Nokia: "By the end of the year, there'll be very few, if any key applications that aren't in the development pipeline or published"

Engadget took time out to sit down with Bryan Biniak, VP and General Manager of Global Partner and App Development at Nokia, to ask about app development on Windows Phone. Since today was also the UK launch of JobLens, as well as a new partnership with Entrepreneur First to help fuel mobile innovation in young minds seeking to start new businesses.

Biniak explained how the Windows Phone ecosystem is growing quickly and most-wanted apps are more the question of "when?" and not "if only."

"We're not having a single conversation with anybody, of any material application that's out there, that isn't going to be coming to the platform. It's not a matter of if -- I had those conversations, the "if" conversations, before -- all of our conversations now are "when." It's maturing, and it's time to come in. By the end of the year, there'll be very few, if any key applications that aren't in the development pipeline... or published."

While there are gaps in the catalogue of apps for Windows Phone, developers who support the platform have shown consumers that just because an app isn't official, doesn't mean it's not worth the time checking out. A perfect example of this would be 6Sec by Rudy Huyn, an unofficial Vine app. That said, it's always good to have the backing of larger brands. 

Biniak also touched on Google, who has displayed a lack of will to support Microsoft's mobile platform, ignoring its own consumers who utilise Google products and own a Windows Phone. "They are doing themselves a disservice by not being on every screen," explains Biniak. "That will get resolved over time, but as consumer demand builds, they're not going to have an option."

Microsoft and Nokia have managed to secure partnerships and deals for Windows Phone that have introduced unique experiences for consumers. The Windows Phone Store will continue to grow with official and popular apps arriving, which are already available on other platforms. Many companies and developers are already looking at Windows Phone as yet another screen to get their work published on. As Biniak rightfully stated, it's simply a matter of when?

Source: Engadgetthanks, cyber_k9, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Now. Follow through.
  • They will , no company offers the support that Nokia offers, I will ride with Nokia till the end .
  • Agree, totally. Love Nokia and my 920. I just get frustrated with MS stumbling along and making mistakes along the way. I hope Nokia keeps up their push to be the best and take it to the house.
  • MSFT made the OS and forgot whereas Nokia alone is taking care of all the consumer needs and Nokia pushes out more apps, updates, features, etc than MSFT or any other WP manufacturer.
  • MS didn't forget anything, what most of you here are forgetting is that Nokia is doing exactly what MS is funding and paying them to do; make good devices, bring features and apps aboard. This is why the surface phone by MS may never happen, because its a plan b thing if Nokia would fail and thus far they're doing an excellent job. Don't forget that MS is give Nokia millions of dollars to do what their doing and this is why Joe B is at the Nokia campus on a regular basis
  • Yes. I chuckle when I hear people say "It's all Nokia". No, Mictosoft has been very successful by standing in the shadows over the years and funneling money to its partners and subsidizing development so that those partners can post losses on one side while remaining profitable of the other. Long-term strategy always wins out in the end. ;-)
    Actually at this point, Nokia is paying MSFT more in licensing than they receive.
      Also 250mio/quarter is peanuts really where Nokia single handedly has put WP on the map. Nokia is worth MUCH more to MSFT then what the are paid for and this will come to hunt MSFT when the current agreement is up. Nokia will demand, and get, much more and not only financially. At this time no Nokia == no WP
  • Spot on.
  • Agreed!
  • 1. Yes MSFT is funding Nokia but as per the Deal and MSFT is not at all ordering/paying Nokia to Interfere in Nokia's Business. Else all those goodie Apps & games wouldn't have been Nokia's "Lumia Exclusive", then all other OEMs like: HTC, Samsung,etc would've enjoyed those goodies. 2. MSFT Surface Phone pls atleast let them push proper updates for WP8 OS then ask them for a Surface Phone. 3. They on purpose dont want Nokia to survive thus not pushing proper & timely updates. So as soon as either one of Nokia or HTC fails they can Buy the either one of the OEM and make their own phones. That's the reason Nokia's VP Bursted Out on MSFT, HTC is concentrating more on Android Devices and Samsung hardly tries, Huawei is on Android and doesn't care much. 4. Joe B is comes to Nokia Campus or is called over there we dont  know that much but truth is Point 4 above. 5. And those Great design of Nokia doesnt come from MSFT like you said. MSFT is trying to hunt down Nokia or HTC for now.
  • I don't believe it's MS stumbling. They and Nokia are executing very well, it's just that Apple and Google are totally kicking ass and haven't made a single misstep yet.
    That said, if MS can get Instagram and Square on the platform, it'll probably take off faster.
  • I'm with you on that Nokia till I'm dead lol
  • Entirely agree with you. Nokia just ROCKS and will revive entirely even with Windows phone that people thought it is not going to work. People are fed up of the Android with too much options and anarchy.
  • simply not true. how are options a bad thing? windows phone, might be ok but you can't even change a wallpaper. and what anarchy are you talking about? I suggest you use a nexus or an HTC one and then be honest. and you can also just ignore the options you don't need. Microsoft needs to do something about stuff like that wallpaper thing imo. Never settle for less. Microsoft is a company like this, the minute you stop pressuring them or asking for more they become lazy and stagnant. if you don't agree with me on this one you are just being a blind fanboy. remember the windows mobile days
  • OHMIGOD! Can't change the wallpaper!  The horror of it all!  Maybe, that's because WP has moved past icons and all that vacant screen real estate that we might as well fill with something we want to see. No need with tiles.
    I think "Anarchy" perfectly describes Android.  Like open source Linux, I've tried both and find the lack of cohesion problematic.  Everyone is off doing their own thing, and often things don't work.  OTOH, look at Apple - who I love to hate, in general.  You gotta hand it to them. They control the show, hardware, software, apps.  And everyone loves how everything works all of the time.  WP is  close to that.  In fact, perhaps better because the two principles, MS and Nokia probably do well bouncing concepts off of each other. 
    I've used sevferal Nokia dumb phones, their S80 and S60 non-touchscreen smart phones, their s^3 Symbian touchscreen platform, some Androids, and my WP.  It is by far the most well thought out platform. 
  • He has a point.  A lot of people find the home screen downright ugly, and lets be honest a little more costumization wouldn't hurt anyone.
  • Gee, sure wish I had a clutch pedal to go with my new automatic transmission!
    AFAICS, wallpaper and tiles are incompatible.  Heck, I sometimes miss the wallpaper of my well-boobied gf, but then that's not the real thing, either. 
    Of, course, one could always go back to icons and Androids.
  • Troll
  • +100
  • I agree, I have been with windows phone and love my windows phone, but I have to say I really want more options. I would love to have transparent tiles, different background colors, just more options period. Face it, people dont like to feel restricted and I know personally I feel that way with my phone alot of the time.
  • use skinery pro in windows store
  • People are fed up of the Android with too much options and anarchy??
    Typical jerk. go to school 
  • +920 +1020
  • +1
  • Totally agree with you that's why I love Nokia.loving my Lumia925
  • We don't need apps. We need OS updates with features the competitors' already have.
  • And also apps.
  • I need the following apps:
    Dropbox, Pocket, Feedly, Gmail, Google Drive, and a few others. 
    While updates are great, don't underestimate the importance of apps.
  • In not sure about the others be we have dropbox, its on my phone now.
  • Gmail support is built in, you aren't fucking getting Google drive so get over it.  You need to get off those privacy invading google services.
  • +925 Google and keep thier  privacy invading services off of my Winows Phone
  • Who pissed in your coffee? "Gmail support is built in, " It's also built in on iOS. Doesn't stop the Gmail app from being superior in everyway. "you aren't fucking getting Google drive so get over it. " Why? Do you not think Windows Phone will grow enough for google to realize they have to support it? " You need to get off those privacy invading google services." I hate to break it to you, but Microsoft isn't a saint when it comes to privacy. Infact, google goes further to protect user privacy by defending them in court and such. No company that makes software now a days respects privacy that much, either (the cloud and meta data makes that pretty much impossible).
  • But they don't go rumaging, no specifically searching though every aspect of the services they provide like Google does to latch onto anything they can use to make money. The fact that people are ok with that astonishes me.
    What I find ironic is this: If you saw your banker pull up and reach into your physicial mailbox outside of your house, opening your mail, taking notes, putting your mail back and then sending you more mailings based upon what they saw, you would be insensed instantly call the cops.
    Yet you are a-ok with them doing that with every service they provide online. How people justify this is beyond me.
  • I completely agree. If I could switch away from services that spy on me, I would. Sadly, my College chose to use Gmail for my .edu email address. 
  • my college uses Office 365 :D
  • Lol, lucky. I get a big discount for office, at least.
    Did you get it for free?
  • +100   i agree with you.  I have to use GMail for school due to the fact that they use Google Chrome.  Not a big fan of the ads in my email. 
  • All internet companies collect data. True. Google is a special case however. 95 percent of Google revenue comes from advertising. They are a one trick pony. The only way to keep revenue growing is to get better information for better targeting of ads and in more places. Google will always be the most aggressive collector of data of any of these firms. They have to be. If you are OK with that, fine. And so what if they took someone to court, Microsoft brings down botnets. IE has tracking off by default, Chrome doesn't and Google sides with those who are fighting Microsoft on the tracking issue. I am not bashing you. Choice is a good thing, but eyes open is the best approach.
  •   "All internet companies collect data. True. Google is a special case however. 95 percent of Google revenue comes from advertising. They are a one trick pony. "
    Can't argue with that. 
    "The only way to keep revenue growing is to get better information for better targeting of ads and in more places. Google will always be the most aggressive collector of data of any of these firms. They have to be. If you are OK with that, fine. And so what if they took someone to court, Microsoft brings down botnets. IE has tracking off by default, Chrome doesn't and Google sides with those who are fighting Microsoft on the tracking issue. I am not bashing you. Choice is a good thing, but eyes open is the best approach."   While IE and FF are going in the right direction, privacy wise, "tracking off" isn't really that effective when advertisers can (and do) flat out ignore that request.
    I use a VNP for privacy, most of the time. 
  • His point remains valid.
    It's not made by Dropbox. Dropbox doesn't have an official app outfit the platform
  • That doesn't mean it can't be used, I use it all the time and have no issues.
  • It's more that; It shows a lack of commitment from big first party developers.
  • Yeah but we need updates so we can actually have the space to get new apps.
  • As our fellow WP member says, we have dropbox. As for you google items you're listing, you'll have to take it up with Google direct as MS has reached out to them attempting to get those apps, but google is just flat out being A**holes and denying us! This is why I refuse to support them anymore period until they change their attitudes. If MS was denying services, etc, the DOJ would be on their A**es like stink on Sh*t.......Straight Up!!!!!
  • The apps aren't made by dropbox, is what i'm saying. There's no firstparty dropbox app for it on the platform, and I normally don't like trusting thirdparty apps with access to my files.
    True. The whole youtube thing is horrible, and google has more than enough rescorces to support Windows Phone (IMO), but choses not to. 
    Don't act like Microsoft is the only one who get's there shit handed to them by the EU/DOJ, though. Currently Google is in a very big Anti-trust case with the EU and might have to stop being so anti-competitive soon.
  • That's not how third party apps work. Unless they are built with the intent to have access to your files, which I believe MS screens for during the app submission process, but I could be wrong, they have no access to your files. The third party app for dropbox hooks you into the service directly through the dropbox API. Its one thing to say you want an official app (even though I disagree if you have excellent third party offerings), but to say that third party apps are not to be trusted is way overboard.
  • Nextgen supports Feedly.
  • Sounds like you need an Android phone if you are that tied to google and google drive.  They make Andriod phones for a reason...
  • Fuck yeah we need apps.
  • We need both❕.. Some of you don't expect much.
  • dont worry
    in year or two,all big apps will be own by big google,ms or fb
  • The WP8 version of Stockholm Syndrome.
  • we need both
  • no my friend. More apps with same price with others OS (ios and android) and Windows phone OS updates. I think only Nokia save Windows phone  platform.
  • Agreed. Also read another interview where he (Nokia's guy) says they are pretty annoyed with Microsoft as well. That they don't put enough urgency into the OS updates and pushing to get the apps, like they (Nokia) are doing. Sounds like they are getting just as annoyed as us consumers with Microsoft's lack of support for the platform.
  • Uhhh... where is THAT interview? I think we'd all like to read it.
  • It's all over the place.  Search for Nokia on Google News, Bing News, Yahoo News, etc. and you will see it.  The Nokia executive is making really good points about it too. 
  • Link?
  • Yet Microsoft is giving them billions to do what they are doing....
  • People seem to be reading news from everywhere but the source. While I enjoy reading wmpoweruser, they aren't exactly the best site for news as they tend to post rumors as fact and go off of miniscule, sometimes meaningless, details as absolute evidence. Check out the source whenever you read articles and decide for yourself. The Nokia VP and GM of app dev is strictly talking about apps, not updates. In fact, I believe some time back Paul Thurott or Mary Jo Foley pointed out that Nokia had asked MS to slow their update schedule on WP. Also, he says that they need apps that MS needs to push for, and on the other hand he says that there isn't much of a gap in apps and there isn't a single key app that won't be out or in development at the end of the year. Not to mention, it is absolutely undeniable that MS is pouring money and resources into Nokia and Devs to secure big name apps, but sometimes that's out of their hands (see google). Also, MS and Nokia are very different types of companies and their strategies are different. They are also working on development for Xbox 1 and win 8, but they are working on apps being easy to port between OSs; WP will get more help from W8 with this than vice versa, IMO. Check out the source here:
  • Better late than never.
  • Better Nate than lever
  • ? Lol
  • Worlds longest joke
  • How many characters do we get in the comments?
  • Letter nate than bever
  • BBM Please? :D
  • That would be the final nail hammered into Blackberry's coffin lol, so I don't see that happening just yet.
  • But its already on android and iOS
  • ? No it's not. It's planned to come out later this year.
  • What's so special about BBM?
  • Nothing, they can just as easily use WhatsApp or Viber, and have more features.
  • Well...  I'm not sure about the rest of the world, but here (in Dubai, UAE) BlackBerry devices are popular because of its messenger. And by popular I mean that even young school kids have/had a BlackBerry... I hate BB devices but the messenger is superb, and it has a great community here as well... :-)
  • yeah that kinda shows you where you all are at technology wise.
  • Whatsapp? Viber? or thousands of any other messaging services. I mean why BB?
  • actually this kind of messaging services require community.
    what i mean is like if you are in a country where the community are using BBM, there will be very important for you to have it too, and on others hand if you were in a country where whatsapp is trending not BBM, you would not find the importance of having BBM.
    sorry for my bad english
  • it's the same thing in Jamaica. they are behind the times
  • Its popular, and a lot of people use it.. Bottom line, any app that you can say that about we need on WP.
  • Do or do not, there is no try.
  • It's true...
  • Tell that to Microsoft, Nokia passed the "try" point when they had to push MS to add LTE to the Lumia 900. They are all about doing but the snails at Microsoft are holding them back.
  • Micrososft just recently had a major reorganization if I recall correctly, so this will hopefully be not much of an issue going forward.
  • If you reorganize snails, their doesn't increase.
  • I think it's going to be some time before we see the fruits of that reorg.
  • Results are already being seen on the Xbox side of things.
  • True. Xbox updates have been rolling out constantly.
  • While it can be motivational, this line is really a bit simplistic.  Sure, I can "do" everything.  Will I "do" it well, or will it suck?  Does that matter?  Anyway, that's what I would have said if I was Luke.
  • Here's the mandatory Instagram comment: "We want Instagram! When is that comming??!!" And while we're at it: "What about 7.8 users? We feel abandoned!"
    There. I just spared a lot of people the work. You're welcome!
  • Wells Fargo app! There, I spared a few people.
  • But they are already making it
  • Lolzz! Wmpu reported this more than 6 months ago and still no WF app.
  • I'm a YNAB user and while in the midst of an online training session I posed the question "when will I see a win 8 app?" (they already have iOS and andrhoid). Everyone associated with this product are Apple eaters so the answer to be expected was "not enough users to support the investment". Guess I'll be forwarding this article to them.
  • You forgot the "blah, blah, 512 Mb, blah".
  • Damn. Forgot that one! Anyway, thanks for getting that one covered ;D
  • Yeah, MS totally screwed us WP 7.8 users.  I love my lumia 900 but as an early adopter MS got us good.  I will be waiting until the next best Nokia phone that will launch in the 4th quarter.  As an ex-iPhone user, just wondering if I made the right move.  
  • I know the feeling. I also have a Lumia 800 (well had, I gave it to my mother). However I came a from Nokia (actually I came to WP because of Nokia and nothing else). If I had come from the iPhone however, after the 7.8 fiasco, I would have returned to the iPhone without hesitating.
    (Actually I considered getting the iPhone 5 instead of the L920 because of that...I just decided to give MS one last chance, because...well, I hate Apple and the prospect of having to move to a completely different platform was not appealing. Also I've been a Nokia user for 15 years...I don't wish to leave the company.)
  • LOL. I came from an Iphone 3Gs to a used Lumia 900 and after 6 weeks I abandoned WP7.5 for very crappy support and lack of all minimal needed apps. This was september 2012.
    Got myself a used Iphone 4s and luckily it defected on me last may and in giving it a new chance I gor myself a used HTC 8X.
    Only since the newest Whatsapp and Teamviewer ability I can say WP8 "will do" but honestly no more then that.
    I will stick with this phone until Q4 and hope to renew my contract with an 5" GDR3 phone full HD and quad core, then all that is needed is better MSFT support and some essential apps after which I will make all my customers buy WP8 (WP 8.1)
    - Dropbox, Instagram, Enterprise Support and just very few others...
    Like my WP8/HTC 8X not loving it (just yet)
  • Real early adopters' contracts have expired so we've already got the new batch of wp8 phones. C'mon, bite the bullet & upgrade.
  • you seem to live in you small world, not everyone gets their phones on contract and not everyone lives in US, ppl like me hv spent quite an amount of money to buy devices such as lumia 800 only to be rendered useless in couple of months,
  • HTC Titan I owners never even got 7.8.  On AT&T we are still stuck with 7.5.  It is just about time for me to upgrade and I won't even consider anything but Nokia for a Windows Phone. 
  • You might want to consider changing provider too then, as my old unlocked/unbranded UK Titan got 7.8 no problem
  • Lets see it! There isn't much I am missing, other than a PNC app. That's all that's left for me. I just get tired of "critics" talking about the app market for WP. That's all they have left to complain about, take that away...then what? - Perspective: I am only speaking from a US standpoint. I don't mean to negate other markets...
  • They will harp on the lack of 1080p resolution and quad core processing not allowed by GDR2 and then they'll always moan about how WP is one generation behind the stupid and needless spec race...until we realize that not only is the OS optimized but not many people truly utilize multiple cores! What would be the best thing to improve is battery life, feature sets etc not gimmicky hardware specs
  • Why, don't you know? "Everyone" is flocking to the latest tech.
  • Right, that's what the 520 and its variants are the beat selling WP phone. I am taking your response as sarcasm and responding in kind. Let me know if I am wrong.
  • They are the latest tech in their price-range though.
  • I don't disagree, and battery life would be the best thing to improve, and I would put that at #1 on my list. I was just saying, and it was poorly stated on my part I admit, they couldn't use that as their last sentence in EVERY review.
  • To be fair, alot of games run like shit. Better specs would fix this. NOVA is nearly unplayable, and Spartan Assault is full of frame drops.
  • Yeah, and it seems difficult to understand for some that it's not about the cores, it's also about the GPU in the newer SoCs.
  • People like that will always find something. To be fair, it happens in every tech forum. Me? I'm pretty pleased with my 520. Only app I want is (predictably) instagram (an official one). But then, there are unofficial apps which I can and do use and I also have an ipad I can email my photos to which I took on my WP when out, then upload it which is what I normally do. Anyways, point is, there will always be SOMETHING to complain about. But such things get more and more petty as you've pointed out.
  • I'm glad I'm not the only waiting for PNC apps
  • Here here sir. I second that.
  • I'll third that...a Virtual Wallet app is the app I'm hoping to see the most!
  • He also said, "We are trying to evolve the cultural thinking [at Microsoft] to say 'time is of the essence.'  Waiting until the end of the fiscal year when you need to close your targets, doesn't do us any good when i have phones to sell today."-BGR
    Speaks volumes to me!
  • Well pointed. Even Nokia is slowly losing its patience with Microsoft. The longer Ballmer stays, the deeper Microsoft will get into trouble.
  • I think balmer is doing everything he can. He doesn't single handedly run microsoft
  • Ballmer is in a bit of a bother right now. Already investors are crowing at him because PC sales are slowing down and they are losing money (big time) on their entertainment division (Surface, RT, Bing, WP - all cost more than they give back right now). The company is doing extremely well financially but he'll have to decide - should he put more resources into these projects and risk the ire of investors or does he just leave them like they are for now and restructure. He chose the latter but I completely agree with Nokia. If Microsoft wants any kind of long term success, they'll have to start betting hard on their products. Half-assed attempts aren't going to get them anywhere and its not like they don't have plenty of examples of that happening anyways.
  • This is music to my ears! Please Nokia, push MS hard and publicly to get their asses in gear. Also to improve customer communication... rescind "shit up and ship" and start pumping out the features people are begging for for three years! I love WP but am almost convinced MS will not ever find their footing with it... I really don't think it would be that hard if they just poured some devs into it for six months and knock out a ton of missing features to bring it up to parity.
  • After the last article with 500+ comments, they probably thought that it's best not to mention it. Not cool though.
  • Well I havent heard anything regarding a FIFA Ultimate Team app.
  • Apps are being conquered. Now for games!
  • when those apps come on board, then the question transitions to if wp8 will have an app developed and released the same time as IOS/Android. 
    The 3rd party apps like instance/6sec/metrotube are more than capable of working as a 1st party app.  It is just a stigma of 1st party vs 3rd party name.  
  • You say that like apps get released on iPhone and android at the same time all the time at the moment. I'm sure that time gap will shorten as we get caught up with the apps already seen on those platforms...but I see a gap as inevitable given the other platforms.
  • They're not 'more than capable'. They're just a stop gap arrangement till the official app comes. Just a very simple example is the inability to upload videos using Instance. The feature was announced over a month ago and it's still not included in Instance. And it's a PAID app as opposed to the FREE Instagram app on iOS or Android. So no, these apps will never drive the platform forward.
  • Yes, very few 3rd party apps are "as good" as the official... and having to pay for the app or features when they would be free on the official is the biggest difference.
  • I disagree. Some of them are BETTER than the "official" apps.  Metrotube is better than "official" YouTube on Android and iOS.  4th & Mayor is just as good and was WAY better for a long time than the "official" Foursquare.   I know people who switched who were happy with the 3rd party alternatives, so your perspective is not universal.  The obsession withe word "official" astounds me.  What if the 1st party company just bought the 3rd party developer's app and called it "official"? Would people all of a sudden be in ecstacy??
  • To answer your last question...a big resounding yes.
  • Free is always better too me.
  • isnt there a free version of instance thats ad supported?
  • Sky Go, Official BBC, Instagram, Barclays Bank, proper BBC iplayer, the list goes on and on .....
  • Spot on ^ all of those please and an official Santander app and i will be as happy as a pig in a truffle scented bubble bath. One thing about WP is they are behind in the numbers but the apps we do have are quality, compared to the 100,000's "zombie" apps on ios and android.
  • What apps other Instagram are missing? I think some banking apps, Scotia iTrade would be great, YouTube, F1 timing app and not much else.
  • The F1 timing app has been released.
  • Since when? Edit: I see it but $27 is a big ouch. Damn that greedy Ecclestone.
  • Since our good friends at WPCentral advised us on the 25th. Its not cheap though at £19.99/$24! Stupid app name - Timing '13 CP
  • Instagram, wp8 Flickr, Snapchat, Snapseed, Google hangouts and maps, feedly, 
  • * We have flickr, so that doesn't count as "missing", but rather "in need up upgrade". I really like Pixl anyway, so I'm covered there.
    * Instagram. OK. Whatever. Instagram is an arrogant company that blocks other developers while not able to be bothered with developing for new platforms. Take complaints to them or use an alternative if it really is a "must have" for you.
    * Snapchat. Looks like Snapchat protested and the alternatives are gone. I'd go complain directly to to Snapchat. Seriously, I don't have a crystal ball or anything, but you're wasting your time waiting on those Google Apps. We'll see Siri on Windows Phone about the same time you get Google Maps. If you are THAT addicted to Google services, I'd highly suggest that you consider an Android phone.
  • Yup I use Nokia and Bing maps and haven't been let down yet, and that counts many out-of-state road trips. Of course I'm in the US, so I don't know how it is elsewhere.
  • Candy crush!
  • I really like the confidence Nokia is showing. So glad I bought a Nokia phone. I don't know if I would ever buy another brand.
  • Yeah well according to most Nokia users no other brands exist anyway!!!
  • ofcourse they dont exist in WP.... i dont see anyone making any noise...
  • Are you vb2012 using a different name, it sure seems like it!!!!
  • I swear this to piss my girlfriend off she is android, will there be a candy crush ever , I need to shut her up about it. Lol
  • ^ Ha snap!
  • If so, by the time it comes out the fad will be over.
    The game sucks IMO.
  • Oh I agree!
  • I think its fun....
  • Need Pronto! app from communiGate.
    another app callcentric.
  • I'm also more worried about applications getting updated. Alot of the aren't on par with iOS and Android counterparts. The third party apps however afar surpass the counterparts. Time will tell nit only if apps come, but if they continue dedicated support.
  • If there are a few applications that are missing for me, i use the browser. But the live tiles, metro interfaces and the slick OS combined with Nokia hardware is just too good for me to look elsewhere. I am a happy Nokia fan :)
  • Instagram, Steam, Battlelog, FiFa Ultimate Team and then the games. That's all I'm missing.
  • I won't buy another brand either but I'm kinda sick of such small internal memory n no SD, yes I own a 925 which I've already half filled after a couple of weeks!! There are phones out there much thinner with huge internal memory n SD support, snap out of it Nokia/MS! A 41MP shooter is gonna demolish 32megs in a week!!!
  • You will demolish 32 MB in minutes.  However, luckily for you the phone comes with 32 GB. 
  • ...and soon to be 64 GB.
  • Lol !
  • A Doctor Who game would be great on WP
  • Quite a positive spin on the actual interview lol.
  • I need rotation lock, I can't understand why it's not implemented?
  • I second this.
  • Because WP doesn't like you. Purely personal.
  • I need this also!
  • The problem is you want it, if we act like its a dumb feature and we don't have any use for it, then Microsoft might add it.
  • We'll never get good features because half the comments I see on here are people saying in response to such demands: "we don't need (insert useful feature here) because my (insert cool, stylish, but ultimately flawed WP feature here) has those bases covered!!".
  • "We don't need a notification center because windows phone's beautiful live tiles have all those bases covered!" lol
  • I can't tell if your playing off my sarcasm or you think I was any case I agree, the community really needs to open their eyes and band together and demand Microsoft gets their act together. We should schedule a massive twitter bomb on them.
  • thank you. these guys must not remember what Microsoft is like. they have such short memories. they don't remember why Microsoft lost their position in the first place. all the negligence that was windows mobile
  • Rotation lock is the bane of my existence. So easy to code, so frustrating to not have. This to me more than any other example shows Microsoft's head up it's ass.
  • Exactly what I thinking.  They implemented right the rotation lock in the surface rt/pro since version 1, why they just don't want to implement that in the phone???? I just don't get it.
  • Agreed.
  • I'm starting to think that there never will be an Instagram app. Neither will there be a half-life 3.
  • Because i have a business i had to get an crapdroid phone for one app, Squareup. I need credit card processong and it boggles the mind that wp is supposed to be a serious smartphone but its phones and tablets lack this app...completely fucking lame...
  • Have you tried Cube Credit Card Terminal?
  • if there was a VIABLE alternative i would be using it.
  • I'm looking forward to having the YouTube app back.
  • Have you tried Youtube HD and Mytube? Totally amazing apps. But I would also welcome an official YouTube app, just to say we have one.
  • He was also pretty critical of Microsoft, "“We are releasing new devices frequently and for every new device, if there is an app that somebody cares about that’s not there that’s a missed opportunity of a sale,” he explained. “People rely on applications for their day-to-day life and if you don’t have something which I use in my day-to-day life I’m not going to switch… It’s not just about the hardware, it’s about the tools that are on the hardware. You can’t sell a phone without the apps, you just can’t.”
  • That's not completely on Microsoft, that's on companies and developers.
  • You can't force these devs to make an app, though. And I wouldn't be surprised if some want MS to pay exorbitantly for them to make one just because MS has money and want the app. Demonizing MS alone for this is a mistake.
  • I have to laugh at this quote "The Windows Phone Store will continue to grow with official and popular apps arriving, which are already available on other platforms.", theres a caveat to that though isn't there, only on Nokia Windows Phones. Really the quote should read "The Nokia Collection will continue to grow with official and popular apps arriving, which are already available on other platforms."
  • Anybody that doesn't buy Nokia just needs to understand that the other companies don't give a crap. That said, I'm glad they don't because if we had three diff mfgs each with their own exclusive apps it would be a disaster. The way it is, you just buy Nokia and you're good. I'm ok with that.
  • So rather than paying say, $200 for a phone you would rather pay maybe, $20,000. That's what will happen, without other manufacturers making Windows Phones Nokia can then charge whatever they like.
  • Yes, exactly.  Without other WP manufactureres, Nokia will clearly take advantage of the incredible demand and unwillingness of users to use other platforms, and will set their device price at $20,000.  There's no way that plan could fail!  Nokia will take over the world!!!
    Clearly neo, you do not have a firm grasp on business, marketing, or economics.
  • Nokia collection is the only reason WP gets some popular apps. Here apps alone should make people shut up about exclusivity.
  • Wrong, the only reason popular apps are on Windows Phone is because Nokia had to bribe them with stupid amounts of money!!! Wow we have some Nokia apps, big deal. How many of those other "exclusives" have made it to other Windows Phones.
  • So? I don't care how they get it as long as they do. About other exclusives; they have a timeframe. They are not going to keep them as exclusives forever. These are the apps/games that people were never going to get in the first place. At the end, everyone wins.
  • I just want an official Wells Fargo, Starbucks, and Instagram app and I'll be set.  I wish Microsoft just made these apps themselves instead of relying on the respective companies to do so.  I know Microsoft made the Facebook and Twitter apps, why not these as well.
  • They made Facebook but not twitter. Twitter is an official app. (Made by twitter)
  • They only made Facebook, and in collaboration with Fb... and that's because Facebook os a "can't live without" app - plus its integrated throughout the phone. None of those other services you mentioned have a billion registered users.
  • They better have mlb at bat!
  • +100000000
  • SiriusXM is my #1 request. I wouldn't mind seeing HBO GO on both WP8 and Windows 8 actually.
  • Me too on siriusxm. There was an excellent app that did work but they kept changing the streams or something according to the dev.
    And I never get the answer I want to hear when I ask them if they will ever make an app!
  • Both would be welcome additions, especially (for me) HBO Go.
  • Again,who care for Google? Don't need them in Windows Phone world. :P
  • Ehh... I want to agree, but I think we need YouTube.
  • Nokia ain't playing games!
  • Unofficial apps like 6sec, as great as they are, just aren't enough. Taste-makers in the mobile space will continue to dismiss windows phone until we have all the OFFICIAL apps in our ecosystem. As an example, the guys on the Vergecast routinely dismiss Windows phone because of the app situation, and when an unofficial app (Instance, for example) is mentioned that gets the job done-- regardless of the quality-- they dismiss it out of hand. That's their podcast, listened to by tons of people who have an interest in this stuff, and those listeners go on to influence others. Not to mention the low ecosystem scores on every WP review, due to the app situation. Basically, what I'm saying is that these official apps need to get out before the regular tech media will give us a serious chance.
  • I just want a better ESPN app. It sucks and we only have Scorecenter (plus Nokia's Hub, that's not that good), it would be nice to have a CFB Live & NFL Live app along with new fantasy apps.
    And support is terrible, I spent 3 months trying to get them to fix my notifications, until finally I figured it out on my own (something wrong with my ESPN account that I had for 10 years), I made a new account and it stopped sending me unwanted notifications.
    Plus, everytime they emailed me they either thought was on a Windows 8 PC, tablet or on a Windows Phone 7. Even though I corrected them repeatedly and every email I sent them had my signature as "Sent from my Windows Phone 8".
    If any of you are interested, please bombard them with emails about supporting WP8.
  • Nokia getting impatient with Microsoft, wants them to work harder to bring apps to the platform...this has been reported somewhere on Wmpoweruser or seems true...there has been no lack of efforts from Nokia..looks at the past year and the number of devices..only if those lazy asses at MS had worked harder we could had gdr3 or 8.1 out by now and expecting high res, high spec brilliant devices from Nokia...imagine a sleek 4.7 or 5"HD Gorilla 3 Lumia with quad core Snapdragon, 2/4 GB RAM, expandable memory and a 41 MP will beat the shit out of iPhones n Galaxies..
  • Microsoft had no intentions on bringing "blue" out before a year after WP8 initial release, this was established before 8 even came out.
  • Whenever these apple fan boys and girls come at me with the "you dont have this app" crap. I simply pull up on of my Xbox live games on my phone and start racking up achievements and reply: "you were saying?"
  • Wrong answer, Nokia. The problem isn't the lack of apps, the problem is that the apps (even those from Microsoft) are too bad.
  • There sure is a lot of Microsoft hate around here.
    You are supposed to be the platforms biggest supporters, instead all you do is complain and belittle Microsoft's efforts. Sure you may be disappointed, but most of you cry about things that are either not Microsoft's fault or about things that are going as planned, like the update schedule (which was eluded to months before WP8 was even released).
    So much is expected of MS that nothing will satisfy everyone. It's almost ridiculous how many whine without even knowing what they are talking about or even whine about common sense things.
    Sometimes it's like everyone here is a troll posing as Windows Phone users.
  • 2-3 years is "never" because by the time the hot apps arrive society has moved on to something else.
    Its not very convincing when you indicate its a matter of "when" because aside from the minor OS updates there hasn't been much movement.
  • Refer to the post above yours.
  • Integrated Printing please or at least the HP Eprint app so I don't have to email directly to my printer. It should be easy to send a PDF to my printer.
  • This sounds very promising though. WP8 is growing; it will be interesting to see the integration with WP8 and Windows 8 with the arrival of Blue. I see Nokia being as popular and profitable as Samsung's phone division in 5 years.
  • Everytime a a favorite app maker is asked about WP, the respond with : "we'll make an app when we see the demand...". That's not entirely true. Modern business is about following not leading. MS needs to "rule social media". Windows Phone needs to be relevant wherever people are gathering. Personally, I am not a big Instagram user, but the WP platform would have a LOT more users had MS resolved this back in WP7. Windows Phone 8 should be the Flipboard of phone OSes. Integrate all the relevant ones and users will flock.
  • I totally agree with you, OSean. It seems as if Microsoft abandoned their primary differentiator when they initially launched WP7 and that was to make the os "task focused" rather than "app focused." You wan to chat? The chat apps will be integrated into the Messaging Hub. You want to look at pictures? All in the Pictures Hub instead of going in and out of Flickr, Picasso, skydrive, etc. searching for where you're holding the pictures. I always used this approach as the unique selling point of WP vs the iPhone and Android phones. As it relates to apps, it's not just about getting EXISTING apps that are popular on other platforms but it's all about developers wanting to work on and launch FUTURE apps first on Windows Phone, or at least at the same time and just as food as on other platforms. Only at that point that the platform reaches critical mass will this whole "lack of apps" story disappear.
  • Steam applicaton? I don't think so.
  • Without Nokia Windows Phone would have been a complete failure. I hope Microsoft knows how much they owe them.
  • I really don't understand some of you ranting Microsoft's lack of support for the Windows Phone platform. If you remember, there was a talk on Talk Mobile about how important software is than just pooling in a very powerful hardware. If it was not for Microsoft's work and effort in order to release as OS which has a shared core and native C & C++ support, we won't be seeing all these killer games and awesome third party apps today. Besides, Microsoft have already chalked out plans for future updates which we will eventually receive. I absolutely do not see lack of support from Microsoft for the platform. If anything, they aren't moving at a fast pace in releasing those updates, but at least we are still seeing a bunch of apps hitting the store.
  • I think that part the issue for many folks is that MSFT should have had native code support in WP7. It shows a lack of foresight. Developers like familiarity. If the other platforms already offer tools and you're not making it easier for them, it can prevent developer support. It's almost like we'll do the iOS and Droid apps first. We'll even code for different versions of Droid, before we address your platform. Highly annoying, but MSFT really needs to step up their game.
  • Windows Phone 7 according to me is just a UI makeover with Live Tiles Support running Windows CE, nothing more. Besides, do you know what was the maximum RAM in a Windows Phone 7 device? Is was a meagre 512MB and many of them even ran on 256MB. Many of the apps developed today with their rich content will not work well with such low RAM, let alone games. Native games on a 256MB device??? Everything that MS does is for a very specific reason. There is no point in cribbing about what Windows Phone 7 was, it's about what Windows Phone 8 is today and what Windows Phone x is going to be tomorrow. Upgrade your phone to Windows Phone 8 when your service provider's contract comes up for renewal next. That will settle your frustration.
  • I have a Lumia 920, which I pre-ordered. My original response was basically noting a negative pattern from MSFT in general, in terms of decision making. For some reason, there seems to be a lack of foresight going back to the launch of WP7.  Common features to other platforms have been ommitted and the 'we'll get you on the next release' is far too common. It's almost like someone with decision making power doesn't quite get it.
  • I guess I'm the only guy that went to WP because of microsoft.
  • I thought I was the odd one out but seems I'm not alone :)
  • I want square for mobile payments. Square has made it very clear they don't want to develop for windows phone.
  • I need Bluetooth 4.0, the ability to customize SMS and email tones, better bookmark organization in the browser, and the ability to open tabs in the background in the browser more than I need the apps that I miss.
  • want more apps?  learn c#  and do what you want
  • About as pompous and stupid a comment as Ive seen on any subject
  • More transparency MS, more transparency!!!
  • While they are at it please create Windows Phone apps for car systems. We still have no Entune Toyota or HondaLink app. Ironic given Toyota's Entune features the Bing app.
  • What would be really nice is VPN support. Having that one feature would have kept me from getting a galaxy S4 instead of a 928. It is very infuriating to have to carry multiple phones especially when all I am doing is checking on thing only with one of them. I am having calls forwarded from the s4 to my 920 but need the s4 VPN support do deal with one thing. I am hoping this is resolved soon....
  • i know its not nokia's fault, but i am fed up with Microsoft not updating the OS fast...they need to make sure what is important a 41mp camera or more features to eat android's share in the market. I have to get a new phone i really want to upgrade my lumia to 1020 from 720, but i am also speculating HTC one just because windows phone is not  getting apps, and not getting features. 
  • Their update pace is not that slow. Compare it to Apple's. It's better to take time and test things than to release random, buggy updates like Android does.
    New updates are always nice, but personally the operating itself is much more important to me than the pace of updates for the operating system, and for me, Windows Phone is easily the best operating system. I will never again buy an Android phone. That operating system is a sluggish mess. If Windows Phone didn't exist, I'd probably very begrudgingly get an iPhone. Thankfully, though, Windows Phone exists and I don't have to do that.
  • Good plan, get an Android. Then when you hate it, try iPhone.
  • Thee solution for MS is simple, instead of waiting around for developers to release apps for wp just buy them up. MS shouldve bought instagram and should buy snapchat and any other upstart app develer. It seemed to work out pretty well when they had Halo exclusivity for the the xbox.
  • I dont know about buying upstarts.  Some flake out fast.  Who knew instagram was going to be INSTAGRAM or snapchat for that matter.  Same thinking goes for Zynga.  MS was somewhat interested in Zynga but look at what happened to Zynga now.  MS is supposed to have some type of partnership with Facebook who owns instagram.  The relationship between these two baffles me. 
  • Yea Microsoft owns like 5% to 2% something like that
  • Just bring the app that starts with Insta and ends with gram. 
  • Instantly shit a gram?
  • Any word on when MLB at Bat will hit the windows phone app market?
  • After the season, it will then be removed in April.
  • Everyone talks about how slow MS is, when they've redone the entire OS kernel in the time it's taken Google to add a few APIs and Google Now. And while MS has been slow to add features since Mango, the other problem is that people keep asking for unnecessary features instead of important ones. For example, people ask for a notification center instead of important things like basic audiobook support and xbox video compatibility.
  • What is considered "important" is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Who owns this OS? Nokia or Microsoft? Microsoft should be ebarrassed that it appears Nokia is pushing the platform more than them. They better be throwing Nokia a nice bone for this.
  • Microsoft isn't the most vocal of corporations, but believe that they are doing much more than you think. Including being involved with everything Nokia is doing.
  • Until full OFFICIAL apps like Vine, CandyCrush, Instagram and Pinterest  (I hear it from my wife everyday :/ ) come to the MS store WP8 will continue to be written off by critics and haters, regardless of how nice the 3rd party apps are.
  • Its the chicken or the egg.
    "WP won't be popular until it gets more apps, on time" - "WP won't get more apps and on time until it is more popular".
  • By the time ish like candy crush comes nobody will be playing it like temple run I want the best new thing not these old fads that nobody will care about 6months from now
  • iPhone
  • So I might get Snap Chat and Duolingo? :)
  • Did anyone read this:
  • also read the verge. lol
    fucking negative press
  • Oh Yeah, let's see you get Springpad. Best note taking app ever. Try dat...Just try dat!
  • I just want a sirius xm app