Official Your Shape: Fitness Evolved companion app for Windows Phone released

So a few months ago we picked ourselves up a Kinect for our XBox 360. We then grabbed ourselves Ubisoft's awesome 'Your Shape: Fitness Evolved' game, which we'll admit, kicks our butt while making us believe that "OMG, we live in teh futures!1!" at the same time (seriously, Kinect is pretty amazing). Your Shape: Fitness Evolved also has an online component--you register for the site and you can upload, share, analyze and take with you your information from the Kinect game which is kind of neat.

Now, Ubisoft has gone ahead and read our minds by releasing an official Windows Phone 7 app.

"...the Your Shape mobile app allows you to keep in touch with your profile, check your stats, learn more about the game, get the latest news and videos". Even if you don't own the game, discover the breakthrough technology used by Your Shape, check out our videos and meet our experts!And if you do already own the game, you can check your daily stats and profile, see your fitness level in an instant and discover our tips to help improve yourself everyday. More features to come!"

The app itself is very polished, smooth and fast. Sure, it doesn't work directly with Kinect (yet).  Instead it uses Ubisoft's website as an intermediary. But for one, we know Kinect integration is coming down the line and two, we're just psyched that for once, Microsoft and Ubisoft saw the obvious market here: Kinect owners may own a Windows Phone and vice versa, or what marketing hacks call "synergy".

If you haven't yet seen what Your Shape: Fitness Evolved looks like after the break.  Not only is it a great game and source of exercise, but you can get crazy Gamer Points as you burn calories (50G for burning 2,000, huzzah!). We like where this app is headed and look forward to these "More features". Pick up the app here in the Marketplace.

Daniel Rubino

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