Nokia X family of Android hardware to launch in India this coming Monday

Nokia is keeping its promise of ‘coming soon’ at the time of announcing both the Nokia X and Nokia X+ at Mobile World Congress 2014 last month. India, an emerging smartphone market, is one of the primary markets for the Nokia X series.

A press invite to "Xperience a new beginning" has been fired out today, marking March 10, 2014 as the launch of Nokia X in India.

Nokia X in India

Nokia X was announced with a price of 89 euros, while the Nokia X+ is priced at 99 euros. Let’s see if the pricing in India is reasonable and competitive, and where it stands compared to the Nokia Lumia 520, Nokia’s budget Windows Phone.

The Windows Phone Central crew will be at the press conference to bring in details about the availability, pricing, and other specifics to you. Stay tuned!

Abhishek Baxi
  • Lord get ready for a bunch of articles on this lmao I can't wait to see the benefit this has for windows phone over the next year or two that wpcentral keeps mentioning...he said sarcastically. That being said, the look of these phones are growing on me even if I think they are dumb. Interesting note, Nokia has never released a windows phone this fast before have they?
  • Magical MS services, always remember. :)
  • Ah you're right. Keep forgetting that part :P
  • Magical MS services that you can't get elsewhere :p
  • You guys wanted this to be NokiaCentral, here you go.
  • I didn't want Nokia central lol I wanted windows phone central.
  • Interesting!   Nokia fanboys VS Windows phone fanboys FIGHT!
  • ^hahahahaha
    What about MS diehards?
  • This is going to eat the Lumia 520 for breakfast, at least here in Pakistan and India.
  • Agreed.
  • I have a 520 & I am not interested in Nokia X . Those who love windows will keep on Lumias .
  • This isn't for you. This is about those who don't have smartphones and will be buying an android phone that is supposed to be a "feeder" for windows phone.
  • Unfortunately, people who haven't experienced wp8 (like my friends) would love jumping to nokia X because its android. Windows is regarded as a taboo among the people i know, reason being apps, and not being able to download them for free (no student owns a credit card obviously)
  • U live among fucktards.
  • No he lives among students. It's difficult in developing nations to obtain a credit card. Until Windows store accepts debit cards they should resign themselves to students owning androids. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • But but windows phone accept debit cards, I only use my debit card for purchase(its MasterCard from PNB) in India.
  • I live in South Africa. Accepts only credit cards here. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I too use my Debit card (ICICI Bank Visa card) to buy apps. Mastercard didn't work for me
  • Funny my Visa of another bank did not work.
  • +1
    I use PNB ATM+Debit card on my WP7 device since August 2012.
  • But I also understand the benefits of operator billing that Nokia will bring to Nokia X, wonder when Microsoft will implement this strong operator billng Nokia has in developing markets for their Windows Store.
  • think twice before commenting asshole..
  • So all Android apps are free?
  • Students tend to illegally download apks and other media in developing countries. Yes, some apps are free on Android. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Not all but just take Gameloft as an example. Have you ever got Modern Combat 4 for free on WP? Nop. But on Android they have. Not to mention other games that either launch for free on Android and paid on WP ot launch as paid on Android but by the time they come to WP, they've already gone free on Android. It's a problem for WP worldwide though. Android tens to get a lot of Apps for free while WP doesn't.
  • Um, not sure if you saw the hardware of this phone - good luck running android, let alone a graphically intense game like MC4.  The phone will stutter so bad, it is android after all.  If your in India - dont buy this thing, get a Lumia instead, much better user experience.
  • I'm European. And I'm buying this phone to tinker with it (remove that awful UI, mess with it etc) just for fun. I already have 4 Nokia Lumias, but thanks for your recommendation =P However, my comment had absolutely nothing to do with the Nokia X specifically. Since it was an answer to a comment that reads "So all Android apps are free?" I was obviously addressing the fact that Android does get a lot more free apps than WP does. Just that.
  • Yes, Androids has more apps no one can deny that, I remember trying to recommend windows phone to my friend but he was too addicted to clash of clans,that he was shocked to learn it hasn't made it to WP yet(??will it make to WP). How hard we may cry hoarse that WP apps have improved but the fact remains,its still ages below Android and iOS. For example me being a medico,my main grouse is there is no good medical app and I have asked both Epocrates and Medscape if they are releasing a WP version thru email both of them said they did not have any plans. Its sad but its true and I really understand why Nokia is releasing this phone to try to overcome WP lack of apps and also stop Nokia faithful's who are upgrading from feature phones to go the Android way. Just hope it works out and also really hope Windows Phone growth will accelerate.
  • It's painful that medscape don't even have Windows phone in mind and my verdict is"it's their loss, not mine". I tend not to worry much about not having medscape on my WP8 device and make do with great alternatives like iSilo, at least for the time being and the fact that the same iSilo document works for both the mobile and PC app, heck it even works fine on my Symbian belle device. So I spit on medscape and epocrates.
  • no not free in lagdroid
  • Manta79 - Have you found another version of Android called "lagdroid" or are you calling old Android phones laggy. I have a two year old HTC One which isn't laggy.  Anyone who buys any of the Android 4.2 and up shouldn't have any lag.  Go take a looke at a Nexus 5. It screems and all for $350 off contract.
  • Not here in Italy, Lumia will Always shine. Android is just too crap for us.
  • These are the most recent figures I could find, but I wouldn't be too sure about that.
  • Wow! You call this latest? Its almost q2 "2014" now...
  • You think it's likely windows phone has jumped 60% in market share during the past year?  Admittedly I didn't look very hard, since those results seemed recent enough to make the point. Since there's interest though, here's more recent numbers from our own wpcentral. Improvement, but certainly nowhere close to the top.
  • Why,Nokia? Why?
  • Isnt it Microsoft's choice? I suspect they will keep WP for high end and business and tap into Android for mass consumer market while making money there on the quality MS services that we all now. Sounds like a solid plan.
  • Anyone buying this phone won't consume microsofts paying services though.
  • I saw it has Onedrive, Here Maps, Mixradio, ... most are free - to a certain point. I like the idea of fighting Google at its own ground. It sure is interesting to follow this story. I'll stick to WP and i hope we wont be left in the cold in the future as i dont wanna switch ecosystems every 2 years :)
  • Except, this isn't "fighting Google at it's own ground"! This is Nokia trying to make a few $$$s. It has nothing to do with Microsoft or an evil agenda to infiltrate the Android world. Anyone interested in Android most likely will also wants their Google services. Hell, that's #1 reason why so many people don't want to give Windows Phone a second look! "There is no Google Maps!" - "There is no offizial YouTube app!" - "Can't use Google account as main account on my Windows phone!" - "I don't like Bing!" ... Sounds familiar? People also seem to forget that this phone is mainly targeted at emerging markets!
  • I'm even glad it has here drive. That's one solid app I've always imagined running on an android OS. I love here maps. I just wish Nokia will re-introduce the "OWN VOICE" app that allows you to record a customized voice to be used as navigation within the map app - such strategy would boost windows phone rating. I loved it on Symbian.
  • Great. Android will bring back nokia to the top and Lumia will rise by the time goes by. Great great greaaaattt
  • ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆ this dude is high
  • High, what? Lol
  • This phone is not for people seeking to later upgrade to a flagship phone. Those that do upgrade will be avoiding Nokia/Microsoft because of the subpar experience of "forked" Android. They might run straight to Samsung. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • The absurdity of a Windows Phone site announcing they are attending an android phone launch. Makes more sense to rebrand the site just Phone central as the focus clearly is not Windows Phone.
  • Those Microsoft services. I still think this type of article has more of an audience on android central than here but ehhh, I'm sure Monday won't be anything of use to us so no need to open the app lol I do think a name change is in order because Daniel and team clearly don't talk about windows phone news only
  • Well, but they do talk about Microsoft stuff. I dont own an Xbox one, but still i find it okay to talk about all that. What's the harm ? :-P
  • Agree with you. I do not own Xbox one too but really love to read articles about Xbox one news, game especially.
  • Totally agree...I will eventually buy an Xbox One so I enjoy reading about the system updates and game reviews...Hoping for a limited edition paintjob on the system for the Halo 5 release!
  • You can stop being sarcastic, i hate hate hate android, don't even bother about new android phones, and am yet excited about this, reason being that it has implications on windows phone. It does deserve an article at WPC.
  • Android was originally and still not designed with safety in mind.
  • And.. That's like a car company saying they bult a car for speed in mind instead of ..... take your pick.  Fact remains that if you have a new Android phone and you install apps from only the Android Play Store you won't have any issues / viruses.  Android was designed to be an open platform that can run a multitude of things. That is what it was designed for.  Being the most popular OS in the world and open allowing sideloading is why people make apps to target it.  Don't turn off the security stopping you from sideloading and you'll be fine.  If you jail brake an iPhone you are doing the same as sideloading apps. That is where the danager is.  
  • These are the devices in the Microsoft's 'devices & services' game.
  • Nokia X is not Microsoft product. It is Nokia product. Nokia is not Microsoft.
  • Agree! This article is even categorized as "Windows Phone News"... really? It sure seemed to be all about a Nokia Android phone. I also agree with some of the commenters that it's time for WPC to rebrand; sometimes this place is Microsoft Corporate News Central, sometimes it's Nokia Central, sometimes it's Xbox Central, sometimes it's Windows 8 Central, and sometimes it's still Windows Phone Central. I understand wanting to cover W8 and Xbox and MS News as that can be related to WP and could interest some WP users, but to say this is Windows Phone Central just isn't true because they cover so much other stuff. I think they'd reach a wider audience with a new name if they truely aim to cover more than just Windows Phone. That all said; this phone is not a Windows Phone even if it has some Microsoft services on it. For all intents and purposes, it's an Android phone. Let Android Central cover the Nokia X.
  • I understanding posting about rumors and subsequent announcement about the Nokia x but repeatedly putting up articles doesn't seem needed. Pretty sure nobody here comes to this site for this information. Just throwing that out there. But I guess statistics tell better
  • Supposedly their second most active country I believe is India. Which still doesn't make sense fully because the Indian visitors likely are coming here for windows phone news not android news. But I agree there really is no need for all the subsequent articles that they have done since mwc but as Daniel said "his site, he posts what he wants" Also it is guaranteed traffic and clicks for them since these articles and the whole concept of the phones bothers many users, they may as well use it to their advantage :P
  • Just a thought... could it not also be very smart to publish Nokia X related news on WPC instead of AC? Could that not be the best way to get people who purchase such a device more interested in WP? Sounds more likely to me than the other ideas I've read...
  • By that logic, put all Android phone news here too. Will make people aware of WP.
  • I think you threw logic out the window with that statement. Nokia continues to position Lumias as their higher end offerings, so finding a way to remind Nokia X owners of that fact could be beneficial. Furthermore Nokia X and WP share many of the same services, and finally, people who own a Nokia X likely also place value in the Nokia brand. These are things the Nokia X has in common with Lumias. None of this is true for your generic Android device. If there is a subset of Android users you'd want to constantly pitch a WP to, Nokia X owners would be it. IF WPC can help do that, it's worth a try.
  • You should expect to always get negative reviews and bashing of the Nokia X at AC irrespective of the fact that it runs a forked android, so WPC will be about the only place you get to visit to get unbiased views of the Nokia X series.
  • true. Its all about money. They will post what gets them the most page visits, comments etc. Its a business, not a charity. However, the site shouldn't be called windows phone central if its going to post android news. Or, name the site Microsoft central, because supposedly this phone is going to promote Microsoft services and not google, though its already been hacked and can load google play apps. Oh the horror that is this phone...
  • And what does AC promote, Microsoft or Apple? AC in the real sense promote Google, so WPC could as well promote Microsoft thru promoting Microsoft linked services and hardwares and that includes RT devices, Samsung Windows phone devices, Nokia forked-android-Microsoft-linked OS, heck even Apple wiPhone (Apple Windows phone) when that eventually becomes a reality.
  • Lets face it. There is a lot more news for AC to work with then here.  If they aren't covering all things MS then these pages are going to updated a few days a week instead of daily which is what pays for everyones salery. Android is on so many phones that AC in one day gets the news that this site gets in a week.  Cut this site down to ONLY Windows Phone News and that leaves so little news that coming here once a week would be fine.  Sites like this need people to come daily.
  • But if the phone is part of a bigger plan to help boost Microsoft and in turn eventually lead to people switching over to Lumias (othe wp8 phones are available...somewhere, lol), then it is 100% relevent no?
  • Cut it out talk about icon in India
  • point exactly
  • They can't talk about something that doesn't and won't happen...
    When the 930 is announced or leaked, they'll talk about it. In India and everywhere else on the planet ;)
  • Yay :/
  • Is this Nokia X handset made in india or china ?
  • Welcome Nokia X in India 
  • Isn't this supposed to be on Android central?
  • I think so
  • Funnily enough, it is already posted there - and has just 6 comments. :P Not sure why they're leaving WPC to cover the story though rather than themselves...
  • This is on Android Central too ;)
  • Should have been an 8.1 device
  • Just the start of a quick death to windows phone. Now mms has to compete with its own phone division
  • This totally belongs here. Nokia X started off as Nokia's fallback plan but is essentially a Microsoft play now. And not even Microsoft expects the X to take on Android head to head since its not really cheap enough. The X is really to buy time for them to get the apps up to speed since Windows Phone has been losing momentum recently in Asia.
  • Except for the fact that Microsoft has nothing to do with this phone!
  • They didn't at first but now they are just as heavily involved in the strategy and promotion of this phone as Nokia are, for obvious reasons. Its forked Android with a tile interface, do you really think Microsoft had nothing to do with it?
  • The horror! And seriously, please stop posting android news here. You can try to portray it as Microsoft services, but it's just wolf in a sheep's clothing. Its android on the inside.
    I hope this is killed ASAP.
  • What are you going to do when it outsells Windows Phone?
  • To be honest, I wanted to read this news, but not on WPCentral, this story belonged on Android Central,  where I think any other news and reviews of this line of Nokia phones should be published. I know there is a tangential relation to WP, but I don't think is big enough to warrant coverage on this site. A glance or analysis maybe, but certanly not product launches or reviews. EDIT: By the way, I'm not criticizing the quality of the article itself, which was just fine, just thinking out loud that perhaps it was posted on the "wrong" site, so to speak.
  • Bitch please talk about the Lumia Icon !
  • If this sells likes hotcakes in India. It will be a profit to microsoft and loss to google as it is forked Android. But this thing will increase the goodwill of the name android among the ppl with nokia android combination. Will this impact the goodwill of Windows phone later. Im just talking about the goodwill only.
  • Nokia...... Welcome back to India.....:)
  • Now the folks at Android Central will start seeing the iconic WP start screen and its Metro design language. Let's see the conversion rate in the next months. That may be a good indicator whether Microkia is having a success with this strategy.
  • Can't wait to catch this one
  • More faster more smoother than other Android handsets
  • XXL+
  • Screw android and google. I hope this phone will be axed next year
  • Hope its axed as soon as the MS -Nokia deal is complete.
  • Not interested
  • I agree with some here, this is WPCentral, why put android crap phone here? You have AndroidCentral for that. It isn't MSCentral either, why not start a group for that if you want to go there?
  • I suppose it depends on perspective. There are many. I had a long analogy started about a garden where we're just a small piece of a big ecosystem that still largely influences our destiny.
    Here's how I see it: Mobile Nations is divided by platform Some nations (Android) are much bigger so the smaller nations can't do very much to affect them so they're not concerned. Our little-but-steadily-growing nation is very influenced by our larger neighbors and allies; some of those aren't even mobile (e.g. Xbox)! Many citizens don't care--nor should they have to--but for some of us developers, evangelists and enthusiasts it's helpful and appreciated to have these international concerns chronicled from a Windows-Phonian perspective.
    Hmm, still a bit long. But I think that's why we have so much "international" news here on WPC.
  • Come on dude, when will we have Nokia Lumia Icon available in India???
  • Shouldn't you ask Nokia rather than WPC?
  • One word: never. The 929/Icon is a Verizon exclusive. End of story. You'll get the 930 (which will be very similar in terms of specs) when everyone else gets it ;)
  • Nokia x family is launching with bbm but still there is no bbm for Lumia phones.
  • Seems Faster!
  • I just had a look on android Central and they are loads of posts regarding a Sony Windows Phone!!!!!.......................not
  • Ohh this seemed to be quite Fast by Nokia :P
  • They need to sell it by this month before it gets transfered to MS ithink.
  • Well I'm not going to get it anyway... But some of my work mates thinking about that... They have no idea about forked version... After I'd explained them, their only question is, "can we transfer the play store apps at least over flash transfer?"
  • Why the hell can't Nokia launch Windows Phones this fast...
  • They look like luminas with an ugly android skin version. And holy cow what a huge bezel on the bottom of the phone. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • They should make the pjhone ugly enough so that pple will use it and upgrade to expensive windows phone.s.
  • Seems faster
  • Nokia is a traitor!
  • Right, You expect them to build a phone just for a few thousands of pple. Thats why they are selling their device services. If they had gone Andriod and windows phone, they would have been number 2 if not number 1.
  • Frankly speaking I being a Nokia fan, am interested in how this phone will do and am hoping this will be priced right(Nokia pls don't put a high price and then reduce it in a month). But, to actually read about this in Windows Central is kind of odd. For me I would like to read it but the core users of this site,..umm. If its about Microsoft services then isn't it available in Android and iOS also, are we covering news for those too?
  • When is this coming to nigeria .. I can't wait to see the faces on the cheap ass android makers like techno Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Really, they made mention of mobile phones emerging countries and I'll comfortably assume Nigeria to be second to India, the difference accounted for mainly by India population that dwarfs Nigeria's. If Nokia wants to be reasonable, Nigeria should be Nokia X's next launch venue.
  • Why is this posted here, it's not a WP8 product or Windows anything
  • am buy new Nokia XL
  • me too
  • The sad truth is that this phone will have more apps available than Lumia 520 :(
  • I hope it sales well because I have so stock in Nokia and would love for it to shoot up! Lol!
  • I hope wp 8.1 will change things in second half of 2014 for wp. Not very positive about forked android or the nokia x in general.
  • I saw the headline and wondered why news regarding an android phone would be posted here.  I just assumed that there would be something windows phone related in the article itself, but there was nothing. Of course, its cool for the people that put up articles here to talk about whatever they want, but this is the first time I can remember seeing an android focused article showing up. Guess its a sign of the times. I get the impression that the idea here is that those that contribute to this site are very committed to the idea that this android phone is very much tied to wp and therefore is connected, but that's hard to see.  I guess the fact that the skin used over android has some design cues from WP, but that is about it.  Its not like its offering custom app experiences from MS that are not already on iOS and android in general.  Not to say the Nokia X line is bad or that no one wants it, clearly that is not true, but I'm pretty sure most of those people dont have much interest in WP either outside of the very small group of users that own and like wp, but will buy one just to mess around with.   
  • It is because they let contributors add poor quality articles.
  • Folks its folked version of android no google play feel happy...its a trick by nokia to bring people to windows..wait and watch
  • Next is nokia releasing an ios 8 folked version...
  • Wpcentral can talk about anything they want. Daniel Rubino is the editor and chief of this site not yall. Sheesh.
  • I like windows and only windows phone.
    I have lumia 525 & I'm fully satisfied with this..
  • Windows Phone central crew? More like one guy with heavy myopia