NVIDIA agrees to settle lawsuits over false ad claims for the GeForce GTX 970

NVIDIA Logo (Image credit: Windows Central)

NVIDIA has agreed to a preliminary settlement of a number of class action lawsuits surrounding its GeForce GTX 970 graphics card. The lawsuits claimed NVIDIA made false statements on the card's hardware specifications.

The first lawsuits were filed in early 2015, claiming that NVIDIA's statement that the GeForce GTX 970 had 4GB of GDDR5 RAM was false; in fact the card has 3.5GB of GDDR5 RAM, with the remaining 500MB running separately. The lawsuits also claim that the card had just 56 render output processors rather than the 64 that NVIDIA claimed it had.

Top Class Actions (via PC Gamer), states:

Nvidia says it will pay each buyer of the graphics card $30 and will pay an additional $1.3 million in attorneys' fees, according to settlement documents. The overall settlement amount was not publicly disclosed within court papers, however Nvidia agreed to pay all consumers who purchased the GTX 970 graphics card and indicated there would not be a cap on the total amount it would pay consumers.

Even though the company is offering a settlement, NVIDIA has denied all allegations of any wrongdoing in this case.

  • Stick this in the category of first world problems.
  • Ahh, yew, being lied to and taken for money only matters if you are dirt poor. Always nice when people like this suggest that having money means you deserve to be treated poorly.
  • Wait? Did I get this right? Everyone who has bought the GTX970 will get 30$ back?
  • I was wondering if they will also give people outside US and Canada a $30 refund...
  • NO. This is the result of a US court.
  • Damn I'm in Canada. Still a great card
  • Might be only for US where I presume the lawsuit was? Its so typical of the Americans think they are the whole world. "Everyone" is only every US citizen...
  • So tired of folks posting the 'typical Americans think they are the whole world BS'...its an American based site discussing a lawsuit in the US.  So this is relevant to non-US folks how?  Want $30 back?  Sue Nvidia in your court system...see how that works??  
  • First of all, this site is not viewable only in the US. Secondly, GTX 970 was not a US exclusive product. Finally, "Nvidia says it will pay each buyer of the graphics card $30".  I don't know how do you interpret the phrase "each buyer of the graphics card", but to me it means everyone who bought it... At least that is what I understand with the little English I know.
  • Given it's this was brought up in USA courts they are giving the $30 to US citizens that bought it. "everyone" is implying everyone that's a US citizen. They shouldn't have to specify something that common sense can clear up. Edit: I see that you say you don't speak much English. This could be the cause of confusion.
  • Then again - if they have admitted they were at fault, then the 'everyone' could conceivably stretch to all of their customers....rather than just the ones in the US. Depends whether Nvidia is a decent company - or whether it simply does what it is legally obliged to do rather than morally...
  • Well NVIDIA still denies the allegations of any wrongdoing and they did this to settle the matter. that clearly means that not EVERYONE is eligible for the $30 refund, but only the ones that this articles refer to. if they had agreed that they are wrong then they were liable to pay everyone who bought GTX 970 no matter from where. Thats my understanding, English isnt my first language either.
  • Overall it seems the graphic card still had 4 GB RAM so only the processors issue remains. But I think people would have bought it anyway
  • Well learn to check your facts. This website has several editions: US, UK, Canada, India, Asia, Europe, Australia and Global (web-version). I believe this article is posted on all the editions, thus "everyone" can be misunderstood.     
  • So how do we put our claim in?
  • $30? Why not just kick everyone in the teeth and be done with it?