GoPro app update

The official GoPro app for Windows Phone just received a much-requested update. Version 1.1 adds compatibility for the new GoPro HERO3+ cameras. This app lets you control your GoPro camera remotely using Windows Phone 8 devices with at least 1GB RAM. You can start/stop recording, snap a photo, or adjust settings from your phone. You can also preview live video for easy shot framing.

Here is the complete list of GoPro cameras that are compatible with this app:

  • HERO3+ (remote camera control supported in select modes only)
  • HERO3 (requires camera software update, see
  • HERO2 with Wi-Fi BacPac (requires camera software update, see

Unfortunately, this app is not compatible with devices like the Nokia Lumia 520 or HTC 8S because of the RAM requirements.

The first version of GoPro app was released in May, supporting the GoPro HERO3 and HERO2 cameras. This update brings compatibility to their latest HERO3+ cameras that were released last month. They have a 20% smaller and lighter design and 30% better battery life than previous models.

GoPro cameras are usually worn or mounted by users to record themselves doing just about anything, anywhere. There are several types of mounts and accessories for the cameras that help you capture fascinating new perspectives. You can wear a GoPro camera on your chest, strap it on a helmet, clamp it to a motorcycle, and much more.

Watch GoPro’s promotional video below to see what you can do with their cameras.

The official GoPro app is a free download on the Windows Phone store. It has a lot of negative reviews from the GoPro HERO3+ users who downloaded the previous version and found out it was not compatible. This update will surely make them happy and hopefully bring the ratings up.

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