Number of WP7 Facebook up 200k since Christmas; at 1.3 million

If Facebook is any indicator, it looks like Windows Phone has seen a significant boost recently.  Since Christmas, the number of Facebook users connecting via WP7 has increased by 200 thousand.  The figure now stands at 1.3 million users total.  While Windows Phone Facebook usage has steadily increased since WP7's launch, this bump looks to be the most dramatic yet.

WMPoweruser has used the numbers to make a shaky estimate of 8-9 million Windows Phones devices out there in the ether.  We're not sure how accurate that number actually is, but it would be swell if that were indeed the case.

Source: Windows Phone Facebook; Via: WMPU

  • success!
  • MS has to be very encouraged by this. That is over a 15% increase in less than 30 days.
  • well scratch people like me off that list, i dont use facebook, I find it being very child orientated to be perfectly honest
    dont microsoft have a count of associated devices with Zune or something for a more accurate count? even then though, there will be people who have never connected their phone to Zune
    intesteresting stats all the same, anything that shows WP7 is growing is a good thing!
    I still say if they sort local device encryption and aim at enterprise customers they will start to gain ground, use their own tech to boost it, for example, microsoft Lync is a massive collaborative tool for businesses to use, but its simply too expensive when you compare £30 per person for using google apps (price for the business roughly £30 per head for google apps collaborative suite). Maybe throw in Lync discounts if you use corporate windows phones etc...
    This kind of thinking will gain ground but they can forget people using WP7 in the business world until they get local device encryption - they are all moving away from RIM to apple/android unfortunately from what I can see and once a business is locked into apple it will be hard to prize them away
  • When I update my status on Facebook using the app, it shows as, and I quote, "posted x hours ago via Windows Phone"... However, I do hope they are not including me in the statistics, because until the Nokia 710 is released in the UK on 3, I am using a TouchPro2 running WinMo 6.1, as I have been for 2 years! Nice marketing Microsoft, I like it, but I hope it's not impacting upon the figures.