Nokia Treasure Tag Mini WS-10 is half the tag the WS-2 is

If you looked at Nokia's diminutive Treasure Tag WS-2 and said "I like the idea, but that's too much of a thing", then the Treasure Tag Mini WS-10 might just be the Bluetooth beacon for you. It popped up recently with nary an announcement from Nokia, and it's a little 'un. Measuring in at the same 30mm x 30mm face, the Treasure Tag Mini is nearly half the as thin (5.8 mm vs. the full size's 10mm) and less than half as heavy (6.2g vs. 13g). It's a darned light and little tag, but with that save bulk you lose some features.

Most notably, the Treasure Tag Mini doesn't include NFC, so pairing will have to be done manually. The Treasure Tag Mini also doesn't include a buzzer speaker, so if it's separated from your Windows Phone only the smartphone will sound the alarm. The battery is also significantly smaller (1/3 the capacity of the full size Treasure Tag), but with the reduced feature set also comes savings in battery life — you'll still get 120 days of life out of a CR2016 coin cell alkaline battery.

Nokia Treasure Tag

Additionally, the Treasure Tag Mini loses molded plastic loop in favor of a simple and flexible band looped through a hole in a corner — and your only option color-wise is white with the orange band (though with how the band is attached, swapping it out for your own loop shouldn't be an issue).

Apart from all that, the Treasure Tag Mini WS-10 should work exactly the same as the full size Treasure Tag WS-2. We don't have a price yet for the Treasure Tag Mini, but considering that the thicker and feature-packed version is $30, we'd expect the Mini to be at least a little bit cheaper, if not a lot so.

Source: Nokia (opens in new tab); Via: Nokia Power User

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  • Seems cheaper... (really !)
    Any chances its coming to India ?
  • Don't worry my friend. Just another nearly impossible to find accessory from Nokia.
  • Lol
    Weird, knowing that nokia focussed so much on India. I think nokia as Microsoft mobile Oy wouldn't carry it forward with the same steam.
  • Now no more Nokia dude Microsoft taking care. Even new smartphones won't come to India..i hate Microsoft India what the hell they are doing...are they really exists or is it just a rumour...
  • Who told you that? 630 and 635 is coming to India very soon, 930 will come in June. What other cell phone have they released that I don't know about?
  • Wait and see dash....
  • +925 agreed 100%. Had download the app on day one and to this day got no news as to when it's going to land here in Australia. Very disappointed
  • So true!
  • Lol. So true. It takes a while for I to hit the US.
  • Probably not since the Indian government is holding Nokia tax hostage
  • May be government gonna change now techie
  • Get Detailed View -> Visit
  • Seems smaller....
  • Lol
  • Seems weird
  • AND... I know that price in Thailand already, it's just about 19.99$ or about 690 Baht in Thailand.
  • I think the NFC and buzzer is better suited for me to want.
  • Where in the world can I buy these things? The originals?
  • Verizon website is currently selling the originals
  • Will get mine in Monday (Germany) ...but I saw today, that it is not working with my 920 (but hopefully will soon?). €23,30
  • I don't think it will work until you have the Lumia Cyan (moment of silence for cyan devices) firmware update.
  • Would explain why I haven't been able to find them
  • A silence of six months...
  • Can you use it to find your parked car if you leave the tag in your car?
  • Sure you can, but can already do this by using Here maps.
  • How do you do it in HERE maps?
  • When you're using the navigation, i think the app (here maps or drive+) saves your last location/spot before you stop the navigation.
  • He means HERE Drive. Just open the app, go down and there's a "find my car beta". It lets you put notes and pictures for reference, but I think you need to have used the navigation for it to work.
  • What if someone steals your car? Does it work then? :P don't answer, I know it doesn't :) treasure tag it is then!
  • If it was a Tile (similar product) it would.
  • Yaah if some one steals here maps will hijack that person and call you
  • Too much of a pain. The treasure tag would be set and forget.
  • Can't forget it for too long, gotta keep recharging/replacing the battery every so often.   Unless it also gives your phone some type of warning to let you know power is running out.
  • It actually lasts for quite a while. Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Sure you can, all kinds of chargers for cars.
  • Seems faster
  • Too late.
  • I hate you dude
  • The point of these still eludes me. Can someone give an example of real world use?
  • You are drunk. Not drunk enough to drive home after that epic house party, but drunk enough to have somehow placed your keys in the refrigerator. This... This saves you time in your hunt for said keys.
  • Well explained!
  • Say you often forget your bag in office.. Or maybe you have a habit of forgetting to pocket your keys while getting up from your table. Well, you get the idea.
  • What if I forget my wife will treasure tag help
  • Nope, a good lawyer will be required. Call me then.
  • or DJBCS
  • serious joke but don't forget to attach the treasure tag gadget in her purse. will surely help. At least you will able to trace her where she is??? lol
  • Someone steals your car? I'm assuming you can grab its location if you hid one of these in it. Help cops find it faster ( or, if you are the vigilante type, you).
    EDIT: If your budding theif gets more than 60 metres away you are screwed. Better be fast on his tail!
  • No.
  • They are not connected to the Internet so they cannot communicate where something is. The phone only knows where the last place it was when the phone was near it. If the car was stolen the phone thinks the car was was where you parked it.
  • Yeah I noticed that after I posted hence my edit. Haha
  • If it worked like Tile it could. When you lose something with one of those on it, it can be secretly detected by other Tile users and let you know where it is, it's pretty cool.
  • Or like zunes ad-hoc sharing
  • You're running late for work again, and you slip out the door. You get in the car, and your phone vibrates... You forgot your wallet, with your access card/lunch money/license/lucky coin/whatever in it.
  • That sounds like a good idea.
  • You're running late for work again, and you slip out the door. You get in the car, and your phone vibrates... show you the middle finger, cause you forgot your keys and the house door is already shut... Damn! :D
    FTFY ;))
  • Watch the scene Alomg came Polly. Watch where Jen Aniston is hunting for keys and finds them in dishwasher. Same concept but with your smart phone and can go both directions.
  • Seems like I'll be able to lift it faster
  • We need more colors, Nokia!
  • Can it toggle settings? Like driving mode for example? Cars that don't have bt would benefit from this so they can use driving mode. Doesn't seem like it from the specs though.
  • I would assume it could be used as the Bluetooth device that triggers Drive mode.
  • Why dont you buy a NFC sticker to trigger driving mode in your car instead?
  • Would like a real GPS tag...
  • I agree. I guess there to cheap to pay for the frequencies required to communicate with a internet server & the bandwidth to track them
  • Why cant i go to Microsoft store to buy ALL Nokia products and accessories?  at least phones(per region) and accessories. 
  • I would think thats what they plan on doing now that buyout went through.
  • Because service providers are dicks
  • Does anyone know if this can be used to locate your luggage upon arrival at an airport? or if you take a bus?
  • You'll be able to know it's coming on the baggage claim when it's within bluetooth range
  • Ah,, Yeah. lol. I just realized that bluetooth has had positioning capabilities for a long time... as long as you're within range. So, the app picks up this tag whenever it's within range, right?
  • That's a good use case for these.
  • Can you fix the headline? It doesn't make much sense. 
  • The "a" shouldn't be there.  Read it that way and it makes more sense.
  • Will It supports location service like the bigger one?
  • Seems useless
  • I doubt that are that useful. Say you have one on your keys. Your dog takes the keys and puts them somewhere in the house. When your phone picks them up via Bluetooth, does the phone beep? The one with the speaker will, but the other one will do nothing. Will your phone beep quicker the closer you are to the tag? Is it possible to measure proximity based on Bluetooth signal? I do not think so. So you need the one with the speaker. The one without the speaker is just used to stop you forgetting something, so you phone beeps when you move away from your bag.
  • With bt4.0(required to use these) yes proximity could be possible
  • Bluetooth has had proximity/positioning capabilities for a long time. It only became viable for tags like this since BT4.0LE was developed. Of course positioning is only possible if you're within range.
  • If I'm prone to losing my surface pen, do I want to attach the small one cuz its lighter to use or the bigger one so I can hear the buzzer when it goes off while I'm looking
  • I want them!
  • I'll stick with my clap and whistle fob from 1988.
  • If it's $10 or less [i.e. 7eur] then I might give it a try, otherwise it's not worth it for me.  
  • You can get gps tags for that amount on amazon
  • Those Amazon GPS tags are completely different. They don't actively connect. They are simply bar codes which direct you to a web site when you scan them. Only way that would help if somebody else found your keys etc and decided to scan the tag.
  • I really like the idea behind this, but I'm worried of the battery impact of having your bluetooth turned on 24/7
  • I have a L1020, notoriously bad battery life, Bluetooth/WiFi always on, get about 12 hours out of it. Always carry a charger just in case...
    Oh yeah, and that's with a couple of hours of music playing, Facebook, Emails and WPCentral reading too.
  • Exactly. I think that the piece that is lagging behind in today's technology is battery capacity. This is why I'm not an advocate of 1080p displays and the like. But well.
  • let me know when this out WP.  ive never seen the other one come out.
  • I'll put that device on my girlfriend back.... You knew what im thinking
  • No? please expand..
  • Did the original ever went to sale , i havnt seen anyone actually using it or any videos / posts about it?  
  • Will this work to activate the driving mode on Windows phone?
  • Nokia should make it look like stickers
  • Will this tag alert me when it's finally for sale in the US? Will the battery last that long?
  • You can buy it from Verizon
  • The ws-10? No, you can't. And there's no telling with these Nokia accessories if they will ever show up. Still looking for the bh-121.
  • I feel like all these accessories from Nokia are always announced, but are like hidden in Nokia HQ only.
  • Out was almost impossible for me to get the Nokia Luna but finally got like 5 of them for everyone
  • Seems like a slow weekend at WPC.
  • Actually! Though its always been like this.. But these guys too need a break right?!
  • Visit wmpoweruser,they are active on weekends :)
  • Hell neowin's more active then wpc
  • Guys it's already out, you can buy it from Verizon wireless in the U.S. Now I don't know about India, but there is another country that has it on amazon, I guess you can get from there I'm waiting for the mini one
  • Wow what a gimmick
  • Can I use it to track my luggage? Does it actually show where the tag is on a map?
  • Where do we get these? Why show us such things and then make them impossible to purchase!
  •   Bugs  on my NL1020
  • Sorry for hijacking your off topic post, but I was wondering if anybody had a good suggestion for a restaurant to eat at today.
  • Haha. This is definitely out faster than I expected. Figured they'd wait 3 months. Now this id buy
  • Too bad it can't be the size of an NFC tag... Because putting one in my wallet would be more valuable than my phone.... Driving without a license and-or losing your info is worse than losing an easily replaceable phone. Eh. I'm sure they already have it. Make us wait till 2020.
  • And keys... Lol.
  • Wonder if these will work with other wp8 devices with bt4.0?
  • Will it work with the Nokia X? Because I've read that this one works with iOS and Android too.