Official Twitter Client for Windows Phone 8 updated

Seems like the minor tweaks and adjustments for apps for Windows Phone 8 keep on coming, this time it’s the official Twitter client.

The update is now showing as version 1.3 for Windows Phone 8 while the Windows Phone 7 version is holding steady at 1.2. A quick scan of the changes doesn’t reveal an awful lot of changes so we’re putting this one down to some general tweaking in the absence of any change notes.

Aside from the obvious difference in version number there appears to be some changes to the general settings page. The options as to what name to display and date format are both now gone from the latest version as is the option to use ‘Hashtags in trends’. 

The update does now allow the app to give you a double wide tile on your shiny new Windows 8 start screen. So if you’re into those super large tiles your dreams may have been answered.  

It’s not every day we see updates that remove features, not matter how minor so this one has us perplexed. The app itself runs along normally enough, much in the same way as the Windows Phone 7 version. We would have liked to have seen some more features and perhaps a UI change for Windows Phone 8 but that might be coming. If you're not familar with the offical windows phone client here is what it does:

"Discover what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world, with the official Twitter for Windows Phone app. Tweets, real-time search, Suggested users, top Tweets, trending topics and maps show what's happening everywhere—and nearby."

Windows Phone is very well served for excellent Twitter clients so if these features leave you wanting more we urge you to check out the marketplace for other options.

Should you notice anything else that’s changed with the app, please let us know. While you’re here, we’d like to know your thoughts on the official twitter client for Windows Phone.

Grab it from the store here

Grab it with the QR code bellow

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Robert Brand