Official Domino's Pizza app for Windows Phone launches in India

We've been closely following Domino's ( Windows Phone deployment - yes, we're huge fans of the grub too. The company has already released apps for both the US and UK and Ireland, but now we're also looking at an official solution for India. Just as one would expect, you'll be able to browse the menu of mains, sides and any running special offers. 

Once decided on your perfect pizza, delivery can be paid for and tracked. It's a superb user experience and the layout fits perfectly with the overall look and feel of Windows Phone. As an added bonus, the app for India also supports valid coupons introduced by branches within the country. Whether you're looking at resources for the party or simply desire some comfort food, the Domino's app will help make your ordering that much easier.


It's good to see more official apps arrive on the platform, especially localised versions of solutions already available in other markets. You can download the Domino's app from the Windows Phone Store (and for those who reside in the UK and US). Both Windows Phone 7 and 8 supported. Thanks, Etios, for the tip!

QR: Domino's Pizza

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • What happen to the US of A?
  • What do you mean?
  • Weird. I already have it downloaded on my phone. Nevermind... Lol
    Sometimes I download and forget what I got.
  • I have to purge my app list from time to time.
  • Yep, I currently have 120 apps on the main screen, and a bunch i don't use.
  • Wow! I try to keep it to two screen fulls, so that I only have to scroll once to see everything.
  • I love the way I have my tiles set up. Sometimes I wish I knew more ppl who have windows phones so I can see the unique way they set up their tiles... And their thought process behind it
  • ^right?!
  • Ask and you shall receive
  • Dude, right on!
  • Isn't it ridiculous when you hear some iDroidBerry fan talk about how LiveTiles are useless❔ And, that the WP start screen is not customizable,, when it's the most customizable...
  • I hate how much media attention the Moto X was getting and they knew nothing about it.
    Nokia released a 41 mp camera ppl!!!!
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    Here's my reply, earlier today, to a SamsungDroid sheep who says that the GS4 is much higher quality than any Nokia Lumia...
    ""You can go with what's popular, and what makes money for Samsung... We'll take our beautiful, well built and designed, quality oriented, innovative, and premium feeling Nokia devices... No device Samsung has ever made has as much innovation, style, quality, and originality as a Nokia Lumia 920... When Apple was in court with Samsung they used a Nokia Lumia 900 to show that it is possible to design a smartphone and not copy the iPhone... What does that say about Nokia vs Samsung❔.... But, I'm sure you don't care about anything I just said because you're probably saying "but Nokia isn't popular"" Yeah, that's the way I used to think back in junior high as well.. Follow the crowd, but don't do what's best for you.. Sounds like the definition of a sheep""""
    I'm waiting for his reply..
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  • Can't. Play youtube ie10 site in windows phone
    can't play this file on phone,
    Error 80072efe
  • Are you spamming?
    You have the same post on multiple articles... and there isn't even a video attached to this one.
    BTW - videos are playing fine in IE10.
  • Don't eat at Dominos often but this is a very well designed app.
  • You will start,, you hear me❕❕
  • plus, ordering dominoes online is fantastic.  it's so easy to design a pizza.  and their pizza is better than it used to be.
  • I'd like a double margarita cheese pizza with cheese burst and one cheesy dip aaaaaand add a diet coke :D
  • Lol diet coke really?? -_-
  • Good news for our OS. Hope to see more from the big guys for all countries.
  • The biggest problem currently is that you cannot download these apps if your phone is not registered to that specific store. Which makes it pretty useless for travelers.
  • I can download the Indian version.
    Really, I'm not eating at Domino's if I'm traveling abroad.
  • +1 I always shake my head at travellers who have flown thousands of kilometres to see new countries and cultures aaaand they're eating in McDonalds
  • I agree with you. But if your on a long stay sometimes you just need something familiar. In those instances something like this could be helpful.
  • Those people have traveled miles, not kilometers. ;)
    But I can understand wanting a little "comfort food" once in a while when far away from home.
  • Oh yeah, totally... I've even caught myself in a  Burger King after a month or so of travelling! But some people are fresh off the plane and don't bother ever eating the local food.
  • But the Indian version of Dominos/McDonalds/Pizza Hut are nothing like the US/UK versions... you'd be pleasantly surprised by the different taste. Also, in a country like India if you don't know where to eat, these places are often the most hygienic.
  • Clearly you've never been to any Dominos/McDonalds/Pizza Huts in India.
  • Well, you got me with that well-reasoned comment.
  • More like a well-seasoned comment. Zing
  • You're probably traveling to a place for like two weeks and not 6-12 months. And yea the Indian version shows up but isn't there also one for the UK? That doesn't show up here.
  • There's a major difference between the US and UK versions of this app, the UK version has NFC support.
  • What can you do with NFC?
  • There's KFC support for NFC
  • Redeem vouchers for offers by reading nfc tags on flyers or posters. Haven't seen any yet in London so far, but its a good concept. If only we could pay the delivery man via nfc...
  • That's exactly it, I haven't seen any of those posters or flyers yet either. According to VISA and Mastercard Mobile Payments are coming in December when they release their apps ;-)
  • Well I can't wait for that. Although EE have already launched NFC payments for the Samsung S4 and another android phone, it's quite painful that they haven't done it for windows phone yet. Hopefully that's coming soon too.
  • In the UK version, the Dominos ads have NFC support as well. If you download the app through NFC, you get a 25% discount off your order.
    At the London bus stop ads though, I mostly use it to get the bus countdowns :)
  • McDonalds has had NFC payments for years. Back when I had PNC, I would swipe my tag all the time for quick payments. 7-11 has taken NFC payments for years as well.
  • Found a bug in US ap and emailed company,they looked into it,I was right and they sent out a card! Great app,great company actually responds to consumers about bugs. Unlike MSFT,winphone team can't get any help/ answer for error code c00d36c4 about podcasts downloaded from marketplace
  • Can anyone confirm if the app try's to rape on you or not!?
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  • @SicAnus 
    Are you Pakistani?? :p
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  • Now I'm sure where you belongs to :D
  • Trust issues?
  • Ummm Canada anyone?
  • I know, right?! We like pizza too...
  • Domino's Israel also have an app, so it's 5 countries now.
  • In Russia, pizza orders you!
  • I heard that in a Abakan accent..
  • Ditto lol
  • Josh,, guess what... You're a racist bastard like NIST... Lol❕
  • Russian is a race? School much?
  • Yes, now.. Yes..
  • Well, I don't agree that this app has Tracking Support, it comes with everything else. Hopefully this will get implemented in the next update.
  • Canada??
  • Naaaaaaaa... Hey, so do you guys really put Canadian bacon on your pizza❔
  • Yeah it's called "ham". We also put actual bacon on pizza. I like to call that one "breakfast".
  • OMG❕❕ That sounds soooo gooood.. I'm fuckin starving now..
  • Haha you ppl are weird.. as an Aussie, I find the term "Canadian Bacon" amusing.. We have bacon and ham here too :)
  • Yeah, but isn't your bacon made from Kangaroo meat❔... That's what they teach us in school here in America.
  • Lol are you serious? Bacon/ham both come from a pig, made in the usual manner.. Kangaroo is rarely eaten, although its gaining some popularity in more recent years as more of a delicacy.
  • I was just being facetious... Lol❕
  • I wonder what kind of pizza they have in India❔❔
  • Well basically we get all the pizzas you do with a little bit of indian flavour and much lesser cheese.
  • Is it goat cheese? I knows cows are sacred to the Hindus. I work with six of them. They don't do beef, (actually they are vegetarians) cows milk or cows cheese.
  • Hindus take cow milk, cheese etc, only cow meat is avoided.
  • Good question, but a better question is what is the stuff that they use for cheese on US dominoes pizzas... Lol❕
  • LOL this is a good question.
  • Hahaha..
  • You work with six cows you say...? They complain a lot dont they??? :/
  • Haha that's how I read it too. "Cows are sacred. I work with six of them" :P
  • +moooooo
  • Yay terrible food in a country full of fantastic food
  • No country has as big of selection of great food than America.. Because everything is cooked here, by all kinds of people, at some point...
  • I believe other countries also cook the food in the country that you ordered it in.
  • That's confusing..
  • Wait... What?!
  • Hah. That's not true.
  • Now we need the app in Canada :P surprised it isn't yet.
  • Why is Canada always left out for so long❔.. Is it politics❔
  • I think because some of them speak French.
  • Maybe so..
  • Damn dominos India.
    Curry pizza yummy
  • None of the stores are capable enough to place a Delivery / Pick up orders in New Delhi(Capital). I guess they just launched the app for now.
  • Some people have succesfully placed an order using this app, you should try again tomorrow or don't know maybe Delhi stores are not as tech savvy as Bangalore lol
  • Bangalore > any other Indian city/state.
  • you can only order between 11am and 11pm IST
  • I am getting tired of official
  • Lol
  • Lol❕.. Too many coming in❔
  • 65 comments on an article about a local app is proof enough you guys are jobless on a Sunday, and you should be taking out your girl to the pizza store instead of sitting alone at home and using this app to order pizza. :P
  • Its filled with Indian wp boys
  • This was posted yesterday.. Check the date and time... But, I guess that makes it even worse.. Lol❕
  • Yeah, assuming it was posted on Saturday, the comments have more than doubled on Sunday. Situation remains unchanged.