NVIDIA now accepting GTX 970 settlement claims following class action suit

NVIDIA Logo (Image credit: Windows Central)

Following a preliminary agreement in late July, NVIDIA has now set up a web portal for GTX 970 owners to claim their piece of a settlement brokered over a recent class action lawsuit.

As you may recall, the suit in question alleged that NVIDIA made false claims about the GTX 970's hardware specifications by stating that the card carried 4GB of RAM when it actually came in at 3.5GB. NVIDIA eventually reached a settlement without admitting any wrongdoing, agreeing to pay a partial refund of $30 to those eligible for a claim.

In any case, if you purchased your GTX 970 in the U.S. between September 1, 2014 and August 24, 2016, you can head to NVIDIA's dedicated claim portal to fill out a form and file your claim either online or through the mail. Do be aware that you will be required to provide a valid proof of purchase in order to file your claim as well.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Wow... $30, such generous compensation. Unfortunately I doubt that brand reputation is harmed at all given that fan base for GPUs is more polarized than cell phones. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well, it's still a lot of money in general for how many products were sold. There types of cars never have a big payout.
    Also, they didn't lie just didn't present the information accurately. The 970 does have 4gb of vram, the problem is that .5 of it is slow ram. So, If an application uses more then 3.5gb of ram the card uses the .5 gb that is slower and performance does go down.
  • NVidia deserves it. They've done a lot of stunts in the last 2 years.
  • Yay I get $30 and I'm not even mad about the 3.5GB
  • Same here! My EVGA GTX 970 SSC is the best video card I've ever owned! And it is still a 4GB card, even though the 3.5GB and the .5GB get accessed seperately. All of my games run under 3.5GB anyway at 1080p with everything set to Ultra settings...(including Rise of the Tomb Raider!) looks fantastic! If and when I ever upgrade to 4K, (which the 970 can do) I'll just upgrade my video card as well to run 4K with all the ULTRA settings. No problems here.. Love my 970!
  • I don't believe that you get 4K ultra settings 60fps in any game..
  • CS: Go you can!
  • Guess in Europe we'll need to shut up and play :) oh well playing tomb raider capping the 4GB and framerate is not half bad.
  • Does this mean that the card will always have 3.5GB or will they start making cards with the promised 4GB?
  • Umm...no.
  • No,it was 2 years ago
  • That's not the story. The story is that when announcing the gtx 970 they said it had 4gb of ram. There was a catch to this though. There is 4 gb BUT 3.5 gb is fast ram and .5 gb is slower ram. When people check on the performance and why games would drop frams at a certain point their software only showed 3.5 gb being used when in reality their software did t show the .5gb of ram being used as well. Hitting the slow ram does make it not perform as well but it is better then nothing.
  • The 9XX series is effectively dead... any new purchase should be in the 10XX series
  • Why we choose the other team sometimes ..... Just saying!
  • I just dont understand how and or why the marketing is the same for it still if there has been a lawsuit lost on this. I mean sellers still push it as 4gb card. not the 3.5, .5...
  • Apparently, there is another half gig on the card, but it's for something else, not actually got graphics. At least, that's my understanding.
  • It IS a 4GB card. The .5GB is NOT for "something else". The entire 4GB is all VRAM and it's all for graphics. It's just accessed seperately, and slower than the main 3.5GB.  It's in the way the memory is configured on the card with the controller. Read up on it here: http://www.pcper.com/news/Graphics-Cards/NVIDIA-Responds-GTX-970-35GB-Memory-Issue
  • Thanks for correcting me. :D
  • Dang I just sold mine, I hope they dont require the UPC code or something. :(
  • Do you have the original reciept or can you get online?  For example, if you purchased from Newegg they keep your invoice for several years.
  • Thanks, thats what I did. :)
  • Got a better deal for myself, made EVGA take my card back with full refund after six months of using the card. It is total bull, and those of you willingly accepting their card that are saying nothing is wrong with the GTX 970, you people are the problem giving Nvidia and other companies the "OKAY" to crap on customers with fake advertising, because so many sheep like you will keep lining up. Fools you should be ashamed of yourself, grow some balls and ask for this compensation plus more. 
  • I sent in for my MSI card...and attached a invoice...
  • Only for US, but almost whole world bought that gpu
  • If someone want's to take them to court in other countries, then go for it.
  • Filed mine
  • A long as its better