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Official Flickr gets updated, Picture Hub integration added

The Windows Phone Flickr app received a nice little bump this morning to version 1.1 with a few significant updates. Not bad for only two weeks of release.

First up is Pictures Hub integration, allowing near seamless mixing of Flickr and the default, but powerful Windows Phone picture management system--basically now you can direct upload from your photo selection without launching the app. Second is the always welcomed "better performance" update. We always tend to see this after the big "1.0" push, so nice to get it here (it really needed it).  Finally the less exciting but crucial to Flickr "tags" are now supported for photo uploads.

You can grab the update here in the Marketplace; Thanks, @depper2k, for the heads up

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  • Yes, finally, Flickr devs get it, it's nice to have a more advanced app that gives you access to all of the features for your service but at the same time you can add basic extentions to the default WP7 hubs to make it more native as well.In the end users will like the ability to quickly do things from within the hubs which they've already gotten used to and then for the fewer times they need some more deeper interaction with it they can start the app.It should be hubs first apps second, not the other way around when it comes to WP7 user experience.
  • "It should be hubs first apps second, not the other way around when it comes to WP7 user experience."In principal, I agree. But from a developer's perspective, you start with the basics and add complexity to the system in updates--or you keep the app in development for 7 months ;-)
  • You know, I'd still really like to be able to view my Flickr photostream from the Pictures Hub. Still, it's a great app and this quick update makes it even better.
  • Anyone else unable to sign in to Flickr with their Google account? I keep getting an error page... :(
  • Does it have the possibility to upload pics to our own account when taking pics from the phone's camera?
  • Yup, after you take the pic, you hit "share" and from their you can upload it Flickr--that's the photo hub integration.
  • Thanks.