Official Nick World app available in India, catch your favorite shows on the go

Nickelodeon (, often shortened to Nick, is a popular multi-platform media network for kids. With an approach that puts 'kids first', Nickelodeon takes pride in encouraging kids to be themselves – funny, messy, and free-spirited.

In India, Nickelodeon is a part of Viacom18, the joint venture between Viacom Inc and the Network18 Group. The company has recently launched Nick World app for Windows Phone for kids in India. The fun video application for your little ones is loaded with the best of Nick shows to watch on the go. The app features the popular shows aired on Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Teen Nick, and Sonic.

You can watch many hours of videos from shows like SpongeBob SquarePants, The Penguins of Madagascar, Keymon, Motu Patlu, Pakdam Pakdai from Nickelodeon, Kung Fu Panda, Avatar, TMNT from Sonic, and Blue's Clues, Dora the Explorer, and Bubble Guppies from Nick Jr. The app makes new videos available regularly to ensure fresh content.

You can add specific shows as favorites, or add individual episodes to your playlist. Since the app is geared towards young kids, it features easy navigation for effortless viewing and an intuitive user experience. On the app launch though, there's a full-screen ad banner that has to be closed before you can access the videos.

Download the Nick World app for free for Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone Store(available in India only at the moment). It's a simple app with no frills with focus on having kids enjoy their favorite Nick shows on the go. Give it a whirl for your kids or the kid in you, and let us know how you like it.

QR: Nick World

Abhishek Baxi
  • Not available :(
  • yeah..
  • Yeah... this was really exciting... for about a minute. I wish WPC could figure out a way to consistently mark which regions something applies to...
  • Switch your region to India and download. :)
  • Yup, can confirm this works. Switch regions, download, then switch back, enjoy! Works with full functionality, ads and all.
  • Want a better CN app
    But now cartoon network is not like it was b4 really missed the old cartoon network
  • ^THIS!!!!
    It used to be great when i was in 7th grade... Now there's not a single program worth watching. Pogo is ruined as well.
    Only Disney and sometimes Hungama.... And worst part is that no Anime channel in India that works in Hindi...
    P.S: Sometimes i wonder I'm about to go college and i still watch all these... Huh!
  • Except shinchan
  • "Oh mitsi kaisi ho?"
  • LOL!
  • LOL yeah... I still watch that show and its movies as well... Ab itni bhi tareef mat karo... :P
  • Lol
  • I guess few programmes still run now late night on CN. if u are awake now u can watch Jonny Bravo at 2 am I guess
  • Turn your guess into surety in 30 minutes..
  • Yeah i know! They repeat, and some channels like Hungama only shows those annoying Home Shop 18 ads...
    I wish the author of Shin Chan didn't die in 2009, his written lines were even more humorous
  • Blasphemy I tell you. Cartoon Network has lots of good shows. I'm in my 30s and I watch the network at some point daily. There are too many good shows for me to list. I do wish we had an official app from them for watching full episodes. Hopefully soon I guess. I have to say I do miss The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. That show was rad.
  • Remember animax!!
  • Yeah but not in Hindi :(
    I watch one show there - Initial D
    Would love to have all the shows in Hindi
  • Yep , those were the Days of our life, Feeling Nostalgic ,gets this feeling every time when someone talks about 90s cartoon network. Actually ,there is PETITION for this also... Also a FB page    
  • Yeah but it says "Petition Closed with 294 supporters". Am I missing something?
  • Also for Uk or EU? countries.
  • Switch your region to Indian, download the app and switch back.
  • "Unavailable" damn, I was looking forward to some SpongeBob LOL
  • This app is only available in india so above "Abhishek Baxi"s Link of US store so here is the link... :)
  • Nah, still unavailable. Thanks though ... I appreciate it sameer
  • If u need change ur region to india..
  • Not available. And I find this out after telling my daughter I was about to download it.
  • Switch region to India and download. :P
  • I will have to switch back to India but don't wanna lose Cortana. It's a NO
  • How about switching to India, download it then switch it back to US?
    It won't take anything more than few restarts... If you really want the app ;)
  • Slightly off topic but b4 cyan rolls out for everyone we need more updates to our operating system. Still there are many bugs in the OS
  • There isn't even a reboot option..We need that also MS+A screenshot onscreen button
  • Yeah taping the power button for long should ask whether to shut down or restart
  • There is an app  #1 Toolkit which has an option to do a Reboot  :)
  • I have that app but unfortunately didn't find that option... where is it?
  • #1 Toolkit  >  Convenient  >  Onetap  >  (Third row ,Second Column icon)             (You can pin it to start screen.Actually I pinned "Onetap".    Also if you want to pin a tile on start sceen which can set your volume to particular number say "vol = 22" then just slide the bar of volume to particular number in "Onetap",you will see a pinning option below the bar :)
  • Ah thanks for that!!! :P
    I might have missed it, now got it. This #1 Toolkit is really great. It has everything. I only hope it had light sensor scale as well. There's one in store called "Lux-o-meter"
  • Lux-o-meter is great.#1 toolkit should light sensor scale.Sorry Its off topic , but currently I am facing a big trouble with my Lumia 520 WP8, All videos and mp3 are duplicating (triplicating in reality :P ).Not on the SD card but in "Music+Video" app.I think it is an OS bug.I binged it no PERMANENT solution so far.Do you have any idea about this bug?
  • You're not alone, friend. This issue has been there for a while now if you check the WPC forums. In fact I've faced it as well. In my case, this issue arose after I deleted some songs in my phone from the PC (connected via USB) The problem here is, the album name, artist name etc are cached in the phone memory. So, your computer will show the files had been deleted but actually it isn't. Then, when you disconnect from the PC, phones thinks the file is missing a shortcut and creates one itself. The process may repeat multiple times.
    You may want to check out the form link for some tips below. My suggestion is, always delete songs from the phone, not from PC.
    This has worked for many people. Let me know if it helped or not ;)
    But I hope MS fixes this bug soon. At least in the final release of 8.1
  • In the past, I bought a 32 GB SD card,With lots of excitement,filled it with Series or Saga(Yes I like anime and i am proud of it).With mp3 you can swipe and sort with album, artist and  even you can jump alphabetically.But for videos we get "Thenga".And the feeling of frustation of Scrolling the Triplicated video while no laptop around.Oh God.Anyways Tried many solutions previously,one way or  another its pop up.Thanks  I will try not to delete from PC,Now I know its an OS bug, Waiting for M$ to fix this, till then Jugaad Tugaad se kam chalana padega :)
  • in the app #1 toolkit ( search in the store, it was in an article of wpcentral) you will get an option to reboot which you can tile it to your homescreen.
  • Agree, not big bugs but lot of small bugs that needs to be fixed!
    MS has made three updates lately after preview launch but neither seemed to report anything or do anything except the battery saving one...
  • Doesn't work
  • Can download it from my W8.1 pc by the wp8 app.
  • Region should be India....
  • The start of the article reads like an advertisement for Nickolodeon. And if you think Nick shows have ever been funny you're either dead from the scalp down or have never watched it :P.
  • I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic but they really had some good funny shows... Remember Drake & Josh? Sponge bob?
  • The old shows were awesome! The new shows? Not so much. Same with Cartoon Network and Disney Channel, unfortunately.
  • Yeah... Same with every channel of its kind. I wish i could meet the people who control these >:O
  • You are entitled to your opinion
  • Downloaded this app just for 'Avatar'
  • This.
  • CN and Nickelodeon made my childhood happier. Watched CN originals like dexter's, PPG, samurai jack, etc. and hanna barbera classics (T&J). Some cool NICK sitcoms like kenan and kel, drake and josh and classics (spongebob, catdog) I can write forever. Miss those days :'(
  • Ten years of Cartoon Network in 60 seconds!
  • Duck happened ?  lol
  • No chotta bheem, no party :D :P
  • Good News for Rahul G...
  • Another official app :) Love the official apps turning towards WP devices....WP will soon be on top 
  • I loved Danny Phantom :-)
  • Good for the kids! Unfortunately I have none. But its good to see a release for NicWorld