Official ESPN Formula One app speeds on to the Windows Phone Store

Should you somehow be unfamiliar with Formula One racing, the sport is extremely popular with some of the fastest circuit cars in the world. Keeping on top of coverage throughout the season can prove to be rather troublesome, should you not be connected to a viable source. This is where the official ESPNF1 ( Windows Phone app comes into play. Overtake the break to see what the app is all about.

Delivering content in English, Portuguese and Spanish, the ESPNF1 app offers not only news, standings and driver positioning during live races, but also detailed information about the collection of competing teams, drivers and circuits. There's a lot of content to get through during the season, but using your Windows Phone while on the move could prove to be the most efficient way.

When firing up the app for the first time and using it to get your through the F1 season, there's a prominent count down clock on the home page, which counts down until the start of the next race. As we're talking about a Windows Phone app, there's an intuitive UI making it almost painless to access key content areas within the app itself. 

If you're interested in the circuits themselves, there's the ability to select a race to view further information on that particular location. Details include a profile of each track alongside the usual historical background. Finally, what would a F1 solution be without a means to check out upcoming races and view exclusive news? The ESPNF1 app can do both, ensuring you're in the loop when it comes to racing.

It's a solid app and one worth downloading should you find yourself following the action. Head on over to the Windows Phone Store to download ESPNF1 for free. Are you a Formula 1 fan? Let us know your thoughts on the ESPN app in the comments.


Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • This makes me happy :)
  • Alright! Just need to remember I have this in 2.5 months when the season starts. Edit: Just installed and first this I see is the countdown. Just 70 more days! I like this app, nice and clean and displays start times in your local time.
  • It will be a long 70 day. Michael is also in my thoughts and prayers.
  • Yep. Pray for Michael!
  • Indeed, I hope he recovers fully soon!
  • More official apps! :D
  • An official app announcement always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. :)
  • Man, this seems pretty terrible. I guess Windows Phone will never have a great F1 app.
  • There is the official Formula 1 app, not in the store now because the season is over but should be there before this season starts.
  • ESPN: Now please bring us the WatchESPN app, please.
  • Yes, and make the Scorecenter app worth using... or make it the Sportscenter app and bring WP inline with the apps they offer on other mobile platforms.
  • Yes please.
  • Agreed, the fact we don't have this app sucks bigtime.
  • Yes, this x100000! This and an official Starbucks app are the only things I'm waiting for!
  • Dont count on Starbucks to make an app for WP8, they are Apple lovers, even the android version is not as good as the IOS version.
  • It crashes on my 1520 when i choose preferences
  • Works on the 920. Don't worry, only setting is language
  • Tell that to the dev's I'm sure they will fix it. Try About ---> Submit Feedback.
  • Where's my ESPN endless runner? :v
  • App is pretty good for news and race info, but the font is really small and you can't increase the size. Would like a dark theme as well.
  • Content is good but the design, fonts and rest are terrible.
  • Complete agree and I would add it is not very metro I.e. Menus are unorthodox and there is no live tile support
  • it was about TIME! waited forever for this one! 
  • Man, there is official F1 app " Timing 13' CP " from Soft Pauer !
  • Clearly, the best.  In this case you truly get what you pay for.  I've been an F1 fan since the late '60s.
  • Wow nice app. I love the unique UI just going to enjoy watching this app evolve.
  • Crash on my 1520 :(
  • Same here. Open any article & it brings me back to start screen. Seems to be a 1520 specific only.:|
  • Yes it look like it is. If you can go to
    About ---> Submit Feedback. Hopefully it is a quick fix.
  • No use. It happens on that also.
  • Okey I'll submit that 1520 users are having problems.
  • Thank you.I can wait,no problem. But I am from India. Cannot call an international number. Way too expensive
  • Ok I submitted the report for the 1520 users to the dev's. Hopefully it is a quick fix.
  • Thank you. So gracious of you
  • The first sentence should be less PC and say... "Should you happen to live outside the jolly old USofA"!! I'm not a huge F1 fan, but you know it makes sense Rodders :D
  • Do you think people in the US don't watch F1?
  • No, they don't. They don't even watch NASCAR anymore.
  • All my friends watch F1. We even watch most of the races live.
  • It's only a joke, I'm sure you know what I mean. :D
  • Did u know there's a free version of doodle jump made by another developer
  • I like it. Nice app for the only motor sport i like. Thanks ESPN
  • Yes!!!!!
  • Final!!
  • I wish they'd bring the sportscenter app to windows phone so we could get scores, news, video and social media feeds in one place. The current ESPN app is due for a revamp. It has a hard limit on the amount of news, video and scores it loads
  • Awesome, looks great.
    Pray for Schumi, all the best man!
  • Maybe they should fix the ESPN apps that are in the market now before releasing another, terrible apps
  • Great to see a decent F1 app. I'm hoping official MotoGP app would cone to WP ass well.
  • Ass-well?
  • Yes it is, thanks.
  • Everytime i tap on any article it goes back to my start screen. Anyone having this issue? I rebooted my 1520 & reinstalled the app. No joy.
  • Such improvement
    Much Apps
  • So amaze.
  • So glad to have an official ESPN Formula One app on windows phone!
  • Great app! Blows F1 World Pro away!
  • Left me speechless ! Wonderful app ^_^
  • Wow I didn't know anyone watched F1 anymore. This must be outside the US. In the US F1 gets lower TV ratings that women's basketball and that's bad......
  • That's very true. But welcome to the "New World". I'm also in the US and it took me also a long time to realize that the Globe is alot bigger than the US. My 2 cents.
    I think this is good. :-)
  • Great app! Hope they can have black background as a choice too. Great alternative F1 app beside the official app from formula that cost me RM20 to download
  • Nice app. Interesting approach, like it so far.
  • Not working properly in my 1520.:(
  • I used to love watching F1 when I was child but now not even more because doesn't have much time to spend on this racing event. Haha. Still it's always nice to see official app coming to windows phone ecosystem. :D
  • Font is too small and too light, with no way to change. Unusable. Try harder next time. 
  • ESPN should hop on updating scorecenter to sportscenter.
  • Tell them how you feel with in the app go to Settings ---> Other ------ Send Feedback. Your opinion counts.
  • Did it!!
  • Cool; me too. Now we need everyone to do the same. Hopefully this works.
  • Is this app not available for WP7?
  • Combined with Live Timing app and we're good to go for the new season!
  • ANGRY BIRDS GO IS FREE!!!!!   Sorry for being offtopic here ;)
  • Damn only if i had a 1gb ram phone
  • I want the new sports center app!
  • Need this on Windows 8 now to keep my girlfriend happy :)
  • Official F1 app is excellent, but far too expensive. Believe its to cost of the live data feed that pushes the price up?
  • Compare that to the live feed you can rent at a race.    It's cheap.   Soft Pauer F1 Timing FTW!
  • Crash on 1520 when going to settings -> about
  • I submitted your issues to the dev's. Hopefully is a quick fix.
  • Dev should add font size and color adjustment options in the Settings. Oh, and a link to the WP Store on the ESPNF1 site.  
  • If this is an officially sanctioned F1 app then it should cost about $150. Hey, it ain't cheap being Bernie!
  • Still no WatchESPN, is ridiculous, if ESPN just make WatchESPN available for WP8 the can get rid of all the other useless ESPN apps.   WatchESPN has been available for IOS and ANDROID for years.  Still no respect for WP8. 
  • Can't find it on the store anymore any clue why?
  • ESPNF1 app is no longer published!