Nokia updates Audio presets and enhancements for Windows Phone 8 Lumias

Nokia is constantly tweaking their user experience on their Windows Phone 8 lineup and while sometimes we get new features, other times we just get fixes and under the hood changes.

It’s the latter case today with Nokia Audio getting bumped to version and a quick cursory look reveals no new addition to the 19 presets or Dolby features. That doesn’t mean that things haven’t improved of course as speed in launching the Settings or other adjustments to those presets could have certainly occurred.

Anyway, as the kids like to say, less talk, more rock. Grab Nokia Audio enhancements here in the Store. Thanks, Asad H., for the tip!

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  • How come whenever beats audio gets updates we don't get any news haha
  • Because Beats is overrated.  All you need to do is crank up your bass as high as it will go and you have Beats.
  • I agree beats is overrated as I use monster(who makes beats headsets) turbine earphone which I think us way better than anytjing that costs twice as much and it's really balanced in sound quality and boomy bass, but i was talking about beats audio on my 8x which is really not a flop. And no there is no way I can crank up the bass with custom eq because beats audio is really an amplifier rather than doing custom eq. Beats audio increases the bass and volume and yet still manages to maintain stock eq sound quality
  • Every phone has an ampiflier... how else would you get sound out of the phone? The beats in the 8X is just marketing, like it is on the android HTC devices. It's probably just a software eq, but they claim its 'an ampiflier', of course it is an ampiflier! Without it you would not hear shit.
  • they specifically state there is a chip for amplification.
  • How impressive are the 920's Dolby digital musical abilities. The 8X is very impressive with the separate audio amplifier and the HTC Titan always sounded amazing when listen to audio, but how well does the 920 really sound with a decent pair of headphones? Does Dolby really compare to the wizards in the labs of the house that Dr. Dre built?
  • "Wizards in the labs that Dr. Dre built"??? LOLz, Beats Audio is just a custom equalization setting, you can achieve same exact results on ANY device that has adjustable equalizer by simply jacking up the lowest and highest frequencies (while leaving middle at "neutral" level) ;-P
  • Alex, no, it is a chip. It has silicon, its not just software.
  • They're both real good. I prefer Nokia's options more because you have 18 presets for the equalizer and 1 custom--those bars can all be manipulated to adjust the 7-band EQ. Then on top of that you have the Dolby stuff, which you can turn on or off.  Dolby's sound has been described as giving depth/space to the music to which I'd agree. It's nice, plus in addition you get optional Audio Leveling, which is good if your music is coming from various sources.
  • Where is this option of turning on / off dolby?
  • In...the options. But you need something plugged into the headphone output to be able to open it. :)
  • I can tell you the Nokia audio is very rich sounding. With Dolby Digital set to On, it almost sounds like youre in a large empty room (almost a hollow echo effect), but for me, I just use the EQ to give me tunes a  bit more punch in my bass while making the mid and highs a little louder and crisper. The difference is night and day between when my EQ is on  or off.
  • The 920 sounds amazing, I never use EQs, imo if you have to use the EQ, either you speakers/headphones arent any good, or you dont like listening to music how is should sound. I certainly wouldnt use Dolby Mode on headphones, get a decent set of headphones and have the EQ on flat and listen to the music how it was intended. I have only ever listened to one pair of Beats headphones, and they were just overly bassy that wasnt that tight and the rest was not really that clear, wasnt impressed at all £30-40 pair of Sennheiser sound much much better. The fact the 8X has beats was a turn off for me.
    The speaker on the 920 is pretty impressive to, never head a phone speaker this loud without distortion, but I havent had a chance to play with an 8X
  • Yea, my Lumia also sounds amazing without any equalization using my Sennheiser HD-280's... But some kiddies who listen to rap/dubstep on overpriced "trendy brand" headphones (especially the crap from Bose since Bose intentionally lowers low and high frequencies for all their speakers/headphones) might want more "wub wub wub" coming out of their headphones, in this case using manual equalizer or pre-configured "Beats Audio" equalizer settings might help to...well... "improve" the sound ;-)
  • I have a pair of very fancy Focal headphones and the 920's Dolby effect ruins the sound for sure. It is probably intended for headphones and buds of higher trend factor and worse actual sound quality, such as beats.
  • I haven't tried the 8X (but c'mon Wizard at Beats, give me a break) but I find the Dolby implmentation just too distracting away from what the artist wanted you to hear which is why I very rarely use EQs. The EQ on the 920 does help though if you use the bundled in headphones (or just crappy ones I guess) and just tweaked the lows down slightly and mid and highs up.
  • Hmm...your 920 came with earphones? Mine did not.
    As for EQ or not, I tend to have my phone always on the "Treble Boost" setting. I'm not a big fan of heavy bass, and my car's crappy stock speakers do have a tendency to drown out highs when they're not set higher than the bass (such as in that specific setting).
  • I love the audio amplification that the 8X gets via Beats support.  I REALLY REALLY REALLY want Nokia to add an amplifier to their audio settings.  It's depressing when my Surface pushes out about another 40-50% volume out of the box without any ability to tweak the EQ or choose audio decoding when the Lumia 920 has the Dolby and graphic EQ.  I have Klipsch Image S4 headphones for working out and a pair of V-Moda Crossfade LP2's for other ventures.  Neither sound like they're worth the price I paid for them over the phone.  They sound too much like every other headset I plug in :(  Offer an update to address this and I'll be one happy panda.
  • Doesn't the Surface also have larger, more powerful speakers because it's a tablet with a MUCH larger frame? Or are you talking about through the headphone jack (meaning with headphones/external speakers)?
  • Why do people actually think that Beats presets are great?  They are kind of like applying a filter to your no longer sounds like it was intended to sound because you are applying effects to something that was recorded to sound as intended without phony effects added like Beats or WOW.  That stuff makes me laugh.  And Dre laughs all of the way to the bank....I will wager that he doesn't use any of the Beats effects(he might use the headphones though because they are good). 
  • Thanks for the heads up Windowsphone Central! And thanks Nokia for caring about you're customers!;)
  • If Nokia cared about their customers they would have released the L920 with a decent day camera/software, or at least fixed it asap for everyone, not making us in Europe/rest of the world except USA wait till February....its like we owe them something...the phone cost a bit, I think its not much to ask, I dont see why people have to continuously be thanking Nokia...
  • Love it. The previous audio update improved the audio quality on my high end Sony headphones, music sounded fuller and natural.
  • Any chance that this will come to the 900?
  • I just wish you could adjust the settings for bluetooth audio as well as wired headphones.
    HTC allows Beats Audio via bluetooth on Android, not sure about Windows Phone though...
  • That's news to me, I have to try that. I assumed the beats audio did not play via bt because every smartphone I have owned has not.
  • The Lumia does not allow this. I'm not sure if this is some hardware limitation.
    Is there any official documents showing Nokia Lumia 920 is using Bluetooth 4.0 or 3.0... I think that would make a huge difference in BT audio! I know the hardware supports BT 4.0 but we might still be using BT 3.0 if Microsoft hasn't updated it with the last firmware update... Either way I am using the LG Electronics Tone+ HBS-730 Bluetooth Headset and use a Bluetooth adapter in my Ford Edge since I bought it a year before Sync... 
    I would have thought the speakers from Nokia had a bass and treble settings... Am not interested in buying them unless we get some kind of BT audio controls from the phone if there is no way to control it! Sounds sort of stupid to me if there is no way to equalize the tone since many have switched over to BT audio! 
  • Fu**ing OTA updates rock \m/ Screw you ATT
  • I've done OTA updates with AT&T so I'm lost...
  • You have done OTA updates because MS decided to implement that feature, if they wouldn't had and you were on ATT then you would have definitely received this update sometime in 2020
  • On low quality headphones the Dolby setting works wonders! On higher end headphones that Dolby setting is just horrible that's just my opinion..
  • I agree, these Eq settings are for low - mid end earphones, on higher end models, it's better with natural setting. Thing is 8x amplifier is good for every earphones/headphones out there!
  • Yeah my old Hd7 sounded amazing. Honestly, I think it edges out my 920. I can only imagine how the 8x sounds. The 920 is still good but I feel my hd7 gave a more true sound. But again, that's just my opinion.
  • Please make this work over Bluetooth. The bass is super high on my Nokia PowerUp and while I love it my neighbor doesn't. Even radio voices and pumped full of bass.
  • It said it added an audio leveling feature.
  • It was already available before this new update...
  • Ok. I just read the update text. Someone at Nokia must have forgotten to change that line.
  • There has always been an audio leveling option but I always had it turned off because everytime there was a deep bass hit the volume would dip. It was annoying with high end phones. That problem seems to be resolved with new settings app.
  • i NEVER buy any headphones that are backed by a celebrity, especially rappers, why? people want them for status symbols, theyre overpriced and sound like crap, my 2 year old skullcandy Full Metal Jacket earbuds sound better than my cousins beats in ears, and solos.  i recently got a pair of bose AE2's on craigslist and had them replaced under warranty, i must say they are miles better than the skullcandies, except i like the in ears for travel because theyre easy to carry.  long story short, dont get "endorsed" headphones, get a quality brand like bose or even the ones you dont expect (when FMJ's came out they were $70, now you can pick em up on amazon for $25, but they still kick beats butt.)
  • I think the Audio leveling must be fixed because previously it used to reduce the sound of high bitrate mp3's. If someone can test it, that would be awesome :)
  • Completely leveling actually works now
  • well i hope it gets better. i used my good sony studio headphone on my 920 for the 1st time last night and it wasnt good at all. my cheap $20 in ear buds sound way better.
  • I think this recent update adds a shortcut in the Nokia Music app (not sure if this was there all along before this update). When playing a song, tap the three dots there you'll find "audio setting" which opens the equalizer setting
  • I noticed that after the major update just prior to this one re: shortcut in Nokia music
  • Cool, I hope this shortcut will be integrated on the xbox music app as well on the future updates!
  • Me too, however, I think the Audio settings are OEM specific...if all OEMs have the setting available, then I would think it could be easily integrated into Xbox Music app
  • too bad these audio settings only work on wired headsets.wired headsets so 2005.
  • The sound quality of wireless headsets are never as good as the wired ones, no matter how much you spend on one. And they are prone to interferences if you are using them at a crowded area. 
  • So far when listening to Acoustic songs i use default, the audio is pretty good already for the 920, but for pop music i sometimes switch to the preset R&B, it cranks up some bass without muffling off the treble like bass booster does. Im using Sennheiser headphones. 
  • Try the new earpod by apple which come alongwith with iphone 5 or you can buy seperatly, the sound is amazing it is better than monster or beat eearphone, and it is cheaper and best in the market.
  • I'm very happy I chose Nokia as my WP8 manufacture. They are completely committed to the platform.
  • I'm so jealous of the guys who own a Lumia 920 :( Availability for it is scarce :(
  • Hey... Man the equalizer is yet not showing in Lumia 520... Plz fix it....