to WP?
  • tried clicking links and through app, nothing. 
  • search SMB2-SE
    QR code error for me - does not show when search super monkey ball
  • I clicked on install and got "This item isn't available from the Store in your region."  I have an ATT 920.
  • That's odd I live in Illinois with the Lumia 920and I got it
  • Says not available for my region. I live in the United States. :/
  • Works fine for me. Norwegian. Used the QR-code. Didn't find it in Nokia Collection tough.
  • Not free in Switzerland! GRRRR!
  • Thnx Nokia and WPcentral
  • qr code not working :/
  • Size: 144mb.
    "You've reached the storage limit on your phone. Go free up some space, then try again".
    free space: 888.23MB.
  • Lol!  You only have 888.23MB of free space?  And here I was thinking that having 7.26GB out of 16GB on my Lumia 900 was bad. 
  • Same problem here :-(
    "Other" takes up 4GB, I have 500 MB free and I also can't install the game :-(((((
  • Just started the download. QR code is working
  • This is why Nokia will always be the best!
  • App-link doesnt work and not available in my Nokia collection. :(
  • Nokia rocks again...
  • I learned my lesson when I had an HTC WP7 device, and I constantally had to read about all the exclusive apps that the Nokia phone would get. They also would get updates that my Titan II never saw. I decided never to purchase an HTC device again. I now have a 920. It sucks a bit that others don't get the same deals, but that is how life works, and is similar to gaming consoles, streaming services and others. Nokia does this for their customers and to get new me.
  • Got error for a few times. Then it's working now... Great!
  • Not free at Greece. The price is 2.99E..
  • EDIT: here we go!
  • meh, this is a one off.  They ripped out XBL so if the main app is ever updated, this one wont and vice versa.  You will definitely get what you pay for here.
  • Ehm... Still have to pay in Indonesia's Windows Store --"
  • Download is 144mb!!
  • You're from Indonesia? Thanks for the info. Gue ga jadi deh searching neh game, hehehehe
  • Yes. bisa sih gan, tapi switch region setting dulu ke US, trs scan barcode nya.
  • I'm getting a not available in your region error. I'm on AT&T 920
  • It hasn't a Xbox achievements. :(
  • I can't find it with search in the marketplace (as usual), but the link worked for me.  Lumia 920 in Florida on AT&T.  I wish the store's search was better.  If it wasn't for WPCentral and other blogs who post links I couldn't have downloaded several apps and games.
  • Thx Nokia ,im not a gamer but for free i will try it :)
  • So I can't install because my storage is full. I have extra storage in there but games/apps don't install on it. They're all on internal storage, is there a way to transfer games to the 32G I put in there? that's about 98% free.
    Sorry, I searched around and couldn't find a link. So I'm asking here.
  • Nope. Games are just like apps. So you have to install them on your phone memory.
    I ran into the same problem as yours. I had a decent collection of games and I ended up removing a few of them to make space for the monkey.
  • bah :( Thanks for the reply. I'll figure something out. There's just so many to play!
  • Nokia = Awesomness!!
  • Wouldn't download on my Lumia 900 - did a reset of my phone then it worked perfectly...weird.
  • Viber. Tango. Sorted. Pretty please.
  • This game was one that I was not interested in trying; Nokia offering it for free, I downloaded it and the tutorial has been kinda fun.  Gotta finish FC Rocket, though :)
    Thank you, Nokia!
  • I am so glad I didn't buy the Be Bop phone now! jk :p
  • To those getting the error code, I had the same error but tried again now and it's working
  • Still error for me.
  • Well, that was fun. But tired of it already now. ;)
  • I was gettin  the error. Working now for me.
  • Nice! It seems I made a good decision choosing L820 over Ativ S a couple of days ago:).
  • dangit I just bought the paid version like 2 weeks ago, good for nokia to do this though
  • Don't feel too bad. You do get Achievements!
  • Shame there are no achievements....but the kids like it!
  • You know, I'm really glad I got a windows phone and everything. But I think I should have just switched from Verizon to AT&T to get the 920 because Nokia is killing it with staying on top of everything.
  • Not showing as free either, hope that will change soon. Tried changing region to us but still doesn't work.
    Again glad to be a Lumia user!
  • not in Canada, erreur says not avalable in your region with your QR code
  • What's the point if it's not Xbox live enabled? That's the main reason we have windows phones. I don't understand why you take your main selling point and remove it. Just like with Microsoft allowing people to get achievements on iPhone and android. Leverage what you have that makes you different. Smh.
  • They didn't remove it as a selling point. You and every other Windows Phone owner can buy the Xbox Live version of Super Monkey Ball 2 right now. And while Xbox Live is a big deal, remember that it's not important to everybody. This way, both groups are served.
  • No, Gemini Ace, XBox Live games is NOT the main reason I purchased my Lumia; as a matter of fact, I'd say it wasn't even a consideration for my purchase.
  • But it is the reason I have one... Just one of many selling points - they don't impact all users equally.
  • I thought the same:D
    Don't understand the xbox thing anyway. Can you  compare the archivents with someone? I don't even know someone having a xbox or a wp. 
  • I don't understand you. ;-)
  • Sonic is free too!!!!!
  • Tried to download, and it said "This item isn't available from the store in your region. I live in the U.S!
    Edit: Now it's downloading!
  • From your phone, search the store for SMB2-SE. That's the only way I was able to find and download this.
  • Not for free in Nokia Collection here in Canada..after searching in entire store.I found it but must pay..not free
  • When I searched "Super monkey" I found the Xbox version which is 2.99€ but for "SMB2-SE" I found the free game without Xbox integration.
  • Same, not free for Canadian Lumia 920s
  • Inside phone marketplace had to pay, same happened with the second qr, paid version.
    the first qr worked for me. Lumia 800-wp7.5, still no update for me for wp7.8...
  • Can't get it. I get an error.
  • OMG This Game Is perfect for phones. I can't wait till I get my Lumia!
  • You know what game I would love for Nokia to give us? That Katamari game. LOVE IT
  • I'm on Wp 7.5 Lumia 800, UK based and everything worked just fine. Of course need to use WiFi to download.
    Thank you Nokia.
  • Nokia never fails me.
  • Can't believe you guys didn't report Sonic CD. It was free on same day as Super monkey ball 2. Look up wmpoweruser article. I got both for free.
  • Are you sure we didn't?
  • Not working for me. It says "This might be because your phone software needs to be updated, the app is exclusive to a different mobile provider, or the app is not available in your country/region." Im on a Lumia 920 in America ATT.
  • No workee here either. Get "This app is not available for your device..." message. Also have Lumia 920 on AT&T. Bummer...