O2 will notify credit card issuers when you're abroad to prevent declined transactions

O2 has launched a new service called Travel Alerts, which will allow the mobile operator to alert your credit card issuer or bank if you're smartphone is currently roaming abroad. This will then allow you to use your cards while away without fear of having them decline because your provider believes it to be a fraudulent transaction. Initially, O2 will be partnering with UK credit card issuer MBNA.

This service will save the customer some time from setting their account to away through online banking or having to call a center to explain the dates you will be travelling abroad. Simply head out with your smartphone and everything will be handled automatically by O2 and supported partners, should you opt-in for Travel Alerts. If your provider or bank spots a transaction from a different country to where your mobile is located, it will then flag it for review.

It's a neat new service we're sure many will appreciate if they're with MBNA. Hopefully, we'll see O2 expand Travel Alerts to include other providers and banks as the year progresses. Just make sure you don't forget to take your smartphone with you before you frantically rush to the airport.

Source: O2 (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
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  • Great idea. My old bank used to lock my account if I just CHECKED my funds online through their website in a foreign country. And I traveled a lot back then. Dumped them after one too many of those experiences.
  • Your*, first paragraph. This sounds excellent! I always forget to set-up travel notifications :(
  • I made the same comment on the android central version (same author). It made my OCD tingle.
  • Yup. I'm not usually a grammar ****, but some mistakes make my eyes sore :P.
  • Shame O2 can't even get its own payments system in order, just go on the O2 forum & see the vast amounts of complaints from customers due to no fault of there own. O2 is an odd company, comes up with new ideas but can't even get its own basics right.
  • Sounds great.  Until someone steals your bag with your phone in it.  Then has approved access to your credit cards.  This kind of stuff does happen. 
  • This sounds like the service visa is advertising. But it requires that issuers app to be installed
  • Banks no longer require notification in Canada....so this is late in the game