It's been a good week for official apps on Windows Phone, with NBC Nightly News,  FoodSpotting, MTV News, Steven Colbert's The Word, VH1 to Go and probably a few others we missed, it shows that big companies and services are recognizing the increasing popularity of WP7.

Today, StubHub's official free app launched (see their site). For those unfamiliar, StubHub is a website where you can buy and sell tickets for just about anything (sports, concerts and theater) at a reasonable price. It's like legalized scalping without the huge markup in price.

The app is simple enough with a nice design. It allows you to have your "favorites" including by venue, search, upcoming events, all events and access to your account. For venues, you even get a nice "seat map", can of course buy tickets right from your phone and in some cases, have the tickets "electronically delivered" making this pretty great if you're already near the venue at the moment but it's sold out. Our only complaint? It's sometimes a little sluggish switching menus, something we think a v1.1 update will address at some point. Now excuse us, we're off to see Bootsy Collins...awww yeah.

Grab it here in the Marketplace. Thanks, Jeremy H., for the tip