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Nokia's Lumia 2020 tablet teases what could have been in new photo

Nokia was once a powerhouse when it came to the Windows platform. Before being purchased by Microsoft, the manufacturer was throwing out mobile devices like they were going out of fashion, but aside from the vast catalogue of Lumia handsets already in circulation, there were other devices that never saw the light of day. One of them being the Lumia 2020 tablet, which was rumored for release way back in 2013. This tablet has been spotted alongside other Nokia products in a new photo published to Baidu.

The image was shared by @Nokiba and was subsequently picked up by NokiaPowerUser. Interestingly, this new photo shows the cancelled tablet in the color green, which was one of a select few options used by Nokia at the time to differentiate its hardware from the competition. The Lumia 2020 was meant to sport an 8.3-inch 1080p display, stylus support, be powered by WinRT, Snapdragon 800 processor and 2GB of RAM.

There are a few other familiar handsets in the photo, but it's disappointing to see what we could have had if the Lumia 2020 made it to market.

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I've 2520 and I love it, it's a beast compared to hardware.....Wondering how awesome this device would be!!!!
  • I love the device design... Something which win10 tablets should have. Feels great to hold it too...
  • Yea, I'm REALLY hoping Nokia puts out some Windows versions of their new range, but I expect they won't after the MS omnishambles. Sigh, they just look achingly beautiful.
  • 2520. Is the 2020 downgrade then?
  • Not exactly. The 2520 was more like a Surface (size wise), and the 2020 looks like it'd have been more of Galaxy Tab/iPad Mini. It's what I think anyway (could be completely wrong)
  • If it had been an Windows 8 RT tablet it would have suffered the same fate as the Surface RT or even the 2520. Not so dissappointing that we never got it I think. Would be interesting if they came back to the Windows platform with this kind of product in the future though. A good high end 8" W10 tablet...
  • Still use mine 2520. Still getting supported updates for the moment. Money well spent. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • My wife still uses my old Surface 2. In some ways, its a better tablet than my shiny new Surface 4. Battery life is better, instant resume, and price was great. The only problem with RT was the lack of apps.
  • It would be nice indeed if they will make 8" Windows tablet with pen. We need more 7 to 8 inch Windows tablet that have active digitizer pen that is good for note taking. This form-factor is very few of it.
  • RT good or bad was the only way for Windows to be relevant on tablets now that Broxton is dead + W10 being crappy tablet OS.
  • Except that's wrong because the tablet/2 in 1 segment is growing on Windows 10.
  • Growing and growing. Tablets installed base is half a billion or so. MS sells 1 million surfaces a quarters, oems a few more. Apple sells 10 million iPads a quarter, Android some as well. Microsoft does not have proper tablet offering and as a consequence it is irrelevant on tablet space.
  • Windows already stand at 12 % marketshare .
  • Well tablet marker has stagnated a lot. People wanting tablet have one and don't see the imminent need to buy a new one. MS missing the tablet gold rush won't go far with that small share of shrinking market. If Windows was relevant on tablets then apps were there. Apps are not there.
  • Same here. Only issue with the 2520 I have is onedrive related. Great hardware.
  • I love my 2520. With stylus support, this tablet is my dream device.
  • No loss as it so happens. they did release a tablet. just a bigger version of their phones
    and windows phones don't sell. Shame
  • I miss the colorful plastic of Nokia. The 950 / 950 XL just aren't as "fun" looking as the old Nokia ones. I'm sure the Surface Phone will have great build quality, but also more silver/gray metal. 
  • Me too, ever since they introduce the Fabula Design Language since N9, it even inspires the smartphone industry to release colorful phones when it used to be filled mostly with black or white phones. Even these days, some even offer color choices, even heck the Apple to some extent. Microsoft oddly killed that with x50 family while Surface fortunately still have it on Type Covers (though I wish to bring back black Surface color). I hope that they will return to give us color choices with Surface Phones. We have too much silver/gray metallic phone these days.
  • "Microsoft oddly killed that with x50 family"   Well, perhaps it helped the fact that the team behind the conception of the Fabula Design remained at Nokia and is now in charge of design at Nokia Technologies. And the ones that didn't, left Nokia after the announcement of the deal with Microsoft.   But I'm with you on wanting the black Surfaces back. Silver is as boring as it gets. Sure, the black Surfaces scratched more easily but I'm pretty sure Microsoft could figure a way to produce black magnesium alloy is they actually try.
  • I'm not a material engineer or anything related to that (I'm more on the field of visual and interaction design), but I guess there is some way to have the color mixed with magnesium alloy (I'm kinda doubt it). If not, then the only ways is to have better way to paint the magnesium similiar to anodizing aluminium if I'm correct. That's the closest we can get practically maybe and that's fine. If it gets scratched, then that's left on the user's responsibility to take care of it, even normal silver/gray still may have visible scratches anyways, though less obvious. Having a black Surface is really sleek one, and at least it won't looks all too "Mac"-ish to some people (I have heard some people claiming Surface Book "looks like" a MacBook. Not that I gonna blame them for that). If I'm gonna ask, there should be at least 3 shades of color from black, dark gray, to normal gray. Maybe even colors too like cyan, red, etc. at least for phones. About the Fabula Design. Yeah it's bit disappointing that the talent didn't really retain after acquisition. It seems like number of people even left before the massive lay-offs which probably they seen it coming anyways. Especially that the new management in Microsoft is really undoing the Nokia Mobile acquitision and some other efforts. Which in turn feels like a waste overall, not everything though I believe since there still some benefit left even after the lay-offs and such. The Fabula Design is unfortunately didn't live that very long despite how good it is. Not sure if it will sort of ressurected in some form under new remnant Nokia, who knows. The design will simply become now an iconic history, with a sad fate not because it's done for good but because it feels more like being "killed off" prematurely. In short, it ended rather bit tragic.
  • Microsoft killed the Nokia Lumia design! I dont know if they even needed Nokia to make a phone like 950, it looks nothing like other lumias! Everything about lumias were unique, but 950s was like some other Android phone but with W10M!
  • Definitely agree here. It's what used to turn the heads of people next to you. "Oh damn what's that colour, good sir?!" "OH SNAP WHAT'S THAT UI, MY DEAR?" That spark was special indeed.
  • I really don't like the back of the 2020. :-\
  • Me too
  • Look at the edges... This picture has been doctored... FAKE.
  • Good thing it was canceled. Windows RT was a dead end and a disappointment that never needed to happen. Glad they switched to Atom for the Surface 3.
  • I have the 4GB RAM Surface 3. It's nice...but the battery is v.poor compared to my old T100...and Edge is rubbish.
    I expected more from this latest generation of Atom processors. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That you expected ANYTHING of Atom is hilarious.
  • Yeah, especialy after MS decided not to include RT devices in the "one windows" strategy
  • Not to sound negative, but what's with the nostalgia reporting. The failed McLaren and the what would have been 2020. Really, who cares! IMHO I think we should just look to what's here now, and what's coming in the near future, because the comments and complaints that come after are a complete waist of time and really offers nothing that furthers any cause...but that's just me, what do I know ;)
  • There isn't a huge amount to look forward to at the moment... to look backwards ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Hahahaha I see what you did there ;)
  • So true!!
  • Comment of the day, right there!
  • And who doesn't love the good ol' days of 2011-2013?!
  • McLaren would have been insta buy for many even if that 3d thingy was disabled. Classy flagship. But sometimes nadella happens and things fail.
  • Your nadella hate used to piss me it's just funny how everything wrong with the world has to be pinned on him...:D
  • Best to just ignore his comments. He usually doesn't offer much info unless you ask. I don't know about you, but I won't give his childish comments any attention. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Just a coincidence in news that both retro products shows up on the radar at the same time. But If you are a fan, looking forward or backwards doesn't're in it for the intel.
  • Unless your running mobile... then you're in it for the qualcomm...
  • Yaaasss! LOL
  • I like the colour :)
  • If a news break say they canceled a 1050 I will jump ship right alway and get an iph.
  • I just threw up in my mouth. My god these phones are so ugly
  • This supposed tablet sounds alot like the already released Nokia 2520 tablet that went out to verizon. And since the tablet that actually got released has a higher model number, it leads me to believe that this un-released 2020 was just an earlier version of the 2520. This isn't really news...
  • Maybe it's smaller not older
  • It's the second-to-last digit that denotes generation; as is the case, they share much of the same specs: 1080P display, SD800 & 2GB of RAM. The difference looks to be the display size as the 2520 is 10.1" and this was to be 8.3".
  • You are correct.
  • That design is so unique and brilliant. I'd have bought it in a heartbeat
  • So unique that nobody bought it ;)
  • Because it was never put on sale...;)
  • lol
  • I would have bought it. Your account name sure goes well with how you respond to people.
  • Someone is really pushing the Nokia brand these days...... How much do you want to bet it has to do with the recent Nokia branded Droids announcement?
  • Yeah, that's it! A Microsoft-centric site has been secretly paid by Nokia to promote its brand in anticipation of Nokia's upcoming Android flagships, because Android Central didn't have a large enough audience for that. You figured it out!
  • SMDH.. These guys.
  • I don't believe in coincidence. That's all I'm saying. The last few weeks I've read several articles wrt the new Nokia mobile company (in msm and investment related news sites), and shortly after a nice scoop by WC showing the McLaren this magically appears, out of nowhere. I don't mind, really. These designs were really something special after all. But the timing is right if you want to push the brand name and it's history for creating eye catching hardware.
  • At that day if Microsoft did not had brought nokia then it could have released this awesome gadgets and windows phone could be not at the stage as it is today.............sad to say....!!!
  • In that case, this would have come with Android. Microsoft bought Nokia because they were done making Windows devices. Windows Mobile would be even farther behind if they didn't buy Nokia. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft should've pushed W10M as an optional update to the existing WinRT tablets. At least they could've enjoyed the fun and contributed to the ecosystem. Besides, universal apps would've scaled beautifully the way they do on the existing devices.
  • I think their processor doesn't support it and thus never got that update
  • The processor is very well supported. In fact the SD800 would've run W10M pretty well (Lumia 1520 and 930 have the same chipset)
  • Yeah, W10M technically even supports Snapdragon S4 chips, SD800 should be enough to run that technically. It's all how it will be optimized on it really. So having W10M on these tablets should be doable, especially that Windows RT (not to be confused with WinRT which is a runtime) is really meant more of an iPad-like competitior anyways since you can't install though it runs recompiled Win32 softwares. The problem with Windows RT is really because the confusing message it gives to consumers where it has a full desktop but you can't install stuff on it, not even taken advantage by Metro/Modern apps to run on top of it. It's really down to Microsoft really just won't support Windows RT devices anymore by having a more modern OS on it (Yes, they still do support it with updates and other terms of support but nothing more).
  • I agree, I think there's a missing category of W10M tablets with continuum.
  • As an owner of an excellent,but now orphaned Lumia 2520 that sees few app updates, I agree. hardware wise, it's very similarto my Lumia 1520 phone... A Windows 10 Mobil option would be appreciated. You know they've already done it in house....
  • Nobody realized that it is a fake image? Look at the borders, look that sticker. Both are wrong aligned... 
  • +1
  • You may have a point there. That yellow device in the bottom row seems to have no charger port but a headphone jack at the button, unless this was some radical design where the charging port was moved to the top of the device.
  • The Nokia 830 has the charger at the top. And so did the WP7 Nokia 800 if you remember. Also, the yellow device on the bottom row is just a shell.
  • That is true but no nokia/ms device has the headphone jack at the bottom and the 800 series had the charger port under a flap.
  • Well, there are no "Nokia/MS" devices. The devices that came with the Nokia branding were the ones conceived and done by Nokia (even though they were then manufactured under Microsoft Mobile already). The Microsoft Lumias were a result of work under Microsoft Mobile's watch and the decisions made in regards to the hardware were done already by Microsoft Mobile. The thing is, Microsoft bought a design portfolio from Nokia. Which means, what Microsoft has been releasing were discarded old Nokia designs. So even if Nokia's latest designs had moved the headphone jack to the bottom of the phone, by using older designs, Microsoft brought them back to the top. Or maybe Microsoft purposefuly picked the designs that had the charging port on the bottom and headphone on the top. It's unclear. Point is, the placement of the charging port and headphone jack isn't indicative of anything. There are tons of Android phones who have the headphone jack on the bottom (Android's most popular phone, the S7, for example). Those are design choices that companies make depending on the hardware.
  • Yeah, this is what I'm thinking about it also after the acquisition that these hardwares we have are leftovers but the recent ones seems like discarded or one of many unknown prototypes. At least what I see it, I don't think they will all necessarily means they're meant to be released by Nokia but released by Microsoft, because they have to or because they didn't put resources to truly evolve the remaining design portfolio they got from Nokia. The x50 family may be just one of the many leftovers and probably shelved or discarded but Microsoft decided to use it since it's "production-ready" with minimal changes needed to their desire. Which I guess some modifications by Microsoft might be the result of the end-result of what we have now. I'm kinda doubt that these "x50" designs is that worthy by Nokia's standards to be released since they really rather generic looking compared to Fabula Design roots. It's like releasing Surface device but the design isn't close to the design language used by previous Surface devices.
  • I need that green tablet in my life. Even if it doesn't work, I'd love it for my Bright Green collection. On another note, which phone is that yellow polycarbonate one that has a form factor similar to the 830? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Exactly what I thought. There is that mysterious device no one is noticing.. Between those two black phones.. Which one is that? Posted via the Windows Central App for Skynet
  • Isn't that the McLaren device?
  • It somehow looks a lot sleeker than the McLaren, but the size would indeed correspond to the McLaren...
    I wonder what device this was indeed :)
  • I'll never get over Nokia lumias design philosophy. So gorgeous, sturdy, and fun. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That photo fills me with so much jealousy, i want all those devices.
  • R.i.p
  • I badly need the likes of cancelled Nokia Smartwatch.
  • All hail Win RT.
  • Still rocking my Lumia 2520 with no issues LOVE IT!
  • I love my 2520, it slots in nicely between my phone & my main PC...
  • I'm sure I'm not the only one that thinks this, but that tablet is white, not green.  There looks to be a... cover, shield on that tablet which distorts the shape giving it sharp corners instead of rounded. 
  • No, its not even real, its a poorly done fake.
  • looks like L435 Design to me
  • only if Msft puts win10M on RT devices. then this would have been somthing, otherwise just another SurfaceRT or L2520
  • I don't get why Microsoft couldn't have just turned rt devices into full Windows or Windows Mobile
  • If RT devices could run "full Windows" they would have had full Windows on them to begin with.
  • But if RT devices are built with ARM processors, why can't they run Windows 10 mobile? That would be such a convenience. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • no they wouldn't seeing that microsoft wanted to make a new type of windows that was dependent on apps which is why Windows 8 and 8.1 was created. Removing the desktop was their way of moving people away from the legacy way of doing things. However, since Windows 10 runs across ARM as well then it could very well support major windows or windows mobile
  • No, "full Windows" (your words) doesn't run across ARM, Windows 10 Mobile does.
  • Damn
  • Still use my 2520 everyday. I paid for it unlocked out of contact, so I'm using it for as long as it will hold out or Windows 8.1 is dead. Yeah, I know I know...
  • I beg of you please tell me what that tripod is on the 1020. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.
  • Nokia❤
  • I love how colorful these devices are.
  • Great design, to bad, never going to be.... I'd love to see Nokia make phones again....