Domino's Pizza

We've been closely following Domino's ( Windows Phone deployment - yes, we're huge fans of the grub too. The company has already released apps for both the US and UK and Ireland, but now we're also looking at an official solution for India. Just as one would expect, you'll be able to browse the menu of mains, sides and any running special offers. 

Once decided on your perfect pizza, delivery can be paid for and tracked. It's a superb user experience and the layout fits perfectly with the overall look and feel of Windows Phone. As an added bonus, the app for India also supports valid coupons introduced by branches within the country. Whether you're looking at resources for the party or simply desire some comfort food, the Domino's app will help make your ordering that much easier.

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It's good to see more official apps arrive on the platform, especially localised versions of solutions already available in other markets. You can download the Domino's app from the Windows Phone Store (and for those who reside in the UK and US). Both Windows Phone 7 and 8 supported. Thanks, Etios, for the tip!

QR: Domino's Pizza