Nokia updates its Chat beta app, adding offline mode support and performance improvements

Nokia has once again bumped its Chat beta app, available from the Nokia Beta Labs. We last looked at the app, powered by Yahoo! back in September when the company added unknown improvements. Today, Nokia Chat beta has been updated to version 1.3 and we've got a change log with a bunch of enhancements to boot.

So what's new in 1.3? If you're a fan of the beta messaging app, you'll now be able to take full advantage of an offline mode. Require access to conversations while not actively connected to the Internet? This is now possible, along with a cached copy of the contacts list. Should connectivity be re-established while inside the app, simply hit connect and you're good to go.

Next up is improved performance and responsiveness. Loading both the contacts list and conversation threads is now more efficient, as well as scrolling through all screens. Lastly, we have faster startup. Just when you thought the speed improvements were limited to just content screens, Nokia has also made it so you don't have to wait long before hopping back into conversations.

Pinning the app will enable you to have almost immediate access to contacts and past messages. Previously, you had to wait for the app to update everything when waking back up before letting you inside to get warm. Now, everything is updated in the background after a network connection has once again been established, allowing you to started in no time at all.

Overall, a real nice update for the chat app from Nokia. Should you require yet another messaging app to remain in contact with friends and family, you can download Nokia Chat (opens in new tab) version from the Windows Phone Store - note that this is a beta version. Check out more information on the Nokia Beta Labs website.

Source: Nokia Beta Labs

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Is this an old article because my app show 1.3 and it was updated long back. There is no update available now.
  • I hardly seen anyone using this...most of them on Google plus nowadays and does not care about being on Yahoo! and mobile users on WhatsApp....I'm using it from day one but very few contacts in my list.
  • Update shows as 11/23 in the Store for version
  • day 23 , is very old ;\
  • i thought it would be like whatsapp or multi messenger but when i used it i could use only with yahoo account, i gave up 3 months back, anyway hope they improve in their own way.
  • Does it integrate into the people hub?
  • They need to add other chat services to this then it would be rather perfect.
  • I would love to see Google Hangouts integrated into WP, everyone I know uses Google's Chat service now. Microsoft added Google's chat to, why not WP?
  • Sorry to break the news to you, but that's highly unlikely. Google is doing whatever they can to secure their #1 spot in mobile world
  • I really don't know why anyone would use this. If nobody is on the service then what's the point. I would like to see Nokia invest their resources on things that actually matter.
  • Using WhatsApp, viber, wechat, hike, bbm, line, tango, is like using different tv remotes for one tv !!!
  • more like having different TVs tied to different cable boxes with different packages, because it all comes down to whether your social cirlce is on any of these or not
  • Better is buy all in one package, that is it ;) :P no person will put more than one tv in single room !
  • you just got internetted! :P
  • Hahaha Good one ;) hope you are not tired after searching multiple TVs in single room ;) :D
  • how tired I am depends on whether I used bing or google :P
  • I can't even find it on the store...
    Any ideas why???
    I use 1020 and 925. I remember i used to have it, but now not there.