Nokia updates Accessories app for Lumia Windows Phones, adds support for new car charging stand

Nokia has updated its Accessories system app, which enables compatible Lumia Windows Phones to connect with compatible devices and offer unique functionality. Version is quite the update, implementing numerous new features and functionality that will please those who utilise official hardware from the manufacturer.

So what's new in this latest release?

  • Support for Car-Holder CR-200
  • Additional battery status on Live Tile
  • Renaming of Bluetooth Accessories
  • Centralised adding on startscreen
  • New design refresh

The Car-Holder CR-200 is the official car stand from Nokia that sports NFC and wireless charging (see above photo). It's a cradle that holds the Windows Phone and displays details on-screen, as well as providing handy links to numerous Nokia apps. This update adds support for the accessory.

You can check for Nokia Accessories updates on the Windows Phone Store (only for Lumia Windows Phones). Thanks, zeni, for the update changes!

QR: Nokia Accessories

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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