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o2 rolling out NoDo in early April

o2 have announced on Twitter that they are working with Microsoft to bring the NoDo update to Windows Phone 7 (HTC HD 7) customers in early April. This is great news for everyone who is awaiting the update (and cut & paste) who is on the network. However, it should be noted (just like pre-NoDo) that this isn’t concrete, and could be delayed.

Are you on o2, and patiently awaiting NoDo? Join in the conversation covering the NoDo rollout on our forums!

Source: o2 on Twitter

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  • o2?Is there anything the Oxygen Network doesn't have their small, feminine paws on?
  • Vodafone UK don't have any info whatsoever on the NoDo update :(!/VodafoneUK/status/50505549812477952
  • Is this the Uk O2?
  • That is correct.
  • Sorry, per the recent MS blog post, shouldnt all this "working together" have already been done beforehand? Why are they just getting round to it now?