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Nokia World 2013 Live Blog

The event begins 11 AM Abu Dhabi time, or 3 AM ET/12AM PT on October 22nd. Learn your local time here.

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Uh you mean Microsoft.
  • No not Microsoft, people respect Nokia because its supported the people in hard times with affordable phones.
    Nokia is for the people. I love Nokia and everything it stands for.
    I salute you Nokia :)
  • 4FS
  • Exactly
    looking at my first love the 8210 made in finland :)
  • I still got hopes the deal won't go through.. Just a feeling I have it shouldn't. Go buy blackberry instead Microsoft! sorry guys..
  • Can't wait hear about the new products.
  • Sorry, guys, CNET had theirs up first, so I have to watch them ;p
  • Why? They won't have anything good to say.
  • always good to hear different voices and laugh at the nonsense ones. "I can't post to instagram"
  • Watch here instead... this is OUR community. iCnet doesn't even share our passion for Nokia and Windows Phones.
  • Indeed.
  • Thought it was tomorrow?
  • Depending on your time zone, it could be today
  • So basically, its now? Video stream?
  • It's 11.40pm there I think
  • Nope but it is in California ;)
  • Check phone arena where there is a countdown clock...
  • Any word on what the Nokia 1320 is? Another evleaks showed a picture of it. Ah well, guess I'll know soon enough.
  • Big Screen, low specs
  • 1520-big screen great specs
  • So excited! Hope more than the 1520 come to AT&T, like the 1320.
  • The countdown has begun
  • I think there's still more than 11 Hrs to go..!!
  • More like 12m.
  • Is anything confirmed to be coming to Verizon?
  • Anything for T-Mobile?
  • Nokia needs to give T-Mobile something good. Tmo has all the high end phones from Samsung, HTC, LG, Apple. Even the new Sony xperia Z1 is coming. The only thing missing is a high end W8phone with decent memory.
  • I agree I hound them on twitter...
  • 929 I believe for Verizon. Not confirmed but you will soon find out.
  • Damn you schoooool ;(
  • Hi There Nokians, Windows Phoners and the WPC team
    I am absolutely throbbing with envy Daniel!! I would give a kidney to be there in Abu Dabi tomorrow :(
    Anyhow. I want to ask if someone can PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEZZZ Record the entire live stream of the event in decent quality and upload it to youtube! I wont be able to watch it myself and I am so pist off because of that :(
    So can one of you awesome people capture the live stream and upload it to youtube so I can watch the magic later on???
    I would really apreciate it guys
  • Its a live blog not live stream. There's no video just words and pictures.
  • wohooo thanks for countdown time
    now I can set alarm for this event :)
  • Actually I decided to stay awake until the end of the event then go to sleep!
    Sent from HP Envy x2
  • It's 2 PM - Vietnamese time! :D
  • Yeb, and a lot of people will miss this event because they are working
  • it starts midnightin california.  FOR ONCE I DONT HAVE TO SLEEP AND WAIT FOR this kind of event!!! Fuck that will give Apple couple hours to arm themselves for a fight back.
  • Sacramento checking in. Let's start this party!!!
  • I thought you would be up and running early. 
  • Hope there is something new coming to T-Mobile so I can use JUMP in six months!!!
  • Its 12:30 in India
  • Thanx bro..
  • Thanks!
  • Whats the time India??? Gmt+5:30
  • 12.30
  • GMT +4:30 considering its summer clocks.
  • Looks like it will be about 2 hours on the Nokia site. I have them both open.
  • Wish it starts now.
  • Less than a hour to go.
  • 8am in the UK, im on my way to work during that time. Shame i can't get the live stream of the event, I'll have to make do with the live blog.
  • This song... so chill.
    Final conference go!
  • Ready for tha show
  • how's the weather there?
  • 3o mins to go.... Bring it!¡!
  • Around 30 minutes to go....
  • Im staying up just for this. Thanks guys!
  • "So who wants to guess what is going to be announced? Hint: we know" Hahaha :D
  • Stream the event straight to your WP
  • That laptop in the picture is a question mark. 
  • 13mins 2 gO
  • 10 more minutes!
  • I'm so regretting buying Lumia 1020, 2 weeks ago!! Whyyyy
  • 6 Phones with 6 minutes to go...yay
    I'm watching now go ahead and START THE SHOW!
  • Why the hell time is slowing down!!!! Its just 3 more mins...
  • sound not coming in the video.
  • nope no sound
  • No video/audio? Whats going on???
  • Live stream links ?
  • Weird that they are pushing Asha still. I guess they have to continue business as usual till 2014, even it if means trotting out a soon to be dead platform.Asha will probably be swallowed into the low cost Lumia line
  • They should continue with asha line. Some ppl may not require a smartphone all the time. I would definitlely like a asha as my backup phone
  • 1520!!!!!!
  • On phone arena there is a countdown clock..
  • Having to watch the  webcast on my desktop.yphone and tabletare not stable
  • No news about Lumia Black?? 
  • THANKYOU! Thankyou thankyou so much Dan, I love you <3
    You uploaded the video on not youtube so that I in Pakistan could watch this ;)
    Converted a dozen people around to the platform and after this event, things are looking promissing :D