Oculus announces $399 Rift bundle with Marvel Powers United VR

As Comic-Con continues to rage in San Diego this week, Oculus stepped up to announce a new Rift bundle that combines the VR headset with two Touch controllers and its upcoming superhero adventure, Marvel Powers United VR. Fetching $399, the bundle will launch shortly after the game's July 26 release date, hitting retailers on July 31 (via The Verge).

Marvel Powers United VR is a first-person title that lets you team up with friends as any one of a slew of heroes from the Marvel universe. The main goal is to take down the baddies as you defend objectives around the map, employing the overwhelming rage of the Hulk, the heroics of Captain America, or the godly powers of Thor.

Buying a standard Oculus Rift Touch bundle normally costs $399 as well, so this new bundle is like snagging a $40 game for free. Those who are new to Rift will be able to get their hands on bundles starting July 31 at most major retailers around the world. For those who are already strapped into the world of Rift, Marvel Powers United VR is up for preorder for $39.99 at Oculus.

Marvel Powers United VR: Everything you need to know

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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