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Bug reveals internal, unavailable apps in Nokia App Highlights for Windows Phone

A rather interesting discovery was made over at Should you make use of the search functionality in Nokia App Highlights for Windows Phone, you'll be able to check out apps that are not yet available on the official store. This is a pretty revealing find that alerts everyone to what consumers can potentially expect to see in the future.

The first publishers to be searched were of course Nokia and Microsoft, both populating the results page with numerous apps that have yet to hit the Windows Phone Store. But if you've yet to try this out, you might be out of luck. The loophole has since been fixed. Luckily, we managed to take some shots before our access was slashed.

Nokia Locate 3D

As one can see from the images above, apps such as Nokia Locate3D are listed and can be viewed as though the apps are available for consumers. As noted above, the bug has been fixed with the Spanish website informing Microsoft of the issue. Unfortunately we had limited access before the app ceased to work and on launching App Highlights again made us aware that search capabilities were lost - we were unable to attempt to download mysterious apps.

Other apps listed included beta versions of WhatsApp, Myspace, as well as internal applications by Nokia marked with the message "Nokia Internal Use Only." Ouch. The one app that everyone would be interested to hear listed was absent. Instagram was not spotted, but this shouldn't be seen as evidence pointing at the app not heading to the mobile platform.

Source:; thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Pertamax kakak :)
  • This was found with while Nokia leaked their Spanish app which im waiting since a long time, tuenti social messenger which is like Facebook for Spain and other European countries, and the fastest growing social network. I think it'll be added onto the marketplace thus week. I'll give news for those interested :) Kevin Spain lumia 710
  • Perfect
  • A MySpace app? Lol
  • At least EVERYONE (Apple, Android, and WP fanboys alike) can all agree on that: Who uses Myspace these days?
    Then again, it's a good Spotify alternative... funny enough the new My_ has songs from chiptune people like Chris Huelsbeck. Not all is crappy about artists on My_, lol.
  • MySpace had a very nice overhaul recently. It ain't half bad actually.
  • So true. They've turned themselves into quite a nifty site. It's no longer a Facebook competitor. Instead, they're focusing on music.
  • +1
  • Remember this comment in a year from now.
  • To be clear. It's not a new MySpace app. I'm guessing you've used Google Translate. The Spanish social network "Tuenti" has a new application coming for Windows Phone. "Tuenti" gets translated to "MySpace" by Google. :)
  • Viber plz come soon enough plz
  • Who cares about Myspace?
  • Whatsapp again. Yay. Hope it get rids of the stupid music API and these stupid emoticons
  • You beat me to it! Spookily enough same thought!
  • Whatsapp sits in my last played/paused song list, messed up my car bluetooth as I was unable to play my fav music and yet they are not thinkng on fixing :( The best part is I moved away from it. Unfortunately, there is no WP8 chat app that really functions and now I have my doubts over WP notification API/server efficiencies...
  • I think they still support it because not every wp8 device is on portico yet and have therefore no keep WiFi alive function. Weird if you not have a data plan, but there are people which only makes use of WiFi apparently.
  • Another whatsapp beta? If that doesn't leave audio API alone, I don't know what will!
  • Whatsapp should make it optional.
  • Damn it's a shame there was no sign of Instagram, that would have been megaton. A Whatsapp update is great news though, always good to see the app being supported.
  • i honestly dont get why instagram is good. seriously, im not trolling. i used it for a little while when i had a gs2. but its pretty crap. it doesnt actually do anything as far as i can tell. just a stream of pictures of peoples dinner and justin baeber. am i missing something? (actual question, why do people like it?)
  • The point, as its been proven time and time again, is that it doesn't matter why people like it. Lots of people like lots of dumb stuff. They took the fb approach in that you gotta have it because your friends have it. I just want the app to come out so everyone can shut up about it already.
  • My WP8 cyan theme looks so cool by my Surface with a matching Touch keyboard... It's insane. (randomly spreading happiness, since getting my Win8/WP8 devices)
  • Photo or it didn't happen :P
  • Don't know hownto post pictures here. But hey, send me a FR over Live, it's SlayerSpecial.
  • did anyone check for an updated version of Facebook?
  • U can still check , but u cant install. I am still able to search all nokia test softwares
  • I rebooted my phone, and now the search feature is gone.
  • Mine as well! I didn't reboot my phone though. I was able to find an app called "Nokia Meet" by going to the "new" page and tapping more (Free and paid apps, 5 star rating and all categories). You have to scroll down quite a bit but it's quite noticable.
  • Instagram = 16 ways to screw up a perfectly good picture.
  • Instagram is crap. Fhotoroom is way better.
  • Fhotoroom can be better but instagram has people on it, its the same thing if u compare MySpace to facebook, so instagram is needed even if some of us doesn't give a shit bout it
  • Yep I want instagram just to be able to follow some peoples pics.. No interest in using it myself
  • If you only want to follow, just use Instacam. It works perfectly and while you cant comment or post pics I think the "Likes" even work.
  • WPGram works better. You can actually comment and all pictures show all the time. Instacam has been broken for a while.
  • self plug... You can do the same with Mehdoh too :)
  • I still don't see the point of buying a 600+ EUR phone to take pictures like those i took with my polaroid toy camera in the late 70s
  • There are professional photogs (people contracted by NatGeo, Time, etc) who post pictures on IG. It's not all about the filters.
  • MySpace? LOL!
  • I don't suppose there was a "Fix the DRM Issues" app? :D
  • Hey I still check my MySpace.
  • i didn't understand how to do it... i don't have search in that app
  • ok, been fixed :(
  • Wonder what Locate3D is :D
    On a completely different subject, I've seen some clear evidence of a nearing Instagram release: on a NL920 custom package in a national carrier (TMN Portugal) there was clearly a tile (not a WP-like tile, just a rectangle with rounder corners announcing features) with Instagram written on it in the official font and with the icon. Guys in the store wouldn't let me grab a shot unfortunately :(
  • Is that not the same thing wpcentral already wrote on? Although that didn't have a title being a smaller tile, just the icon of a random app
  • I know what you mean, but it's not that one. From the first pic, it looks like it is the same carrier though :P
    This time is more like in a magenta and white theme and a smaller icon. What caught my attention was the font used in the name (the official, which must be copyrighted or something) and that it was on the card board package around the phone like if it was a real feature already available
  • next time just take the shot before security get a chance to take you. or if you asked, don't ask.
  • I can still access them through App Highlghts app, but trying to install the Development Teams apps gives me a permissions error
    All the below are Nokia Internal Use Only
    Nokia Flights Beta
    Nokia Conference
    Nokia Meet 2.0
    Nokia Locate 3D
    Nokia Approve Demo
    Nokia TV
    Nokia Mobile Bl
    Nokia Places
    Nokia News Alpha
    Nokia MWC 2013
    Nokia News & Views
  • man if this list is correct, Nokia Flights and Nokia TV sound sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!
  • Hell yeah
  • Umm, we have Nokia TV here in Finland.
  • ^ It's all the Finnish Internet TV in one place.
  • I miss the flight app my BB had, it checked your email for ticket reservations, hotel reservations and centralized everything for you. If this app is half as good Im a happy camper 
  • I use TripIt for this; It has a decent WP app too.
  • I guess they'll come out as Here apps
  • Isn't Nokia MWC 2013 already available on the Store for everyone?
  • MySpace.. And why can't I use emojis in the comments..
  • Whooo! I will install dat application 3:)
  • Whatsapp beta's! Good to hear!
  • Before I had my access yanked I managed to grab of set of screenshots of the Nokia internal apps that were coming up:
    Have fun!
  • Cool!
  • Seen some of these before. Meeting room booking apps and so on. Hardly useful.
  • Alright Nokia, you heard gilesjuk, scrap these apps.
  • Still works for me.
  • Did anybody get a list of the Microsoft published future apps? And why did the spanish site report the bug before everyone else got to explore it? That was a wack move.