Official Disqus app for Windows Phone updated, introduces new inline browser and other improvements

The official Disqus mobile app, which is currently only available for Windows Phone (we'll never tire of writing that), has been bumped to version 1.2. We previously looked at Disqus when version 1.1 was released. The latest version introduces a number of new features, as well as implementing multiple fixes and improvements to further enhance the user experience. So, what's new?

The most notable change is the official app now sporting an inline browser. The Disqus Browser (it's currently in beta, folks) locates Disqus comment threads as the user browses favourite websites. This means there's no longer the requirement to leave the app to view the websites in question. Particularly useful if you're one to handle multiple sources within the app.

Here's the full change log for version 1.2 (excluding the Disqus browser):

  • Recent Discussions page on your Dashboard that shows all the discussions you’ve starred or commented on
  • Discussions now show an image and description of the article, if available
  • Various minor bug fixes and enhancements
  • Localisation: Added Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico), Czech, Danish, Indonesian, Chinese (Traditional), Polish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Lithuanian, Slovak, Bulgarian, Croatian
  • Localisation: Updated existing Finnish, Italian translations
  • Localisation: Help topics now available in most languages

Should you visit websites that utilise the Disqus community service, be sure to check out the official app for Windows Phone. It's as useful as it is gorgeous. You can download Disqus from the Windows Phone Store.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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