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There could be that point in life when you're presented with a serious situation you have zero experience in. Emergencies can occur without notice and the first few minutes can prove to be vital. This is where the official St John Wales ( Windows Phone app comes into play. 

Should you not be familiar with the branding, St John (or St John Ambulance) makes up a number of affiliated organisations in different countries that engage in the teaching and practice of first aid, as well as the provision of ambulance services. St John as we know it today derives its origins from the St John Ambulance Association, founded in 1877 in the UK.

The official app itself is well developed with an intuitive UI. Once you've downloaded the app from the store, there's no internet connection required to read up on all the details within. Freely available in both English and Welsh, it's well worth downloading should you require a helping hand when it comes to offering aid to others.

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St John

Not only is there information on how to deal with injuries, such as severe bleeding, burns and scalds and even choking, but there's also advice on how to provide CPR as well as other treatments. Think you know enough about first aid? Why not take the quiz to prove you have the knowledge, sharing your score afterwards on social media?

Fear not if you're not entirely sure what the injury may be and happen to be in the situation unexpectedly. The St John Wales Windows Phone app can help you diagnose the injury and provide correct treatment options. When you have some time to study, check out 15 common first aid scenarios, covering severe weather, head injuries and more with step-by-step illustrated instructions.

St John

Lastly, you can find out more details about the superb work the folks at St John does across Wales and the UK, including volunteering opportunities, latest news, using patient transport services and information on first aid courses. We recommend you check this app out.

You can download St John Cymru from the Windows Phone Store for free (Windows Phone 8 only).

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