Nokia x Burton Windows Phone case

One of the cooler things we’ve seen here at Mobile World congress is this nifty Nokia X Burton snuggly case for your Lumia (truth be told, you can jam any phone in there).

First pillows for your phone and now a sleeping bag, you ask? What’s going on here? Well, this isn’t a gimmick as evidently putting your phone in the really, really cold (we’re talking below 0) is bad for the battery. Using this case when camping, snowboarding or ice fishing will prolong your battery up to 50% longer, which last we checked is a good idea.

Originally announced back in November, the collaboration between Burton and Nokia seems to be a solid one, resulting in one of the cooler accessories (forgive the pun, we’re tired):

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“The Nokia X Burton Insulator cases feature a cozy soft-fur lining and 3M™Thinsulate™ for maximum cold weather protection. They also have a leash allowing you to attach the case, and your phone, securely to your jacket.

As well as having a serious functionality, the cases look the part too. They have been designed to match and complement Burton’s stylish 2012/13 collection.”

We’re sure that’s something that snowboarder Roope Tonteri may be interested in. Stay tuned for our Burton app for Windows Phone...