How to access and manage your pins in the New Xbox One Experience

As I'm sure many of you have heard, today is New Xbox One Experience (NXOE) day. The new Windows 10 update for Xbox One brings new features as well as changes to a few things. One of the most controversial changes are how and where your pins are displayed. So here's the rundown on how to pin your favorite games and apps as well as manage them.

How to create a pin

Creating a pin allows you to access your favorite game or app without having to travel deep within the Xbox One's UI.

1. Go to 'My games & apps.'

From the Home screen/tab scroll down to the bottom of the page or just simply press RT (right trigger) then select the 'My games & apps' tile.

2. Navigate to your apps

When you open 'My games & apps', you will notice that on the left-hand side you will notice three options; Games, Apps, and Queue. For the purposes of this demonstration, we're going to navigate to the apps and select one to pin.

3. Pin it!

Once you're hovering over the app that you'd like to pin, press the Menu button. A pop-up menu will appear and will give you a couple of options. Choose Pin to Home and this will do the job.

4. Access the pin

Press the Xbox button to take you back to the Home screen/tab. Now press RT (right trigger) to go directly to your pins. You should now see a tile of the app/game that you pinned. Hooray!

Congrats! You have successfully pinned your first app/game.

Protip: Whenever you want to get to your pins on the home screen, instead of scrolling down just press RT (right trigger)

How to manage your pins

1. Go to your pins

While on the Home screen/tab press RT (right trigger) to jump directly to your pins. From here you can choose which pins you want to manage.

Manage that Pin!

Choose the pin that you want to manage by hovering over it. Once it's highlighted press start and a pop-up menu should appear. From here you can choose whether to move a pin to the front of the list or get rid of the pin altogether.

These options allow you to customize your pins the way you want to. Unfortunately, we can't move them round as we please, but for the time being Move to front will suffice.

If you think this guide is helpful, we have many more posts like this in our Xbox help, tips, and tricks page.

  • Awesome
  • Some apps can even create their own pins; eg Netflix can pin shows, giving you tiles to launch the show directly.
  • Not awesome. For those of us using the media remote, accessing pins is much more difficult now. Very low WAF.  I've submitted feedback  through the preview program several times on this. So far nothing has changed or improved. I suggested they use the channel down button to jump straight to the pins. 
  • Yeah, my universal remote isn't as quick to use any more.
  • I didn't think about universal/harmony remotes...  Bummer to hear they are impacted too.  RT and LT on the controller work great.  They need an equivalent on remotes.  Again, I think channel-down for RT and channel-up for LT would be fine.
  • They should've at make Pins have their own navigation section beside Home, which is easier and more obvious for any user. They almost deafest the purpose of Pins that currently they simply tuck it under the Recent list. At a glance, no one knows that the Pin is there.
  • yup. NXOE needs an update to return pins to the left of the home dashboard screen. They should return the four tiles of "Most Recent" directly under the large "active tile" - I have no interest in seeing "what's hot" or "active" or "Share... something" for any of my games (if I did I'd do it in game, or immediately upon seeing whatever there was to share). And have the "my games and apps" be on the first screen of the dashboard's home screen. So, return the dashboard home screen back to how it was prior to the NXOE.
  • Also not awesome for SmartGlass users.
  • You can launch the pins directly from the app though.
  • Not from the Xbox app.
  • He said SmartGlass
  • Speak of the devil, I was just thinking about this lol.
  • Need more space for pins. They should create categories.
  • They need an option to maybe have the tiles smaller or something. I would like to see my background wallpaper a bit better rather than a larger than life main tile.
  • What is it with people's fascination with the wallpaper? How much time do you spend looking at your wallpaper? I know I am there only long enough to launch the game or app.
  • You can change the transparency btw. My wallpaper looks awesome
  • I think they really should just let you move them around there, rather than having to organise them using the app... it actually makes no sense
  • Is there a limit to how many pins you can have? More than the old Ui?
  • When I pin Edge it will change to an IE pin...
  • Not so sure about the layout of this update. May just be me, but seems a lot more confusing.
  • Absolutely agree
  • Well, if you give it more than 5 minutes maybe your opinion will change.  Any change will requires the user to modify a few of their pet routines.
  • Lol people!
  • I gave it an entire day. I hate it as much (maybe even more than) as I expected. And on a big screen, it looks even worse, with the fonts being so small it's borderline ridiculous.
  • Not even close.  ALL of our "routines" have to be thrown out the window.  No gestures, being forced to use a stupid controller, zero customization.  "Pet routines" my hind end.
  • First world problems are insane these days
  • The easiest way to navigate around and launch apps and games is to shout at your Xbox, gotta love the kinect :)
  • Yes, like choosing what kind of surround sound you have.
  • excepting those who bought the remote. Now it takes significantly more time for them to reach their pinned content.
  • It IS more confusing and it's user-spiteful.
  • For those who were big into gestures, I'm sure this change is not welcome. For the other 99.95% of us, this will work great after we adjust to the new placements. Similar to Media Center... is the loss unfortunate? Absolutely. Is it reasonable to expect Microsoft to support, upgrade, and maintain features that an incredibly small percentage of users actually use? I don't really think so (and I am an ex Medora Center user, so I do know the pain...). Still... my condolences on your loss of gestures... I do mean that.
  • I feel like the media centre features would have been used a lot, every single person I know with a 360 utilised some kind of media centre/network media connectivity.
  • You have to navigate around more to get any access, I don't see much use in the entire home screen being simply the last game/app accessed and a group of MS ads.
  • Just wish it was more like tablet mode in w10. Easier to see pins and all apps... Like front and center... I don't need 65% of my screen taken up by my last two apps only.
  • Microsoft is now run by complete idiots.  That is why all of this is now garbage.  They took a good thing and, instead of tweaking it for improvements, they defacated all over them to come up with this.
  • Good grief... you really are the sensitive sort, aren't you? Defecated all over the users? Seriously?
  • Thats pretty much what I feel too after being forced to use this fucked up UI.  Its so counter intuitive it makes me want to use my PS4 more.
  • Lol wished they would've left pro windows cpl alone
  • My two biggest complaints of the NXOE are: 360 games need a separate section (they look weird mixed with One titles) & double tap the Xbox button to snap is now a lot slower and less intuitive than before
  • those bars with the games underneath the current app screen doesn't seem to work on my xbox in the Netherlands. They're all grey with no options. Only the Oneguide app shows options ther. Also in NL we don't have the Oneguide hub. It's like I miss half of the UI XD
  • So I'm reading this thinking wow these guys make an article for everything! Even when its not needed (like how to charge the band 2) for simple tasks. Then I see a little of comments from people saying great post, thanks for the help. Who are these people that can't figure out something this remedial?
  • IPhone users.
  • The RT shortcut was news to me.
  • People who expect it to be intuitive?
  • Cool
  • Might be being stupid but I used to be able to say "xbox show guide" and i had a fully navigable tv guide by voice. now it just doesnt exist. am i missing a command? as a side note, just updated my sp2 to new build and the colours are just incredible, must be new intel hd drivers, but wow!
  • This "upgrade" is really a DOWNGRADE.  We lose gestures, which is our primary way we interact with our Xbox.  The things we use are no longer center screen, but we have to scroll down to the bottom.  We're blocking this downgrade as long as we can.
  • As of the 23rd it will be FORCED.  So download your game updates before then and never play online and you'll be safe. Unless they sneak-downloaded it already, and it springs onto your UI on the 23rd with no warning or ability to disable.
  • I have no USE for the Xbox for games. We bought it strictly as a media center and the fact that we could control it with gestures.  There's got to be a way to permanently disable the downgrade.
  • I never used gestures. I use the voice on the Kinnect though. Actually all the people that I game with don't use gestures. I bet MS did thier research and found out that most people don't use gestures. I've seen you complain about this in other threads but really you sit around waving at your Xbox? I felt bad talking to it LOL.
  • What is the shortcut with media remote instead of using right trigger?
  • There's none! I raised it a few times on the preview forums
  • isn't it just left arrow?
  • I was thinking about the tiles. Left arrow brings up the system menu bar when you are at the home tab. I totally agree that the home tab is pretty useless with its huge last used apps.
  • Don't you see just how retarded this is?  YOU HAVE TO USE THE FLIPPING CONTROLLER TO DO ANYTHING.  Plus, you have go to the bottom just to SEE your pins.  The home screen before this downgrade is much better.  All the things I use are RIGHT THERE.  And, even better, without picking up a stupid controller and without saying a word, I can manipulate the screen.  All that is gone with this downgrade.
  • I've been following your comments for some time now, scubadog, and I have to ask: why are you even still here? It would be one thing if you were offering constructive criticism, doing your part to try to save your beloved Microsoft. But all I ever see is hyperbole and superlative laced whining, complaining and doomsaying. And to top it all off, it all boils down basically to "this ain't my beloved Windows 8". No, it's not - and thank goodness for that! See, we could argue all day whether or not Windows 10 (including the NXOE) is a sinking ship (you say yes, I say no, and around and around we go), but regardless of whether or not Windows 10 is a SINKING ship, Windows 8 is a ---SUNK--- ship. It's fate is absolutely sealed. So go ahead and cling to the mast for the next few minutes while it's still above water and shout til you glub about how much better Windows 8 was!  Either you're just so very wrong about the current state and/or future of Microsoft (which is what I personally believe), or if you're right, well then crap, we all need to get the heck outta here, ASAP, and will the last one flip the light switch as they leave! You guys will all have to start your own message board about how much Windows sucks and pat yourselves on the back for all butthurting together. I won't join. Look, I have my concerns about NXOE too. Part of the change was to get XB1 onto Windows 10, and bring it under the UWP. I approve! But it's UWP now, and so where are the universal apps? As best I can tell, they aren't there. So what the heck is all this talk about UWP, then? But before I start taking to the Internet trash talking Microsoft, demanding Nadella's head, bemoaning how I wish it were like Windows 3.1 again, and generally making a total posterior of myself in front of the whole internet, I'm gonna sit and wait, and see how this resolves. You are WAY too quick to the bazooka! Your other complaints don't resonate with me. I don't see the difference between having to scroll up/down or left/right as material, and I did have to scroll. I don't buy the "screen real estate" argument as to me it all seems so "potato, potahto". In a vacuum, I guess I'm fairly agnostic concerning the superiority or even preferability of horizontal or vertical, but in the context of the UWP, everything else is vertical, this should be vertical too. So I'm GLAD for the change! As far as gestures, I never used them, and MSs data indicates that very few people ever did. So the "we" you were referring to in an earlier post about the apocalypse of gesture removal must be you and your poker buddies. Although, I also don't see a benefit to removing them to the masses, so I guess I can ultimately give you this one. The fringe wants them, the fringe should have them. HOWEVER, in all your tirades, you seem to forget about WaaS. Microsoft IS listening, and in fact, in the interview with Mike Ybarra, he explicitly said if user feedback indicates, they'll bring gestures back. So instead of spending all your energies trying to get the entire Windows community to experience your butthurt, why not channel that passion constructively, rally the troops, go to MS and get the gestures back? I probably still will never use them, but I have no objection whatsoever to them being there, and if you love them, try to get them back! I wish you all he best, and I mean that! I know that I for one would definitely desire to see your criticisms either turn productive....or turn off.
  • No you don't try using voice. Much easier then waving your arms about.  
  • As usual one step forward, two steps back. Where are my freaken gestures? Why do you keep removing features? Why the hell do I have a Kinect for? Every freaken update you remove stuff and promise to add them "SOON TM"
  • Sweet
  • The new update looks great! Does anyone have any idea when universal apps will be available in the store? Is this still happening?
  • The accessories app is even missing
  • Its there on my consoles, not that I give a damn.  I just want the whole UI to go back to how it was yesterday.  You know, USABLE!
  • The new update is painful. Everything I used the most was right there, now it's gone, forcing another action to obtain, and even though I go to TV the most it doesn't stay as part of my most recent. And no more gestures....god, did they even bother getting feedback from users?
  • They did. And then, just like on WP before it and on Windows 10, they only went through with the feedback that matched what they had already planned.   The entire "Insider" programs is a joke to keep fans happy. If Microsoft trully cared about user opinions they'd AT LEAST provide options instead of forcing the same solution on everyone.
  • I absolutely agree that's what Microsoft did. 
  • I upgraded to the NXOE tonight. While I've only had a chance to superficially explore it so far, I can tell that so like the looks, and verticality of it better as well as walking away with a strong impression that it will also be functionally better. Seems like a clear change for the better. However, with it being an arm of Windows 10 now, I was really hoping for access to universal Windows apps, even such things as the office suite, but alas, on a quick search they seem absent. While still better than the old UI, unless this thing really works and integrates with Windows 10 in ways the old UI never could, then I will still be disappointed, and will definitely think both the term and the hype "NXOE" will be a bit overblown. Still, let's play wait and see before we train our bazookas on it, shall we?
  • Yeah I like it to, shame to see gestures go, but it was always kind of buggy so I rarely used it.
  • Yeah, I didn't really use the feauture either. But with WaaS, there's always the possibility of the gestures coming back. In fact, in the WC interview with the XBox guy, they specifically mentioned the possibility of the feature coming back should user feedback indicate the need. That's the beauty of WaaS - Microsoft is listening! :-)
  • Well, they removed gestures because they said few people use them, so I can't imagine user feedback will have a big enough impact to bring them back. It seems user feedback has been we don't want them.
  • Well there's a very good chance that you're right and they won't come back. However, I certainly have no reason to want them gone. So if they come back, great. And if they don't, that's okay. Still the ones who miss it should be making all the noise they can (to Microsoft, not the Windows Central comment threads), and we'll just see what MS decides to do. :-) Cheers!
  • Ok so i in my opinion glad to see Microsoft updates the Xbox but this updates feels 3 steps backward. Now too see my pins I have yo go down and my remote control is useless. Wtfffff.. I wonder why fix something that is not broken.
  • Mine defaulted to 50hz output to my north American tv after the update. Took me a while to figure that out. Some channels still seem jerky and have audio synch issues.
  • Some newer TVs support both 50 & 60 besides 120
  • Hmm, on the old UI you had to press the left bumper to get to pins, and now you have to press the right trigger. Why Microsoft, whyyyy? Oh wait, still just one button
  • I wish we could arrange the pins as we want rather than having as the only option "Move to front". You can end up with the org that you want by moving to front, but it's a long, tedious process.
  • People resist change and this is pretty Majot. I'm on the preview so I've had it for a bit. Things that I noticed last night after everyone got it. 1.) achievements weren't poping a notification. I was not receiving invites either. Anyone else have this issue? Hopefully it's fixed tonight. (Yes I checked to make sure notifications were on)
  • Used to click once on my X1 remote to go the left (my pins) and launch Netflix. Now I need to click six freakin times to get the bottom and even if there was a shortcut for the remote, I had to click twice, since I'd just get to my games & apps and had to go down or right once more to get to my most favored pins. Very disappointed!!! -> @MS: include an RT-button action on my remote (>| button) and the opportunity to move the my games & apps tile!!!