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Update: Closed Wow! what a response, I've already had over 200 applicants for the beta so in the interest of not disappointing too many people I'm closing applications. Please check out the video below for a demonstration of the app!

Merry Christmas everyone! It gives me great pleasure to announce to you that v2.0 of our app will be in beta in time for Christmas day, and I'm looking for 100 volunteers to try it out.

This build is not feature complete, in fact there are a couple of things in the works which we're not quite ready to show just yet. However the main purpose of this beta is to test two of the most important changes we're bringing:

  • A full comments system with replies (tap and hold an existing comment)
  • New, customisable live tile with images on the rear

Yes we were listening and we know comments is the most requested feature, and thanks to some site changes last month we're now finally able to deliver that feature.

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Of course that's not all that's changed, and the other things you'll notice are...

  • A redesign of the article listings screens
  • App is now entirely in the metro theme
  • The browse section is structured similar to your start screen (live tiles within the app are planned...)
  • You can now load more articles in the news feed
  • Speed optimizations to article loading and scrolling

Not to mention a few bug fixes here and there just for good measure. If you'd like to see these features in action you'll find a video below.

So, how do you get involved in the beta? Just as before I'm looking for 100 applicants, and all you need to do is fire up your copy of WPCentral, tap the about option in browse, then "send feedback". This will set up an e-mail to us in which you need to include:

  • Your name
  • Your Windows Live ID (as used to set up your windows phone) - this should be a full e-mail address!
  • Your device manufacturer and model

Invites will be chosen at random so I can only apologise if you're not one of the 100, I'll be releasing v2.0 for the public early in the new year though so the wait shouldn't be long! If you're successful I'll be sending you a confirmation e-mail with download instructions later on today (around 21:00 GMT I expect), happy testing!