If your phone has wireless charging capabilities, you should definitely be taking advantage of them. Why rest your smartphone on your messy desk when you could be placing it on a wireless charging stand and keep the battery at 100% in the process? Thanks to a one-day sale at Amazon, Aukey's Wireless Charger Stand is down to just $17.84 today. That saves you $12 off its regular cost there, though the sale only has a few hours left to go before it comes to an end.

There's plenty more in Aukey's sale at Amazon that you should see before prices rise back to normal, from mechanical gaming keyboards to Bluetooth speakers and headphones, so don't miss this chance.

This particular wireless charging stand is compatible with Fast Charging and Quick Charge so it might even be faster than any USB wall chargers you have at home. It also supports 5W standard wireless charging for devices which can't accommodate its maximum 10W output. You can power up your phone in portrait or landscape orientations, while its built-in safety features prevent issues like overheating and overcharging, as well as foreign object detection and power input monitoring.

Aukey's Wireless Charging Stand can even be used while your phone's case stays on, though it'll need to be less than 2 inches thick. While a USB cable is included with its purchase, you won't receive a USB wall adapter with it. You could use one you already own or add one to your Amazon order that's compatible with this stand's fast charging speeds. You'll receive a two-year product replacement warranty with its purchase as well.

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