Lumia 620

Finnish manufacturer Nokia has scored a victory against HTC today with a British court ruling in its favour over mobile telecoms technology. The judge concluded that HTC had infringed on a European patent held by Nokia - "Modulator structure for a transmitter and a mobile station." Nokia has been in a dispute against HTC in the past, as well as Apple and other tech giants.

With the looming Microsoft acquisition, Nokia will retain its patents to continue its campaign against the competition. A company spokesperson stated that Nokia will now look to seek an injunction against the import and sale of infringing HTC products in the UK, as well as some financial compensation. HTC will be appealing against the court's ruling.

The patent covered today is a modulator, which is used by mobile phones to transmit data. While the HTC hardware were not named in the report, it's interesting to see Nokia continue battling companies in court with its array of patents. 

Source: Yahoo!; thanks, EvoLuTioNHeaVy , for the tip!