Nokia appears to enjoy tinkering with their Windows Phone 8 customizations, so it seems from the near constant stream of minor System updates that they’ve been delivering lately. We’re okay with that too as it shows they’re looking to make things work their best.

Such is the case with the update to version of Display + Touch, the switch for toggling the Lumia 810/820/822 and 920’s Super Sensitive Touch display. When enabled, the Lumia’s display becomes extra sensitive to physical contact, allowing users the ability to manipulate their device while wearing thin gloves--a first in mobile technology.

What this update changes or fixes is of course unknown as no change log is presented, though presumably something is now “better” than before.

If you haven’t received the update notification via your Store Tile, sit tight as you will in due time. Since there is no hardlink to the update, we cannot provide you a download option. Have an theory on changes? Want to share with others? Hop into our forum discussionThanks, Skynetz, for the tip