Official File Manager for Windows Phone 8.1 due in May, here's what it looks like

If there’s one feature that people have been asking for on Windows Phone 8.1 is a proper file manager. Developers have been busy making third-party versions, but now Microsoft has announced via Reddit that an official File Manager app is in the works. Even better, the app may be released as early as the end of May. (We stress ‘may’ as things can change, but Microsoft is aiming for that time-frame).

Not much else was revealed about the app, but there were six screenshots posted of what it looks like. Users will be able to create folders, move files and do what comes normal to these types of apps. We’re hoping this quells enthusiasts who want the maximum control over their devices.

Official File Manager for Windows Phone 8.1

Official File Manager for Windows Phone 8.1

What do you think of the app so far? Do you think Microsoft has nailed it with this version?

Source: Reddit

Daniel Rubino

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  • :O
  • Sam I knew this was coming...main reason I never bought any of the File explorers at the store.WOW! And whats up with the smiley face at the top right corner? Cortana?
  • Pocket file manager is amazing. Well worth the money. Love the cloud integration in has.
  • Me too.
  • I think that Modern Explorer is better..
  • Just wondering, is it able to transfer files(i.e: phone to SD card) in the background (while off the app)? Or background transfer to the cloud?
  • Seems that it can, I've just tried...
  • I love pfm as well. You could also play your vids directly from the videos SD card folder using moliplayer thanks to pfm
  • I think it's a link to a feedback page. They used a smiley in office betas for that too.
  • I hope this means Microsoft will soon be updating the default Mail app's ability to attach multiple files in one email, those files being of multiple various formats.
  • Same here!
  • I hope so too!
  • The mail app needs more work done. Need to be able to save attachments. I can save MP3s and MP4's to my phone via Internet Exploer but can't do it through the mail app. 
  • I would also like it to include the option to attach documents, instead of having to go directly into the Office app and hit share.
  • How to save MP4/ MP3 files via Internet Explorer in WP8
  • Plus maybe more Outlook look and feel.
  • I bought pocket file manager, it is very good
  • Damn how does Daniel gets so much info on WP ahead of everybody else? God bless this dude he deserves a cake!
  • The cake is a lie!
  • No Jared's a lie.
  • +1020
  • Because he read it on reddit ? 
  • Because Microsoft told it today on Reddit. It's there, for everyone to see, not only Daniel :)
  • Reddit dumbass
  • Everybody else who? You? Me? That's his job. He has contacts.
  • Here:
  • No Offense Daniel.. Nawzil Said this longgggggggg agoo! 
  • Sam didn't say f.irst.
  • Sam's awesome. He does not need that.
  • I like how the photo says it's charging but nothings plugged in. =P
  • A new feature ... A real wireless charging :D
  • good spot. its copy paste
  • OMG Great News... step by step...Nice and steady...
  • I have absolutely no user for this, but I'm glad it will be there soon... hopefully it will stop the bitching.
  • You're kidding yourself. People always find things to bitch about no matter how much you give them or do for them.
  • muhahaha X{D
  • Funny that that supposed 'verified' MS insider in a recent Reddit AMA explicitly said that no file manager was coming to WP. This kind of cuts across his cred a little....
  • Finally! Now the haters can exit to the left.
  • No to the right...cuz I'm a southpaw (lefty) :)
  • Now that called a big news,,,,good news
  • ... Right out into incoming traffic :/
  • Not a feature I was looking to have, but more options are a good thing, as well as having parity with other platforms.
  • Now gsmarena will have to fix 'cons' for ALL WP devices.
  • Lol this !
    They've been copying the "Cons" list since Windows phone 7 launched.
  • lol...
  • yup....
    I wonder when they are going to add a con to android that read like this: APPS CAN'T BE INSTALLED ON EXTERNAL SD CARD.
  • They've actually got really positive and thorough review of the 8.1 update here:
  • Requesting a feature is now means being a hater?
  • If you're Android user, yes. If you're iOS user, yes. If you're Windows Phone user, no.
  • It's not something important to me, but I'm sure a lot of users will like it.
  • I sometimes save files/pictures that I don't find on my phone right after. They then pop up after a couple of days...File exploere will help with this.
  • A file manager will help, and be completely necessary, if WP8.1 supports USBOTG...
  • +1
  • Really after that Ballmer things are really changing and getting better
  • Most of the changes you see now, are because Ballmer started them, Satya has nothing to do with it. Sadly he's the one getting al the credits for it, through.
  • I know, LOL. Bro's been in charge for like a week and everyone loves him for some reason. I saw a picture of him on stage doing a presentation wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I must be old-fashioned, but I'm not impressed. Let's check back in two years and see how he's doing. I do think MS is currently on the right track.
  • That's what Joey Bravo wore at the Build event. Slouchy is the new smart
  • Your absolutely right. Although maybe its good that people give Satya all the credit. Sometimes it takes hype around a brand new CEO for people to realize a company has changed.
  • Good point Aaron. Attribution is far less important to MS than overall public perception and they need all the goodwill they can get there, no matter who is "responsible" for the roll they have been on of late (and for the record I agree this is thanks to the leadership of Ballmer)
  • I wish this comment system had a like button.
  • +720
  • Agreed. People make it sound as if in a couple of months Satya finished Office for the iPad, made Windows 8 for under 9" and WP free, etc... All of this stuff is Ballmer carryover. Talk to me next year to see what Satya had done at MS.
  • Not sadly. He's here to stay so its good if he gets a positive reputation even if its not his doing. Most CEO's get blamed or praised for stuff they hardly had anything to do with. Besides if he sees the last actions of Ballmer are received postively then he might follow the same course (even if behind the scenes he already made steps towards another direction).   I do think Ballmer got too much blame. The guy is a goof ball and probably not the best guy to be Microsoft's CEO. But he wasn't all bad. Vista wasnt his fault (he inherited) and Windows 7 turned out great. He also dared to sign off on Windows Phone and later Windows 8. Not entirely fantastic products but a much needed change for Microsoft.
  • Like Obama getting blamed for the current state of the US when it's actually Bush who fucked the country and then tossed him the keys in the parking lot...
  • Bush didn't make Obamacare.....
  • True. Just like how Obama didn't create No Child Left Behind or start a hundred trillion dollar war that will inevitably result in China owning the US financially. Or buy his first presidency. Or take advantage of one of the greatest tragedies in American history to manufacture the necessary approval for his second term AND the aforementioned immoral war.
  • Obama could have ended No child left behind. Quite frankly, Obama continued an aweful lot of policies that carried over from Bush. Politicians make a lot of promises when they campaign. When they actually get into office and get briefed about the reality of the situation, they realize they can't really keep many of their policies because they are not practical. Even Bush can't be blamed for all the economic mess. The real estate bubble started during Clinton and many of the policies for giving loans to people who normally don't qualify and easing interest rates also started then. Of course, Bush continued those policies.
  • At least Bush didn't take advantage of national tragedies for a war against its own citizens...
  • Don't joke about the crimes he got away with.
  • Really? The guys been president for a full term and change and it's still Bush's fault. You need to stop watching MSNBC and educate yourself man.
  • Let's leave politics out of this, shall we?
  • The OP was just drawing on a well known analog that exists in politics. That's all.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of opinion on the matter and how people recollect things. :) 
  • Ballmer had zero communication. He treated everything they were working on like an industrial secret. Nadella knows how to communicate with users. We've learned everything they have going in just a few weeks and it'll keep people from jumping ship and maybe encourage others to get onboard.
  • The negative side of that is that the competition knows what you are doing and can react. The secrecy thing worked well for Apple. They key is if you keep things a secret, make sure that the product is ready to go when you announce it. Microsoft tends to announce things and you can't buy the product for months after the announcement.
  • Haha A ballimer Fan
  • Praise talos!
  • Lol
  • Now we are talking!!
  • Yeah! Was really waiting for this moment!
  • Welcome addition. Although PFM does the job well for me including integrating various clouds and ability to copy paste from phone to cloud / cloud to cloud. It'd be interesting if OneDrive evolves as both cloud and local file manager.
  • Yes, agreed. PFM is epic ! It can even edit id3 tags !
  • Sorry, but... what is PFM? TY =)
  • Pocket File Manager.
  • Man it also has a fully featured ftp server for accessing your sd card wirelessly. What more could you ask for ? Now i think for 8.1 it also has ftp support for phone memory. Accessing phone via WiFi, epic !