NordVPN announces new password manager, NordPass

What you need to know

  • NordPass is a new password manager from NordVPN.
  • It can store passwords, autofill passwords, and autofill online forms.
  • It's from NordVPN, a well respected VPN provider.

NordVPN announced a new password manager, NordPass, that aims to help you stay secure online. It handles password management at multiple phases of security, including generating passwords, storing passwords, and autofilling online forms.

NordVPN has earned a solid reputation thanks to its consistent and secure VPN service. Now, the company looks to expand its security coverage with NordPass. The new password manager uses zero-knowledge encryption, which means you own the key to the encryption of your passwords. In other words, even employees at NordVPN can't open your passwords from their servers.

NordPass uses the Advanced Encryption Standard with Argon 2 for key derivation. These provide security for your data stored in the service. You can use NordPass to store passwords, information for online forms, and private notes. NordPass also has the ability to generate passwords to improve security.

NordPass is currently being tested and the first beta is expected to be released in the Fall of 2019. You can sign up for early access on NordVPN's website.

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