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Official IMDb app for Windows Phone gets update with Live Tile, bug fixes

Updates for the official IMDb app are few and far between, heck we're just hitting v1.3 now, but at least it's a significant improvement. The popular movie and film database has been out since day one on Windows Phone, but it's missed a lot of the cool new Mango things, including a Live Tile. Version 1.3, which just went up today, fixes this along with other reported issues:

  • Bug Fixes
  • Search integration via App Connect
  • Social sharing of Movies and People
  • Live Tile support

Not too shabby and it feels a bit zippier too. We still find ourselves swiping when we should be tapping and vice versa on occasion, but the ability to share on social networks, the Bing 'App Connect' feature and Live Tile go a long way. Speaking of, we're still waiting for our Live Tile to update so we're not entirely too sure what it does nor looks like, but we're sure to see in the next hour or so.

Pick up the official IMDb app here in the Marketplace for free. Thanks, Nicholas M., for the tip!

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  • They still need to fix the bug that causes some characters to be missing at the end of some sentences.
    I updated the app about 5 hours ago and still no tile update.
    Curious to see what it looks like too.
  • The live tile just shows the latest piece of news, unfortunately you can barely read the title because they're so long and they picked the large font for displaying those news. Very bad implementation, I was hoping for a picture of #1 movie or something.!546&parid=15726EC02415CD71!537&authkey=!AGxzfMqw99tBlz4
    What the update messed up are the beautiful panorama backgrounds that made this app look so awesome. Now they're all shrunk and just look weird when you swipe left and right. How did they not notice this?
  • You're right, the backgrounds are all the wrong size horizontally now.
  • In the About section it still says "version 1.2". Is this stupid or what? A little customization for the live is such a big pain? Devs get serious! I can not even disable the live tile from within the app! This is rubbish...
  • Live tile no where to be found..not working, and after the update it still says im on ver. 1.2...Y?..ALSO..
  • does any one know if the live tile font can be smaller for news headlines?  Seems like alot of the news apps use the same font size (likely the default) and it's not really helpful at that font size.  I think the BBC app is the only one that actually seems to be optimized but someone can correct me if I'm mistaken.
  • I got an update to the IMDB app. But it is still the old version, not 1.3.
  • I feel so cool getting credit haha.
  • Biggest issue for me is the large search button at the top doesn't work still? Where's the testing on this app?
  • The word "search" depresses on click but doesn't do anything.  Just click the magnifying glass instead.
    Also the AppConnect doesn't work for me and there is no live tile. :-(
    Is App Connect working for anyone?
    Maybe I'm missing the point...
    1.  Search for movie via search button (i.e. - normal Bing search on phone)
    2.  Tap the "Imdb" tile in the search results
    3.  Imdb app opens, but stays on main screen (i.e. - I was expecting the Imdb app to context-jump to the movie I originally searched for...  No juice...)
  • Yeah I just tried and it doesn't work for me either. But I'm not sure it worked in 1.2 as I've never actually used that feature before. Did it use to work?
  • no dont tap the app icon. Scroll down to the bing movie card and swipe to apps where a list of apps who use app connect will be shown, use imdb and you'll go straight to the movie.
  • Can you rate movies yet? Worthless if you can't.
  • App connect integration doesn't work for me either. Can anyone verify it works for them? Search for a movie, click the imdb app and the imdb app should open to the movie you searched for.
  • App connect works for me... I wish they would of made more of an effort on the live tile. Hopefully there will be some improvements in the near future.
  • Can you give an example of a movie search in Bing that opens IMDB to the correct movie page?  I tried "True Grit", clicked on the IMDB in the search results and only got the IMDB main page.
  • This is how app connect works :
  • Cool, thanks for the detailed reply.  I appreciate it!
  • Yes the app connect doesn't work
    Maybe we we should wait for the 1.3 update. You know the correct one lol
  • I thought I had the 1.3. I got the update price via marketplace, updated. I even uninstalled and reinstalled. Still Showa version 1.2
  • How did this get approved with so many mistakes and Carbonwp has been denied 3 or 4 times.
  • No update available for me. :|
  • To those asking, there's only one font size for headlines on tiles as many devs have told me (correct, Jay Bennett?). This is pretty ridiculous as it totally goes against the glance and go idea. You get incomplete headlines like "263 killed in..." that are just pointless. I hope devs have been complaining to Microsoft about this.
  • Look at all the other apps put there that use more than one font size. In fact I use a few apps that allow me to change the font size. You where given a false statement regarding only one font size.
  • No I wasn't given false information. They can go around it by creating an image instead of text but this is so much work that most will never bother. But please list these "all these other apps that use more than one font size", I'm very curious.
  • thanks for the info, I'm curious to about the work around. Anyways, hopefully the font size can be easily reduced in future updates
  • Hopefully they fixed the crashing issue.  I just tried searching for something and it actually worked.  So that's something.
  • Search doesn't crash the app now. That's worth something.
  • For those with the wallpaper issue (like me) switch to the "light" theme in the settings. It looks kinda funky, when you've lived with the dark theme for so long, but its a workaround the issue.
  • The developer doesn't have a physical device. Anyone have some contacts at ms or Nokia to hook the dude up with something? Apparently he took it over from someone and is breathing new life into it. Glad wpcentral picked it up, they may give it more love getting more adoption.
  • Wow, how can they just give a major app like this to some dev who doesn't even own a windows phone. Fail.
  • Doesn't have a device and developing!!! A dev has to love the device before start coding in it, may be a reason why he doesnt understand how a Panorama works. Now we can understand the reason why that background is messed up.
  • For those asking about live tile customization. It really is a pain. The only way to modify the tile without using the default is to dynamically create an image which must be hosted. This app seems useful now
  • Stupid stupid love tile. And the worst part is the background wallpaper. Still remains inception, only more twisted and warped:)
  • For those of you wondering about app connect: The IMDB app does work with app connect ---->
  • Why can I not log in to my account yet and rate movies and update my lists.... Is this functionality asking too much.... Love movies but as this app is representative of the biggest movie database on the net it really sucks
  • Ridiculous live tile complaints
  • Care to explain why? Although you would say that wouldn't you.
  • Care to explain why? Although you would say that wouldn't you.
  • I had to manually re-install the app and I hardly see any changes. About says its v1.2 indeed.
  • Just checking the WPCentral app, it works the same as any other. The headlines are cut off so I can't just glance and go. I know it's not Jay's fault, I'm just underlining that Microsoft not allowing devs to change font size goes against the whole concept of Windows Phone.
  • I dont want to sound "stupid" however i guess i missunderstand what you are refering to when you say "Headlines"? Are you refering to the Panoramic Title, Pivit Control, or Section text? As for the sample app where one can set the font is "RSS Central". If you are refering to the Panoramic "Pivit" control, then yeah, this is the Metro UI style, as this "Section" can have many "pivots" and swipping screens allows the user to see what section they are still in....sorry i looked for your example of cut off text and could not find what you are refering to, please help me understand so i know what you are refering to .
  • I'm referring to tiles that flip to show an article title for instance. Right now the WPCentral tile reads "Wordfeud coming to Windows Phone on". On what?! The only way to know is to open the app so the whole "glance and go" concept is all lost there. Cut off text is part of the Metro design I know but I doubt that's the case here. On the Me tile the text shrinks if there's a lot to display, why not allow 3rd party devs to do the same?
  • This app has always been a mess. I sent them an email almost a year ago that the app crashes under certain searches. I got a sarcastic/nasty email back. Apparently they were offended by someone finding issues with a buggy app. It has always had scrolling issues also. Often ad your scrolling the screen, it would randomly select an article or movie. Now after updating, most of us are still showing our app as running 1.2 even though the update was for 1.3. Uninstalling the app and reinstalling won't upgrade the app to 1.3 either. It seems as if who ever IMDB got to develops this app, is in way over his/her head.
  • Agreed with your last statement. Ugh, I wish they would let me have a run at their API, I know I can do so much better with the user experience and it is frustrating to wait on them. This would be my most used app if the UX wasn't painful to use. Great content and horrible UX : (.. 
  • The IMDB app is definitely not my fav, but it works better than browsing the site. A quick Bing search revealed plenty of IMDB API projects available. Looking forward to seeing plenty of better alternative apps.
  • A good alternative might be Good Movie by @incendy!
  • Thanks Sayonical :-) Wish I could use the IMDB API's in it!
  • None of the api's are official, just screen scraping hacks or at least last I checked :-(.. Impossible to make very good experiences without a powerful and fast API.
  • It was a beautiful application considering it as one of the very first rich app on the platform. Being it un-attended by IMDb for over an year and now they have quickly done some update to it and messed up that beautifully created Panorama background. Poor job IMDb, that application does deserve more quaility update job on it!!!
  • seriously, whats the point of having an IMDb app what so eever if you CANT F***ING RATE MOVIES with it!
  • Mid-2015 and we're still at v1.5.
  • and now Mid 2017, and still the same. Even worse, mine says v1.4 haha. I looked in the store from online and it's there but claims not compatible with device (which is wrong, as I have it on the device). Looking it up via the app store on the phone, and it isn't listed at all. I take it IMDB let it go a long time ago and could care less about updating anything or delivering a new version to replace it with. This is too bad, because it should be one of the most common apps anyone would have.