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Official app launches for Windows Phone

As previewed back at CES in early January (along with Flickr and Bank of America), the official app is now out for Windows Phone 7. The app will allow users to browse the popular shopping site without having to use the web, enabling ease of access to 1-click ordering, Wish Lists, package tracking, reviews and related items. Combined with the Kindle app, Amazon looks to have embraced Windows Phone, giving customers plenty to do on their devices.

Grab the app here in the Marketplace right now.

via @ckindel

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  • Australia gets jibbed again! Looks to be region locked.
  • Yeah this one looks to be America only, although that makes sense. I'd expect region specific versions to start making their way out to the marketplaces soon
  • This is one of the most useful apps that I had on the iPhone. It is perfect for when you want to look up user reviews on a product while at the store, or to check the amazon price because 99% of the time they have the cheapest price on the internet for everything.
  • big no for uk
  • Excellent app. Easy to use, nice UI and no lag, glitches, or crashes! A must-have!