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Quick tour of the Nokia X Burton insulator case for your Windows Phone

One of the cooler things we’ve seen here at Mobile World congress is this nifty Nokia X Burton snuggly case for your Lumia (truth be told, you can jam any phone in there).

First pillows for your phone and now a sleeping bag, you ask? What’s going on here? Well, this isn’t a gimmick as evidently putting your phone in the really, really cold (we’re talking below 0) is bad for the battery. Using this case when camping, snowboarding or ice fishing will prolong your battery up to 50% longer, which last we checked is a good idea.

Originally announced back in November, the collaboration between Burton and Nokia seems to be a solid one, resulting in one of the cooler accessories (forgive the pun, we’re tired):

“The Nokia X Burton Insulator cases feature a cozy soft-fur lining and 3M™Thinsulate™ for maximum cold weather protection. They also have a leash allowing you to attach the case, and your phone, securely to your jacket.

As well as having a serious functionality, the cases look the part too. They have been designed to match and complement Burton’s stylish 2012/13 collection.”

We’re sure that’s something that snowboarder Roope Tonteri may be interested in. Stay tuned for our Burton app for Windows Phone...

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • I took my phone to -25*c up a mountain in January. The Lumia 820 survived. It had ice hanging onto it but survived. It works absolutely fine and...well battery seems fine.
  • I also used the camera up the mountain at -15*c (after minus 15 I decided to keep phone hidden from direct exposure to wind and ice) However camera functioned well at -15*c shame my fingers didn't.
  • I can vouch for the 820's cold performance. Took it to Les Arcs in December and it got some epic shots.
    Even my Mozart was great when living last winter in Kitzbühel. Didn't see any difference in performance over the UK, Austria or the subsequent summer it did in Greece.
  • whats the cost!!! lol.. also hard to see in the video but what colors are there?
  • When's the release? And where?
  • Do you think it would fit my 920 with the Brando power jacket on?
  • er, you need a heat source (like your own body) to let any insulated stuff make sense as a protection against cold ;-)
    Such a bag doesn't make any sense to me as long as the phone doesn't produce heat in standby @_@
  • I'm pretty sure the phone insulated from the colder temperatures outside not hitting the metal parts directly would have a positive impact on temperature.  I mean, if we had a thermometer inside the Burton bag and one on the outside, you don't think the one on the outside would be colder? The whole concept of "shelter" is to keep you warmer from the elements I thought...(I'm also pretty sure cell phones being electronic generate heat).
  • All electronics generate heat if they don't generate light or sound, so even on standby there will be some heat there. The purpose of insulation is as much to stop the cold getting inside as to stop said heat leaving the device. 
  • I know that, I just cannot imagine that this minimal amount of temperature makes any difference.
  • Good for when I'm skiing. :)
  • I need this so bad.
  • Took my Burton X Nokia case with me skiing last week, worked a treat, the battery didn't run down hardly at all and easily lasted me the day.. That was with making calls, texts, emails, photo's & videos! =)
  • Hello Daniel, I'd like to ask if this case will handle a Nokia XL size - I can't find the exact size of this pouch anywhere. Hopefully, you could help :-) Thanks in advance!