O2 releases official TU Go app for Windows Phone

UK mobile operator O2 has released an official TU Go app for Windows Phone, enabling consumers to participate in this latest beta program. TU Go essentially allows customers to use their mobile phone number through Wi-Fi so everyone is covered thanks to their immediate local network.

Available for O2 monthly subscribers, TU Go will work on any Wi-Fi network in the world and across multiple devices. This is an ideal solution for those who find themselves running out of battery on one smartphone and desperately needs to pick up the call or SMS conversation on another (or even a PC, tablet).

Some highlighted features:

  • Constant coverage – choose between your mobile network (GSM), Wi-Fi or fixed Internet for incoming and out going calls and messages.
  • Simple – TU Go's easy to use interface syncs to combine your timeline across all your devices.
  • Travel friendly – use TU Go abroad when connected to a local Wi-Fi network on any compatible device. It'll work, and you'll be charged, as if you were in the UK.
  • There when you need it – expecting an important call? Need to access your voicemail? Now you need never miss a conversation.TU Go frees your number to work over Wi-Fi on up to five other devices, so you'll always stay connected.

It's worth noting that this is a beta app and O2 is asking that users provide feedback on the network's community forum. On O2? Give the app a download today.

QR: O2 TU Go

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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