Official National Trust app will take you on a tour of UK landmarks

National Trust, the UK organization that seeks to preserve historical and ecological landmarks throughout England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, has released a new app for Windows Phone to allows users to go on a virtual tour of over 550 protected places right from their phone.

Here's just some of what you can expect with the National Trust app:

  • Find special places: See what's around you, or search for remarkable heritage and natural wonders across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • See what's on: Our places host a range of events throughout the year, many for no extra charge. Use the What's On section to find what's happening – from educational talks and tours, to art, theatre and live music.
  • Offline mode: Everything you need to plan a visit is available offline, so you can use the app in our most remote locations.
  • Save your favourite places: Keep a record of the places you've been to, and make a wishlist for the places you want to go.
  • Invite your friends: Easily share the places you want to visit (or show your friends what they're missing!) via social media, email or text message.

Overall, the app feels wonderfully put together, with plenty of places to explore and learn more about. Even better, you'll be able to discover historical landmarks around your location and possibly set out on an adventure to learn more. If you'd like to check out National Trust for yourself, you can grab the app from the store link below.

Thanks for the tips, everyone!

Download National Trust from the Windows Phone Store

QR: National Trust

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  • The links don't seem to work Windows Central guys & girls, not complaining, just letting you know...
  • Yup, we had a '?' at the end ;) Link is fixed now, may want to wait a few mins for the app's cache to referesh.
  • The link on the mobile website of Windows Central to this app didn't work either... Just letting you know...:)
  • Link doesn't appear to work for me. Thanks for info though.
  • The link to the download is bad. Really?
  • Really. Humans were involved in the making of this article.
  • As others said link not working but thanks anyway
  • Check again now (or when app cache is refreshed), it's fixed
  • How serendipitous, since I'll be heading across the pond soon. This will be useful.
  • It's working now. This could be handy to find photography locations.
  • Beautifully designed app, nice map integration. As an NT member I don't actually need their handbook now. This is a coup for the platform and a good example of big organisations getting onside with Windows at last as the pace picks up towards the launch of 10.
  • I thought the same. It really is a well designed app and I'm pleased about them jumping onboard the WP ship!
  • This app is really nice! It can give me some inspiration on where to go this summer.
  • Good app built well made for WP...what else needs to be said!
  • Kudos to both the National Trust and the developers DigitasLBI.
  • Sounds like a banking app, but its not.
  • This is a truly wonderful app and very well executed. Credit to the NT and the app developers. We've just come back from a lovely day out at a NT location that I didn't know existed nearby.